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In the following article, we will present a comprehensive comment on Benchmark. By reading this review, we believe our readers can understand why Benchmark can be one of the best email marketing companies in CreateWebsite.Pro.

benchmark logo 1Benchmark ( is an industry-leading email marketing service provider, who takes user experience serious. The company knows exactly what users need. It is not only to deliver and receive emails, but also to communicate and interact with each other. As a leader in email marketing industry, Benchmark should have some highlights that can catch people’s eyes at the very first glance. Let’s reveal them one by one.

Benchmark Offers a Free Starter Plan

Benchmark is confident to its products, so the company offers a free starter plan for customers to experience its premium service. This plan allows customers to send up to 14,000 emails to at most 2,000 subscribers for $0 per month. Whether customers have design experience or not, Benchmark professional email creation tools can help new customers make it easily. Besides, Benchmark free plan also includes free 24 x 7 support service.

It is a great chance that customers can get access to all basic features from Benchmark, learning Benchmark from practice. Whenever they need additional enterprise features, just upgrade the plan by paying $11.95 per month.

Benchmark Review on Email Creation & Sending

Benchmark provides a smart email designer – Drag & Drop Editor, enabling customers to drag and drop the feature blocks, and pictures into place. By using it, customers can design and create marketing emails easily and quickly.


For photo editing, Benchmark customers do not need any other photo processors. They can edit their pictures in email editor. To enhance the good effect on images, they can add stickers, effects, or a word via their Benchmark email editor.

In addition, there is a templates library including all types of email templates for any occasion, such as holidays, industries, newsletter, promotions, etc. These templates are customizable. Customers can edit in their email templates and update as they go; they can change the color schemes to change the feel and look of their email templates by just 1 click.

Besides, for some advanced senders, they are experienced in email creation. Thus, Benchmark gives a great option for customers to build their emails from edit or scratch the HTML of a template. Through dual view, customers can see the design clearly when they are editing HTML codes.

Benchmark email marketing is mobile friendly. Customers’ emails can work on every device, such as tablets, smartphones, or computers. Benchmark email designer only creates responsive templates, which always look great on any platforms.

At Benchmark, customers can send emails instantly, or they can send emails by scheduling. Custom Autoresponder can send emails by setting triggers and help customers build closer relationship with their readers. For high delivery rates, Benchmark works closely with Return Path, uses universal email formatting, and maintains a good relationship with ISP.

Benchmark Review on Contact Management

At Benchmark, customers can receive smart list builder, Autoresponder, and surveys & polls to grow new audiences and create a loyal contact list engaged in their marketing emails.

To manage a list, customers should build a list at first. They can use Benchmark editing software to make signup forms, which need match their websites. And then, they should put their custom signup forms to their websites. After that, customers can watch their list grow.

list management

With list growing, they can manage the list by Benchmark list management tool. Via it, customers can remove their headache. They can divide their list to send targeted emails by using List Segments,; they can add new contact and import existing list from .txt files, .xls, Salesforce, and so on; they delete useless addresses. Finally, customers can get a solid and optimized email list.

Benchmark Review on Email Tracking and Reporting

Benchmark understands the worry about waiting for results. Its email marketing service includes real-time tracking and reporting tools.

Benchmark real-time tracking & reporting tools track the opens, clicks, and bounces of customers’ marketing emails. The results are visual. So customers can see clearly each message’s state. According to the reports, they can track unsubscribed audiences and grab to contact list to make up the loss of subscribers. They can view their campaigns from every side, and compare the past email campaigns. Check out the results and improve the next campaigns.


Benchmark email marketing also has Google analytics, which can enhance customer tracking. Customers can make good use of Google Analytics account and know what happens when readers click the link in their messages. Take the reports as instances and then do better in the new emails campaigns.

What’s more, customers can make customizable Web polls and email surveys to figure out how well their campaigns do. They need create their own questions, answers and forms, and they can find the answers from reports section.

A/B testing is also a good way. Customers can compare and find out the better subject lines, better campaigns, and the best sending time, only for higher click rates.

Benchmark Review on APP & Integration

Benchmark provides excellent social networking features for email marketing. More than 300 applications are integrated with Benchmark. Customers need make full use of that to grow their list and business. These applications are very popular in the marketplace, such as WordPress, Google, Facebook, Shopify, Salesforce, Squarespace, Zapier, PayPal and more.

Benchmark also allows customers to download EASY LIST desktop version and mobile version, as well as install some plugins, including WordPress plugin, Facebook signup form, and Power Plugin.

Thereby, Benchmark can provide a solid and scalable social network platform, on which customers’ Benchmark email marketing accounts can be boosted.

Pricing of Benchmark

Here we will introduce the pricing of Benchmark email marketing plans. Customers can start with Benchmark free plan, including 2,000 subscribers, 14,000 emails per month, free email creation tools, free 24 hour support, and so on.

Benchmark Email Marketing Benchmark Email Marketing
Free Start Plan

Besides, Benchmark paid plans are very flexible. The minimum Medium Plan costs $11.95 per month, along with 600 subscribers, unlimited emails per month, Inbox Checker, A/B testing, data security pin, engagement email, as well as all features free plan contains.

Benchmark Review on Customer Support

Benchmark knows customer support is important to user experience. Thereby, no matter customers buy free plan, or paid plans, the company will provides free, 24 hour available support service to all of them. Once they hit a bump in the road, or have some questions, they can feel free to call, email, or chat with Benchmark staffs. Its email marketing experts are standby to resolve their issues.

Other more, Benchmark also prepares other resources for customers to learn. Manuals, video tutorials, and FAQs include abundant information waiting for customers to view. Customers can ask to join a webinars, where is also a good place to learn.


In a nutshell, Benchmark can provide amazing designers, accurate sending to targeted contacts, and easy-to-use list management tools. Benchmark also has great integration with more than 300 apps, comprehensive tracking & reporting tools, as well as seamless testing & improving process, which help customers expend their marketing email  and grow their business. Considering $0/mo plan and 24 x 7 support, we are happy to recommend Benchmark to small business to large business.

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