Best CDN for WordPress

Best CDN for WordPressWordPress is web software that users can take advantage of it to create a beautiful website or blog. Nowadays, it is highly sought after by many webmasters. There is no doubt that all WordPress users intend to maintain their website that feature high speed and traffic, so CDN comes to them.

CDN names content delivery network, which is powerful enough to help users to accelerate their websites to conduct successful business easily. In this article, we would like to focus on top five CDNs that are awesome for WordPress, and they are CloudFlare, MaxCDN, CacheFly, Incapsula and Amazon CloudFront.


cloudflare_logoEstablished for about 15 years, CloudFlare is a famous CDN provider in the industry that offers both free and paid plans. Operating more than 20 data centers located around the world, CloudFlare has the strength to help users maintain the best performance of their websites. At the same time, CloudFlare also uses a technology, Anycast to route their visitors to the nearest data center.

According to the tests, it shows that a website on CloudFlare loads twice as fast for its visitors, 65%fewer requests and saves 60% of bandwidth. What’s more, it will not charge for bandwidth. If customers are eager to find a reliable web host that integrates with CloudFlare, Bluehost is a perfect choice. Having been in business over 10 years, Bluehost is one of the Best Hosting, who is committed to offering the best service at an affordable price.


maxcdnMaxCDN is a well-received CDN service that packages many benefits, including free HTTP, & HTTPS requests, instant purge and provisioning, custom SSL, network with SSD storage and massive capacity, and more.

Besides what we mentioned above, it also offers super simple control panel to its users to help them easily manage their accounts, especially for beginners. Furthermore, the customer service of MaxCDN is excellent for it offers several effective channels to deal with problems, such as phone, live chat and FAQs. In addition, it also guarantees 30 day full money back.


cacheflyAs another popular CDN service, CacheFly content delivery network claims that it will ensure the fastest and most reliable delivery of users’ rich media. The company guarantee 100% availability and 10x faster performance. All those benefit could be gained without the changes of existing hosting.

Nowadays, it is trusted by tens of thousands of users for its unbeatable results in the market.


inpsulaUp till now, thousands of businesses around the world trust Incapsula with their web applications and websites. Its cloud-based solution includes enterprise-grade Website Security that features a PCI-certified Web Application Firewall, and DDoS Protection, Load Balancing & Failover, so it is a perfect option for business-class users.

As for its pricing plans, it offers Free, Personal, Business, Business+ and Enterprise for its users to choose. Additionally, users can freely upgrade their plan to a more advanced one if they want to expand their business or attract more visitors.

Amazon CloudFront

cloudfrontAmazon CloudFront is a content delivery service that integrates with other Amazon Web Services to gives its users a convenient way to deliver content to end users with an efficient way.

With Amazon CloudFlare, the entire websites can be delivered, such as dynamic, static, streaming, interactive content. Like other Amazon Web Services, there are no contracts or monthly commitment for using Amazon CloudFlare.

Recognized as a powerful CDN provider, Amazon CloudFlare can also provide its users with rich features, like Amazon CloudFlare Usage Charts, Custom SSL, support for on-demand Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Geo restriction, custom error response and many others.

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