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Benefits of Choosing a Dedicated Server Hosting Provider  

Description: Nowadays it’s really important to have a dedicated server. So many companies are providing such service and it’s important to choose the best one. Just go through the article to know the benefits of choosing the best cost-effective web hosting provider.

All kind of business or any profession, big or small come across various options for hosting the website, mail server or web application. Thus, there is the importance of server hosting, wherein the resources from a single server are shared by many other websites.


Importance of Server Hosting Provider

Company with many employees, tend to hire a server provider who is dedicated to hosting. With this, the owner of the company will rent the server from a hosting provider who is dedicated to this job with all the rights exclusively to using the server’s resources. The importance of server hosting provider is that they will provide the client with all the requirements of the company with respect to CPU, disk space, RAM, customization of the server and configuration of the server which is required for the official purpose.

The dedicated server provider builds the server and maintains it, thus it eliminates the upfront cost of the client to purchase its own server. The dedicated server will also run certain applications useful for your website and also run the updated versions of the software required like PHP, needed for smooth functioning of applications and which is impossible in the official environment. Thus, the importance of server dedicated for only this purpose is required and is the best alternative, thus providing the raw computing power, reliability and customization with security to the client.


Benefits of dedicated server provider are :


Resources are not shared

The resources of the server are not shared when the dedicated server hosting provider is hired. The client is stress-free about the clogging by other websites of the CPU and RAM of the server. The dedicated server also takes care about bad scripts that run on any other website or about the spikes in usage of bandwidth will not slow down the server.

Enhanced Performance of the Server and Security

Once you hire a dedicated server hosting provider, you will get more time for your website. The importance of server hosting provider dedicated to your server is required when there is a lot of traffic, thus these single servers are more reliable and stable than the shared hosting facility.

Also, another advantage of dedicated server is that space is not shared with any of the malicious website or potential spammer. Thus, enhanced security is provided by the server, especially for the companies who are into the handling of sensitive transactions over Secure Sockets Layer or File Transfer Protocol.

When the dedicated server is updated with security patches the dedicated server will offer strong protection to all the files online including the website.


The server provider allows the client to customize the server as per the needs of the client for CPU, software, disk space and RAM, which is not possible with shared hosting, wherein the server is already loaded with the applications, operating environment, and software.

The importance of server hosting provider dedicated for single server also allows the organization to customize the server environment according to the needs of the office and configure the server with the required programs and software that they need for proper functioning of their programs.

IP address is Unique

The dedicated server hosting provides unique IP address to each server or computer attach to the main server, which is not the case with shared hosting, where the IP address is also shared with many other websites.

Thus, the hosting provider dedicated for your office is important to avoid access to any spam or uncertified site from other websites. The importance of server hosting provider is essential for that business which is large and runs an e-commerce website which requires the SSL for processing of payment through credit card.

Overhead is not charged for maintenance of equipment

The company who requires dedicated server hosting but doesn’t have any resources who can manage the server by themselves can hire a dedicated server hosting provider, which will be a low-cost way in order to access the full server and utilize all the resources of the provider.

The dedicated server hosting provider will handle all the cost for building and maintenance of server equipment, reducing the overhead charges for the business who is purchasing the server space and thus improving the return on investment.

However, when compared with shared hosting, the dedicated server hosting is expensive, but for those businesses where their websites face a lot of traffic and need to customize their server and requires high security, the dedicated server hosting provider is the best option for them.


The business owners need to have complete faith and trust on the dedicated server hosting provider and be ensured that their website will be the best server. The reliability of the server provider is enhanced as the bandwidth is not shared. With the option of managed dedicated servers, the host can also take care of some of your burdens of managing the server.


With the dedicated server hosting provider, the client can get access to additional space without any migration to a new server or any other hosting provider. Every business, either big or small need space to grow and with a dedicated server, the client will have an opportunity with less investment and minimum fuss.


The benefits mentioned above make the dedicated server hosting provider, an essential requirement for any business. The high-performance level is maintained by the dedicated server provider which is because of all the features provided by the single and dedicated server. Thus, the websites which have a lot of traffic or require a large amount of bandwidth for downloading or uploading the video content and also high-resolution graphics are needed to maintain the faster speed for loading compared to the shared hosting server.

Thus, although the dedicated server hosting is expensive compared to the shared web hosting, all the benefits, and features provided by the single dedicated server is worth the amount asked for the service provided. Also, when there is large business having an e-commerce website, use of shared server hosting is not reliable and possible, thus dedicated server hosting is recommended.

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