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Best 10 Websites to Download Images for Free

We all know that content is crucial to a post. We spend much time on coming up with an idea and making it into words, sentences and content. Based on quality of content, search engines will give rankings, which largely decide how many readers from the search engines will check the post.

Though content is chief, images play an important and sometimes an essential role in posts.

The first reason is that images are much helpful to make your post vividly. Secondly, images are beneficial to user-friendly composition. Readers will not feel boring to read your article. Especially your article is about technique. Thirdly, images assign meaning to your post sometimes.

To add pictures into our posts, we prefer downloading photos from internet to taking photos by ourselves. After all, not everybody is good at photograph and taking photos for each post is hard to achieve for normal bloggers. So, we need downloading from search engines, websites, etc.

A problem comes. Search engines like Google crawl any image related to words that you enter. Some images are subject to copyright. But you will not be clearly informed when you download them. However, copyrighters could take advantage of tools like TinEye to know that you have downloaded their images. Then it could get embarrassing and you could be charged for money.

To download high resolution images and avoid violating copyright of someone, we recommend 10 websites as following, from which you can download high resolution images at no cost.


Unsplash is a website made by Crew, a Canada company.

This website offers high resolution photos under Creative Commons Zero license. In other words, you could download any photo from Unsplash for free. What’s more, you could modify these photos and even use them for commerce purposes. All are for free. Moreover, you need not to inform Unsplash or photographers and ask for their permission.

Unsplash frequently updates its photos as well. Every 10 days, it will add 10 new photos.

It is easy to download photos from Unsplash. You can just click the photo or click Download at the bottom of the photo. Then this photo will open in a new window. Right click the photo and select button save image as…. Or just drag this photo to your desktop.

Besides, you can create an Unsplash account to submit your photos too.


More information is at www.unsplash.com.


Pixabay provides more than 440 thousand pictures and the number is growing. Moreover, Pixabay sets high quality standards of pictures uploaded and released. All these pictures are under Creative Commons CC0. Therefore, you can download, resize and distribute pictures from Pixabay at no cost. Furthermore, you won’t violate copyright of some photographer. You need not to note the attribution, even if you use Pixabay pictures for business.

What’s more, Pixabay offers a picture category, including items like Animals, Food, Sports, Traffic, Computer, Business and so on. Thus, you need no to browse each picture. Just click an item in the category and fast select the picture you want.


26 optional languages supported by Pixabay will also make you convenient to download pictures from the site www.pixabay.com.

Free Photos Bank

Free Photos Bank contains a wide number of photos that you can download free of charge. This website gives many options. For example, you can download a Jpeg photo or you can download it as a Zip file especially when the photo is large. You will see the size of certain photo by clicking the photo. In addition to that, Free Photo Bank allows you to search photos by advanced search, hot list, and photo categories.

More than that, Free Photos Bank supports you to send images to your friends via email.


To download images from Free Photos Bank, please visit www.freephotosbank.com right now!


Picjumbo is a website with free and paid images. But Picjumbo gives clear symbols if it charges.

In terms of free images, Picjumbo gives categories, in which Nature, People, Animal, Food, Business, Technology and much more are included. You could take advantage of the category to faster download images. Furthermore, it is simple to download images by following Picjumbo guide.


Note that Picjumbo free images are valid for both personal and commercial purposes as you like. For details, follow www.picjumbo.com.


Superfamous offers a variety of projects. Photographs are one of the projects. Photos released by Superfamous are under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. Moreover, the photos are hi-res. You can download them and modify them according to your requirements. Most importantly, Superfamous does not charge you for using these photos.


Go to images.superfamous.com if you want to download images from this website.


Michael Connors created morgueFile in 1996. Now, this website offers both free and paid photos. Moreover, morgueFile collects photos from other resources, including Getty, iStock, Fotolia, BigStock, Dreamtime and DepositPhotos.

morgueFile free photos are not in the public domain but with morgueFile license. You can download free photos by going into morgueFile free photo section. Click one photo and you will see detailed information, like numbers of likes, views, downloads, comments, etc. Also, you will check whether this photo is free to download and distribute. So, we recommend you to check detailed information before you downloading photos from www.morguefile.com.


Public Domain Pictures

This is a good website to download images for free. As its name shows, this website utilizes Public Domain license. So far, it has collected more than 100,000 images for users.

To download images, you can browse images based on categories, popularity, rating and date. Then you can see details of a photo by opening it. Note that some images of Public Doman Pictures have limitations on usage. If you want to use it for commerce, be careful with that.


For more information, please go to www.publicdomainpictures.net.


Alex created Alegriphotos website to share his free photo collections with all others. This website provides photos, videos and vector images. You could enter keywords to search what you want. Or you can choose to browse pictures by categories. Also, you will check detailed information by clicking your option, including the image license, the uploading date, sizes, download numbers, etc.


If you want to download pictures from Alegriphotos, please follow www.alegriphotos.com.

Death to the Stock Photo

Unlike other image resources, Death to the Stock Photo is a website to send you images every month. You have to sign up with your email address, name and profession. Then you will receive awesome images from Death to the Stock Photo. You can use it for both personal and commercial purposes under Official License of Death to the Stock Photo.

This website also provides a premium plan that you have to pay for.


To join Death to the Stock Photo, please go to www.deathtothestockphoto.com.


StockFreeImages is a project of Dreamstime.com, which plays a leading role in stock photography. For StockFreeImages, it has over 1 million images under Royalty Free License. You can use images from StockFreeImages for advertisements, websites, smart phone applications, book or CD covers, PowerPoint presentations, etc. More than that, you can print up to 10 thousand copies with images you downloaded from StockFreeImages.

However, you have to add a credit line using HTML format if you use StockImages photos online. A format example is photo courtesy of StockFreeImages.com. Besides, to download images from StockFreeImages for free, you have to register. So far, there are nearly 1 million registered users.


To know more information, please visit www.stockfreeimages.com.

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