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best hostingWho offer best ASP.NET hosting at cheap price? In below, we list out top 5 ASP.NET hosting based on the renew on ASP.NET features, price, server performance, reliability, and support. With their ASP.NET hosting service, you could easily host your website with them without any issue and could enjoy all the powerful features ASP.NET provide.

Best ASP.NET Hosting 2020

Bisend, Winhost, Hostgator, DiscountASP.NET and SmartASP.NET are named as the Best ASP.NET hosting in 2020. From them, you can find high quality Windows based hosting to host your ASP.NET websites.

Bisend Winhost Hostgator DiscountASP SmarterASP.NET
bisend hosting Review winhost Review Hostgator Review Hosting Review SmarterASP Hosting Review
Plan Reviewed Windows Basic Hatch Personal Plan Basic
Editor View Bisend Review Winhost Review Hostgator Windows DiscountASP.NET Review SmarterASP.NET Review
Pricing Bisend Winhost Hostgator DiscountASP SmarterASP.NET
List Price $10.99/mo $5.95/mo $5.95/mo $10/mo $4.95/mo
Deal Now 64% Off 33% Off 20% Off 50% off 49.5% Off
Final Price $3.95/mo $3.95/mo $4.76/mo $5/mo $2.5/mo
Redeem the Deal Link Activation Link Activation Link Activation Link Activation Link Activation
Money Back 30 Days 30 Days 45 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Basic Features Bisend Winhost Hostgator DiscountASP SmarterASP.NET
Storage 10GB 3GB Unlimited 1GB Unlimited
Monthly Transfer 50GB 50GB Unlimited 80GB Unlimited
Free Domain Yes No No No No
Domain Hosted 1 1 1 1 1
Windows/IIS 2012 R2/8.0 2012 R2/8.5 2012/8.0 2012/8.0 2012/8.0
ASP.NET 2/3.5SP1/4.5 2/3.5SP1/4.5 2/3.5SP1/4.5 2/3.5SP1/4.5 2/3.5SP1/4.5
ASP Core 1.0~1.3 1.0, 1.1 1.0 1.0~1.2 1.0~1.3
ASP.NET MVC 2/3/4 3/4/5 3/4 2/3/4 2/3/4
MSSQL 1 1 1 $5/mo 1
MSSQL Storage 2GB 500MB 1GB 500MB 1GB
MySQL 1 1 Unlimited $5/mo 1
Advanced Features Bisend Winhost Hostgator DiscountASP SmarterASP.NET
IIS Trust Level Full Full Medium Full Full
Application Pool Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated Dedicated Shared
SSL Certificates Included as Free Optional Optional Optional Included as Free
Web Matrix Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
VPS Hosting Yes No Yes No Yes
Dedicated Server Yes No Yes No Yes
My Review Bisend Winhost Hostgator DiscountASP SmarterASP.NET
Reliability ★★★★★  ★★★★¾  ★★★★½  ★★★★½  ★★★★☆ 
Server Performance ★★★★★  ★★★★¾  ★★★★½  ★★★★½  ★★★★☆ 
Support ★★★★★  ★★★★½  ★★★★½  ★★★★¼  ★★★★☆ 
Hosting Review Bisend Review Winhost Review HostGator Review DiscountASP.NET Review SmarterASP.NET Review
Website Visit Bisend Visit Winhost Visit Hostgator Visit DiscountASP Visit SmarterASP

Best ASP.NET Hosting – offer industry most professional ASP.NET hosting at cheap price. After acquiring Host4ASP.NET, another well-known ASP.NET  hosting provider, in the early of 2019, it’s difficult to find one could be better than Bisend now in ASP.NET  hosting niche.

The company has joined Microsoft SPLA Program and becomes one of Microsoft golden hosting providers. People could find comprehensive ASP.NET hosting from them, including shared class, reseller class, VPS class and dedicated server.

Bisend shared ASP.NET hosting comes with many high tech, like Windows Server 2012 R2/Server 2016, IIS 8.5, Web Deploy, WebMatrix and .NET version switch, free SSL certificate, CDN integration and etc. Moreover, supports the latest version of ASP core and MVC 6 as well as other older versions. Classic ASP, Silverlight, URLRewrite, Node.js, PHP, etc. are all features included in Bisend ASP.NET hosting solutions.

This company utilizes 2 datacenters. One is in Los Angeles, USA and the other is in Hong Kong, China. They have redundant resources to support Bisend servers. Note that Bisend only use premium and customized Dell servers.

Furthermore, Bisend ASP.NET hosting is quite cheap. $3.95/mo is the starting price after applying Bisend coupon. Bisend also offers risk-free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Bisend ASP.NET Hosting Promo Bisend ASP.NET Hosting Promo
64% Off

If people want to talk with Bisend technicians, try easy-to-use live chat and email, which are available anytime. To gain more about, please visit their official site now.

Fast ASP.NET Hosting – HostGator

HostGator was privately established in 2002 and now is part of EIG. For products, HostGator offers hosting solutions based on both Linux and Windows platforms.

HostGator has shared ASP.NET hosting and ASP.NET dedicated servers. In the case of the shared one, people will choose from 2 packages and gain unmetered disk space, bandwidth and POP 3 email accounts. Additionally, Plesk control panel is for HostGator ASP.NET hosting customers to manager hosting services.

Also, HostGator ASP.NET hosting contains a lot of high technique. For databases, it supports MSSQL, MySQL and Access databases. ASP.NET ranges from 2.0 to 4.5 version. Other features like MVC 3.0, AJAX, Classic ASP, Curl, GD, Scheduled Task, etc. are also supported.

To maintain the highest stability, speed and security, HostGator uses more than one datacenter. They are top datacenters, one of which is Ace Data Centers. Network is first-class, which is built with hardware from Cisco, Juniper, Arbor Networks, Arista Networks, and Brocade.

HostGator ASP.NET hosting is now 20% off by following below promo link. Thus, the starting price is $4.76/mo instead of a regular price at $5.95/mo. HostGator has 45 Day Money Back Guarantee.

HostGator ASP.NET Hosting Promo HostGator ASP.NET Hosting Promo
20% Off

Asking for HostGator support is easy, just via live chat, phone and ticket. For more information, please visit

Cheap Affordable ASP.NET Hosting – Winhost

Winhost is a web hosting provider only engaged in Windows-based hosting solutions and quickly grows into the leader in ASP.NET hosting. It owns a big advantage that is short distance between its offices and the datacenter. Therefore, Winhost engineers can immediately walk into the datacenter and check servers when required.

Let’s take a review at features of Winhost ASP.NET hosting. There are 3 plans that are all based on shared servers using Windows Server 2012 or 2008. Additionally, Winhost ASP.NET hosting has IIS 8/7, IIS Manager remote access, isolated application pools, full trust, medium trust, URL Rewrite Module 2 and Web Deploy. Most importantly, Winhost give

  • MS SQL 2014, 2012, 2008 R2 and 2008;
  • Microsoft Access Database and MySQL;
  • NET 4.5.2, 4.5.1, 4, 3.5, 2.0; MVC 5, 4, 3, 2, 1;
  • Web Sockets, AJAX, Silverlight, RIA Services, LINQ;

Furthermore, Winhost utilizes quad-core Dell servers and hosts each element on separate servers. So, there are site servers, SQL servers, email servers, etc. This ways makes Winhost ASP.NET hosting is more reliable and secure.

For prices, Winhost 3-month ASP.NET hosting is lowest at $5.95/mo. With the latest Winhost coupon, if people would like to pay for 2 years, then the price is $3.95/mo, almost 33% off. This company has 30 Day Money Back Guarantee as well.

Winhost Promotion Winhost Promotion
33% Off

In terms of support, its customers can get help via the support portal or knowledgebase. For more details, please visit

ASP.NET Hosting from Micrsoft Golden Partner

DiscountASP.NET has empowered .NET developers since 2003. Like, it is also Microsoft golden hosting partner under SPLA Program. This company invests most of its resources to design high quality ASP.NET hosting. Check features of its ASP.NET hosting as following:

  • Windows 2012 or 2008 hosting platform with IIS 8.x or 7.x;
  • NET 4.5.2, 3.5, 2.0; MVC; Classic ASP 3.0, Silverlight, LINQ, node.js; WebSockets, AJAX;
  • Full Trust, Isolated Application Pools;
  • XML, XAML, PHP 5, FastCGI.

DiscountASP.NET only offers one plan, which includes 1000 MB storage, 80 GB monthly data transfer and 500 email boxes. But this company allows customers to add optional resources and other features, like databases.

For maintaining high hosting performance, DiscountASP.NET utilizes 2 datacenters in USA and Europe. In addition to that, servers are Dell brand and network infrastructure is composed of Cisco switches and multiple connections.

Due to quality of DiscountASP.NET ASP.NET hosting, the price is a little higher. The original price is $10 per month. But if people purchase DiscountASP.NET hosting via our DiscountASP.NET coupon link, then they will save 50% off and spend $5/mo only. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is also included.

DiscountASP.NET Promotion DiscountASP.NET Promotion
50% Off

To read more information about DiscountASP.NET, please follow .

Cheap ASP.NET Hosting from SmarterASP.NET

SmarterASP.NET has been growing into one of the cheap hosting service providers in the ASP.NET area, who is offering top quality ASP.NET web hosting services and reliable customer support to people worldwide. SmarterASP.NET Bisend is one of the very few web hosts offer Windows ASP.NET hosting from shared hosting, VPS hosting to Dedicated Server.

As a developer friendly hosting company, SmarterASP.NET fully understand the needs of developers. So it offers ASP.NET v2, v3.5 and v4.5, the latest ASP.NET MVC and etc. In addition, the full ASP.NET trust level is included to bring more convenience to customers.

Compared to the same-level ASP.NET hosting company, the price of SmarterASP.NET can be thought of the cheapest in the industry. The regular price is at $4.95/mo; customers can now get SmarterASP.NET ASP.NET hosting plan at only $2.5/mo with the latest  SmarterASP.NET promotion below.

SmarterASP.NET Promo SmarterASP.NET Promo
49.5% Off

To know more about it, visit now.

Build WebSites with ASP.NET

With the advent of the technology of the Internet, every individual of the world wishes to take his/her business venture over the online platform and attain success at it. For an online business to success and prosper, there stands a great need for an efficient and attractive website. Hence, the online business organizations are in constant need of hiring website developers or coders who are able to create and develop effective websites with the use of some programming language. The website developed needs to be robust, informative, fast executable and efficient. ASP.NET is one such programming language with the use of which the website developers can build robust and dynamic websites in an effective manner and there are several advantages of ASP.NET.

ASP.NET is a server-side, open source web application framework which is used to develop the dynamic web pages. It has been developed by the Microsoft to enable the programmers to create and develop dynamic, website, web applications and web services. ASP.NET functions on the top of the HTTP protocol. It makes use of the HTTP instructions and commands to ensure a bilateral communication between the browser to server and vice versa. The ASP.NET codes are written and compiled with the use of reusable and extensible components which are present or stored in the.NET framework. The significant feature of the ASP.NET language is that it can be written in any of the programming languages like J#, C#, JScript, Visual Basic.Net.

ASP.NET is a vital component of the.NET framework and has been considered as the standard tool for the development of the web applications and websites. The developers can create an attractive application with the use of the Visual Studio. ASP.NET is created on the concept of CLR (Common Language Runtime) which allows the users to write and implement ASP.NET code which is supported by any.NET programming language. The ASP.NET Core is the successor of the ASP.NET. It can be considered as the re-implementation of the ASP.NET framework. This new framework makes use of the recent open source.NET Compiler Platform.

Many leading websites of the world make the use of ASP.NET framework to develop innovative and creative websites. Some of the famous websites built on the concept of the ASP.NET platform includes Amazon, eBay, and several others. Many other website developers and the amateur website managers are striving to develop creative dynamic websites with the use of ASP.NET framework.

Advantages of ASP.NET Framework

There are several benefits offered by the use of ASP.NET framework for the website development by the web developers of the world. Some of the advantages of ASP.NET include:

  • NET tends to reduce the amount or number of codes which are needed to write for the development of the websites. Therefore, the amount of work which needs to be done for the development of any effective website gets reduced to a greater extent.
  • With the use of the ASP.NET framework, the websites that are built are safe and secure as with the use of the ASP.NET programming, it offers built-in Windows authentication and configuration on a pre-application basis.
  • The significant advantage offered by the use of the ASP.NET language is that it offers early binding which tends to enhance the performance of the websites built upon the ASP.NET framework. The additional benefits provided by the use of the ASP.NET language include native optimization, just-in-time compilation, and the efficient caching services.
  • NET framework has a rich set of the tool box which is designed with the use of the Visual Studio environment which supplements the integrated development of the websites. The specialized features offered by the use of the ASP.NET framework include drag and drop control of the hosting server end, WYSIWYG editing tools, automatic deployment and the enhanced updates of the tool.
  • NET is super simple and an easy framework to be used by the professionals as well as by the amateurs. If the website developers are new to coding and wish to develop an interactive dynamic website, they can make of the efficient ASP.NET coding language to achieve the same with much ease and convenience. The advantage of ASP.NET is that the users or the website makers are enabled to perform simple tasks, submit the form with ease, configure the site and even achieve authentication of the client or the users in an effective and hassle-free manner.
  • In any ASP.NET platform or framework, the source code and the HTML tags are together. This ensures that the web pages developed with the use of the ASP.NET programming language are easy to code, write and maintain. The special feature of the ASP.NET language is that all the source code is written and executed on the server end. With this feature, the website developers are empowered to make the necessary changes and updates on the website as and when needed. This also makes the web pages highly flexible and powerful.
  • The significant feature offered by the use of the ASP.NET platform, all the processes of the website development are monitored and managed closely during the runtime. So if in any case, a particular process becomes dead, the new processes can be created then and there itself. This would keep the website updated constantly such that the website developers are able to handle requests on a frequent basis.
  • The ASP.NET is entirely a server-side framework. This ensures that the ASP.NET code gets executed on the server side before it is sent to the browser.
  • The ASP.NET framework is independent of any language-oriented platform. This allows the website developers to select the most suitable programming language for themselves to develop the dynamic websites.
  • NET also ensures easy deployment which implies that there is no need for the registration of the various components of the language as there is an inbuilt information of the language configuration.
  • The server end of the website does the monitoring of the website, applications, and components on a frequent basis. This ensures that any sort of memory leaks, infinite loops or the illegal activities are looked upon and solved at the moment itself.

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