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Best Blog Hosting in 2020

With the many different blog hosting options available nowadays, our Best Blog Hosting in the year goes to three well-experienced web hosting companies – Bluehost, WebHostingHub, and iPage, who offer high quality blog hosting services in affordable pricing and superior customer support.

Blog hosting is one type of web hosting. Blogs, also known as webblogs are websites that feature regular updates in the form of individual entries or posts. As with more and more premium blog hosting sites sprung up on the web, an increasing number of people are using blog to express passion for their hobbies, to connect on a personal level with others, or to help promote a business. It explains why almost every hosting provider is boasting about remarkable blog hosting products and services.

Best Blog Hosting – Bluehost

Bluehost has been served over 100,000,000 bloggers worldwide and is officially recommended by blogging platforms like WordPress. Due to its reasonable pricing plans backed by rock solid infrastructure, up-to-date software as well as outstanding customer service, Bluehost is also one of the Best WordPress Hosting in the industry.

Bluehost blog hosting is quite easy to use. In the case of having a WordPress blog, bloggers are allowed to use 1-click installer to have WordPress installed to the root of their site or a subdirectory. The web host also gives bloggers access to plenty of cool extra features to enhance their blogging sites, including SiteLock, a bunch of SEO tools, Spam filtering and Spam Assassin, SSL certificates, automatic backups, SSH access, free WordPress themes, site builders, enhanced cPanel, and more.

Basically, there are three blog hosting plans available, with price varying from $7.99/mo to $14.99/mo regularly. The latest Bluehost Coupon offers bloggers up to 63% discount off, reducing to starter price to $2.95/mo only, along with 1 website, 50GB disk space, unmetered bandwidth, 5 parked domains, and 5 email accounts. Meanwhile, Bluehost blog hosting is scalable and upgradeable, meaning that bloggers can transfer to a larger plan or a more reliable VPS and dedicated server platform. On top of that, every blogger will be covered by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee upon sign-up.

Bluehost $2.95 Promotion Bluehost $2.95 Promotion
63% Off

In addition to operating the data center itself, Bleuhost has an on-site professional admin team to monitor the data center and network infrastructure around the clock for ensuring 99.9% uptime. Coupled with its fully-customized Linux kernel, the web host controls every aspect of the hardware and software to deliver excellent performance experience.

If there is any blog hosting related technical issues need to consult professionals, Bluehost’s in-house support team is available 24/7 via LiveChat, email and phone. Bloggers can also take advantage of its extensive Knowledgebase to solve some common problems.

Fast Blog Hosting – WebHostingHub

As one of the best cheap web hosting providers on the planet, WebHostingHub  is always strongly recommended to SMBs and bloggers.

Tired of slow site? WebHostingHub makes it possible for bloggers to run a blog site smoothly without compromising uptime. There are two data center options to choose from for faster connection and lower latency. Every blog site is hosted with cutting-edge Dell servers with SSD technology to optimize performance.

Normally starting at $8.99/mo, WebHostingHub blog hosting may seem a little expensive. However, the hosting company currently is promoting the hosting service by offering maximum 83% off. Namely, after discounting, WebHostingHub blog hosting only needs $1.50/mo for the first three months. Thereafter, it still remains affordable at $3.99/mo or $3.25/mo based on different billing cycle. More importantly, all WebHostingHub blog hosting plans come with a 100% 90 Day Full Money Back Guarantee to make it hassle-free and risk-free.

WebHostingHub Exclusive Deal WebHostingHub Exclusive Deal
83% Off

Apart from industry-leading low prices, WebHostingHub prides itself on rich advanced features and tools. There is not only Softaculous for 1-click installing any blog application, but also 1 free domain name, free premium website builder—BoldGrid, easy-to-use cPanel & SSH access, and free SSD storage. Every blogger can benefit from unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email addresses, and minimum $75 Ad credits with Google, Bing and Yahoo to build a professional blog site.

In case that bloggers would need help when facing some technical issues, the hosting company has a team of 200+ professionals ready to give assistance by 24/7 Skype, toll-free phone and ticketing system, while its Community Q&A containing thousands of online tutorials to help solve simple questions. 

Cheapest Blog Hosting – iPage

iPage ( is a renowned web hosting company providing an all-inclusive Linux web hosting solution. As a subsidiary of the Endurance International Group (EIG) for over 15 years, iPage is able to leverage the latter’s powerful resources for excellent blog hosting experience.

The regular price of iPage blog hosting is set at $7.99/mo. If bloggers purchase the hosting solution via following the below promotional link, they can receive as high as 75% discount off to make the price reduce to only $1.99/mo. More than that, bloggers can ask for full refund within the first 30 days once they are unsatisfied with the hosting service.

iPage Exclusive Deal iPage Exclusive Deal
75% Off

With iPage blog hosting, bloggers can get everything they need to host and manage their blog site. Besides free domain name, they can setup unlimited email addresses, build unlimited blog sites, and allocate unlimited storage space, bandwidth, and MySQL databases. To help make site building ease-of-use, iPage includes user-friendly 1-click installer, drag & drop site builder, hundreds of responsive templates for both PCs and mobile devices, and blog setup wizard in each blog hosting account. There is also $100 worth of free ad credits for Google, Bing and Yahoo, SiteLock, customizable Spam Filters, enhanced security suite and etc. included.

Based on a world-class data center connected to Global Crossing and AT&T backbones, high performance load balanced servers and 24/7 network monitoring, iPage blog hosting manages to keep quite fast speed while remaining 99.9% uptime on average.

The absolute best thing about iPage blog hosting is that bloggers have access to award-winning tech support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. No matter what kind of problems they come across, they just need to directly contact iPage technicians via phone and livechat. They can also send an email if not emergency. 

Beginner’s Guide to Blog Hosting

Blogging offers a great way for you to connect with the world, expressing your hobbies, promoting your business and more. But blogging is much more than writing and posting articles or photos, finding a reliable blog hosting also plays an important role in getting a blog up and run live on the internet. It is an additional requirement besides a domain name or a URL.

There are so many web hosting companies boasting about premium blogging features and tools. As a beginner, you might be confused about how to find a reliable blog hosting solution for your blogs. In this article, we will be walking you through all key factors of choosing a blog hosting service.

What is a blog hosting service?

In addition to a domain name or URL, a blog hosting is critical to starting a blog, particularly when you finally make a decision on building blogs with a self-hosted blog platform. A blog hosting service allows you to manage and connect blogs to the internet by offering you server space, network infrastructure, technical help and other programs.

Often you can have free domain name registration along with a blog hosting plan. We have introduced three similar solutions in our Best Blog Hosting, including Bluehost, iPage and WebHostingHub, who stand out from a bunch of hosting companies for their low cost, rich user-friendly yet advanced features, rock solid data center infrastructure, and superior customer service.

If you already have a domain name, you can still migrate it to a different blog hosting provider. Don’t worry. Most hosting companies support free migration service to help save your bucks.

Different type of blog hosting service

Basically, there are three types of blog hosting services offered by hosting companies to cater to different needs.

  • Shared web hosting: As the name implies, your blog is hosted on a server shared by many other blogs and websites. Being affordable is the main advantage of this hosting solution, while there is also downside, for instance, relatively slow page loading.
  • VPS & cloud hosting: Technically, virtual private server (VPS) and cloud hosting are not an either/or option. But if in prospective of functionality, they deliver very similar quality privacy, security and control. Your blog is ensured to benefit from independent server resources, faster site speed, and more control over your hosting environment. VPS and cloud hosting usually charge at different standard, the former requires you to pay monthly or yearly while the latter often supports pay-as-you-go.
  • Dedicated Server hosting: Instead of sharing with others, a dedicated hosting gives you the entire web server and hardware to run your blog without worrying about performance. With dedicated server space, the fastest speed and best security, dedicated hosting charges at the highest pricing amongst the three types.

Usually, we would like to strongly recommend bloggers with a minimum budget to start with a shared web hosting. As with the posts and traffics growing, you may need to upgrade your plan to a quality VPS, cloud or dedicated hosting service.

What to consider when choosing a blog hosting?

It could be a challenge to find a reliable blog hosting plan, especially for new bloggers. There are a lot of things to consider alongside too many web hosting companies available on the marketplace.

Firstly, determine your requirements.

Before starting creating a blog, you should first decide what blogging platform to build with. There are a wide range of blogging platform solutions out there to choose from, but certain blog hosting services cannot support all of them. Just in the case of WordPress, you should ensure your blog hosting service enables for WordPress platform installation at least.

Secondly, match your needs at the best price.

Even though you have reviewed tens of blog hosting services in the industry, you still need to do some more research. One of the best ways is asking other bloggers about their opinions on the quality and pricing of blog hosting solutions they are currently using. Always keep in mind that a blog hosting service changes frequently as technology is advancing so fast today, it’s necessary to check the most accurate information about a blog hosting package’s features and prices through its official website.

Thirdly, focus on the hosting features.

Typically, a blog hosting plan would include plenty of detailed features. It is impossible for a beginner to clearly understand every single feature. Given that, we list several key elements that need to be top priorities for all.

  1. Data Transfer: Make sure the transfer limit is high enough to support all the data published on your blog, including every post being viewed by every visitor. There is no necessarily overbuying initially since you can always upgrade to higher transfer limits as your blog grows.
  2. Space: Different blog hosting package often comes with different space allocations. What you need to do is signing up with the one that offers you large enough space to meet your needs and budget. As a new blogger, you may don’t have to pursue terabytes of space, therefore remember not to be swayed by solutions that claim exorbitant amount of space.
  3. Speed and Uptime: Remember, the quality of your blogging experience will largely depend on the blog hosting performance and reliability. Evaluate a blog hosting package based on the data center location, server hardware and network infrastructure to give your visitors peace of mind that they really get what you are paying for.

Other less important features you should also pay attention to when choosing a blog hosting plan. For example, designing and building tools like website builder, CMS, themes & templates, photo galleries and forums, email services including email setup, email forwarding, autoresponder, and spam filter, and e-commerce offerings as online store, shopping card, payment systems, etc.

Lastly, customer support is important.

It’s imperative that your blog hosting provider has professional support team available around the clock to help with your questions or problems about the hosting service. Try to ensure that your blog hosting provider has offered you adequate customer support. A renowned hosting company, to receive 100% customer satisfaction, will be able to get through via LiveChat and/or phone call, in addition to email and/or ticketing system and an extensive knowledgebase.

To conclude, having a clear understanding about your purpose as well as potential growth of your blog is the premise of picking the most suitable blog hosting service. As is the nature that everyone expects for the best deals, you’d better make sure the cheap blog hosting solution can perfectly fit your needs at the same time.

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