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catalogGetting a convenient tool for arranging products and services online for your website is easy and all you need is a good catalog plugin. There are various Catalog WordPress plugins and the following are some good ones.

The Ultimate Product Catalogue Plugin

The Ultimate Product Catalogue plugin helps in displaying the various menus or product catalogue of your restaurant, store, etc. This product catalogue has 3 responsive layouts ( by default) and accepts the custom CSS.

The features of this catalog plugin are:

  • Availability of sub-categories, categories, tags, etc for organizing the products
  • Presences of three default formats of layout that users can easily tab
  • UTF8 Supported
  • Search Engine Optimization friendly product pages and description
  • Option to drop and drag the catalogs and to re-order them
  • Easy uploading of the items from the spreadsheet

Product Catalog 8

This is a simple and easy to use product catalogue. Categories, subcategories, and products can be not only created but even edited. The catalogue will be properly displayed on the front end with the usage of shortcodes.

Following are the features of this catalogue:

  • Option of adding the products both in the categories and subcategories
  • Placing the categories and subcategories in various pages with the help of the shortcode attributes
  • Customization of the setting page for the proper display of the products
  • Adding TML inside the product descriptions
  • Fancybox integration
  • Option to display multiple images for a single product
  • More layouts and customizations

The Spider Catalog

SpiderCatalogThe Spider Catalog WordPress plugin is a convenient tool for arranging the items present in the website into proper catalogues. In this plugin, each of the products present in the catalogue is assigned to relevant categories, making it quite easier for customers to look for and identify the required products in the WordPress catalogue.

Its features are:

  • Easy to search for items through parameter, name, description, categories, etc on the catalog
  • Import and export of the products
  • Option to select any one of the display options to easily organize the catalog such as list, cells1, cells2, cells3, Thumbnails, Wide Cells, etc
  • Easy to add various images for a single product
  • Option to filter various opportunities in the front end while choosing a specific subcategory or even category
  • Displaying various products in a grouped format, within the given categories or as a single product
  • Chance to provide the detailed description of each of the categories presented in the website
  • Adding customized HTML in the description option of the product
  • Choosing the order on how the products are displayed
  • Adding market and default price for each of the products present in the catalogue.
  • Availability of more buttons to redirect to the product page

The CataBlog Plugin

The CataBlog WordPress plugin allows one to catalog anything that he or she wants to share or display in a given blog and that too in an attractive gallery. One can easily upload various images, give titles to the images, provide attractive descriptions and easily save them in the catalogue. Even one can use the categories to filter and organize the catalogue products into various kinds of catalogues.

Some of the best features of this plugin are:

  • Organizing the catalogue libraries into the galleries in any order you want
  • Easy to format the catalogue descriptions with the use of the WYSIWYG TinyMCE editor
  • Using widgets to display the catalogue categories and the given catalogues in the sidebars
  • Easy generation of the category and individual pages for the entire catalogues
  • Setting up separate width and height values for the various catalogue thumbnails
  • Filtering various categories using a single ShortCode
  • Availability of multiple language options like French, Russian, German, Spanish, and the list goes on and on
  • Sorting of the catalogue through title, order and date
  • Addition of multiple images for the catalogue product
  • Ability to control on how the catalogue HTML code can be rendered
  • Exporting and importing the catalogues in CSV and XML formats

The WP Catalogue

This WP Catalogue is used to show the products in professional and attractive catalogues. Not only is it easy to use but even quite simple to customize too. Plus it helps in showing off the products in attractive styles.

wp Some of the key features of this plugin are:

  • Easy to customize the catalogue presentation
  • Light-weighted and simple product catalogue
  • Option to add three images for a single product and display them in an attractive light box
  • Integrated breadcrumb so that it is hassle-free and easy to navigate
  • Option of the previous or next navigation
  • Option to display the price of the product
  • Drop and drag the products and categories in easy steps

Presentation of your products and services on your ecommerce site is the visual clue for your customers on your quality promise. A good quality catalog plugin can make it easy for you to ensure good presentation. If you are offering service or products then you should think of trying the above plugins.

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