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Nowadays, more and more businesses are having web presences to build their brands online. And a reliable and fast web hosting solution is critical to the successful of their online business. Best Business Hosting here are award to those who offer highly competitive business-class hosting solutions to their customers no matter we evaluate them on reliability, customer support, web server speed, features or price.

Top 3 Best Business Hosting

Best Overall

  Inmotion Hosting

#1 web hosting for businesses, Host 2 Domains, Free SSD Hosting, Nightly Backup, 90 Days Money Back. Price from $2.95/mo.


Cheapest Hosting


Best cheap business hosting, 1 free domain, unlimited features, free daily backup, and fast server. Price from $1.99/mo.


Best Selling


Largest web hosts, Unlimited Hosting, PHP, Python, Perl, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Safe Harbor Certified, Price from $2.95/mo.


Best Business Hosting – Inmotion Hosting

Inmotionhosting business hostingInmotion Hosting has been providing business hosting service since 2001. As a leader in this market sector, Inmotion Hosting is well-known for their fast web servers, professional customer support, and 90 days full money back guarantee.

Inmotion Hosting offer hosting service by leveraging 2 state-of-art data centers in Washington DC and Los Angeles CA. With Inmotion hosting exclusive max speed zone technology, their customers could get access to the email and website up to 6x faster than normal. This feature is extremely helpful for the online business who mainly target at local community. And All Inmotion Hosting servers are powerful Dell servers with more than cpu cores, 32GB+ memory and RAID-10 storage.

Besides these, to ensure higher security, and customer support, Inmotion Hosting only hires server admin with 8+ years experience and customer support engineers with 4+ years working experience in hosting. As Inmotion Hosting customers, you could be free of worrying about your server issues.

Inmotion Hosting offers shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated server. Businesses could upgrade their hosting solution based on the hosting needs without changing web host, with which people could avoid potential risk of site downtime when migrating a site to another web host.

In terms of price, Inmotion Hosting is offering 56% off to its award-winning solutions, and everyone could get it at $2.95/mo.

Inmotion Hosting $2.95 Promotion Inmotion Hosting $2.95 Promotion
56% Off

Check out Inmotion to know the detail of Inmotion hosting product and don’t forget to claim 50% off.

Best Cheap Hosting for Small Business – iPage

iPage is well-known budget hosting service provider in the industry, who offers web hosting with a rare combination of  unmatched reliability, quality and affordability.

Again, iPage is another web host who use the world-class data centers in Boston, and they have been offering hosting service for small business since the first day they started the business. And its hosting solutions includes all the features to help small business create a successful website.

What iPage offers is really affordable, with $1.99/mo only after discount, people could get 1 free domain, and host unlimited domains in one account.

iPage Deal iPage Deal
83% Off

To know more the company, please visit iPage. Don’t forget to claim their 83% off deal.

Best Selling Business Hosting – Bluehost

Bluehost is a major player in the industry, who now is offering hosting service to over 8 million domains. Bluehost use the world-class data center in Orem, which equals the highest level of security and reliability in the industry.

Bluehost has been providing web hosting for businesses for long, and their customer support is one of the notable in the industry. The price of Bluehost is very typical when comparing with its competitors, but now by following below this promotion link, all its customers could get 64% off, which makes the price relatively affordable.

Bluehost $2.95 Promotion Bluehost $2.95 Promotion
64% Off

To know more about Bluehost, please go to Bluehost.

How We Select Best Business Hosting

Thousands of web hosts are out there, but only few of them could offer highest level of reliability, speed, security and customer support to satisfy the hosting needs of business. And below are how we name the best web hosting for Business:

  • Good Reputation within webmasters. A business hosting service provider will more reliable and fast hosting service, and prompted customer service considering their customers are all business related. As it’s hard to evaluate a web host who is just in business, we only recommend web hosts with no less than 3 years in business and proven record within communities.
  • A good business hosting service provider should provide a wide range of solutions, which include shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server, so that its customers could upgrade the service instead of changing web host when their business grows.
  • Tier-4 Data center only, which could ensure a high uptime and speed.
  • High Reliability and Positive Customer Feedback. Our data are mainly offered by, an industry leading platform on collecting customer feedback and server uptime data of web hosts. A professional business hosting service provider should maintain a record with at least 99.9% uptime and 85% customer satisfaction rate. To know the data of above 3 award winners, you could check out the information from respectively
  • At least 30 Days money back guarantee.

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