Best CDN Hosting

Best CDN HostingIt is well-known that running a website that features high speed is one of the determined factors to be successful online. People could upgrade their web servers to gain better performance, however, now CDN is considered as one of the best and cost-effective way to make a web site run faster. And many web hosts have already integrated CDN solutions into their hosting.

Who Can Offer Best CDN Hosting

bluehost + cloudflareAlthough the overwhelming majority of CDNs are not free, customers can get access to few free CDNs. After reviewing over 20 well-known web hosts in the industry, we are very delighted to tell customers that Bluehost is the best CDN hosting in the industry, whose customers could easily leverage CDN technology quickly and smoothly, even they have no knowledge on CDN.

CloudFlare is a free service that can speed up and secure customers’ websites by playing as a proxy between their visitors and servers. By taking advantage of it, customers can not only protect their websites from being hacked, but also save bandwidth and improve loading time.

Why Bluehost

Bluehost ( is one of the largest, reputable and reliable web hosting providers that has been in bluehostbusiness for more than 10 years. The ultimate goal of Bluehost is to provide industry-leading service at an affordable price.

At the same time, Bluehost also pays high attention to customer support. As long as customers have any problems, they can contact the experts via phone, email or live chat to find timely, useful, and professional assistance. In addition, the company also guarantees anytime money back, which means that customers can get full refund within the first 30days and prorated money back after that time with no hidden fees.

How to Enable CloudFlare with Bluehost

By following the three steps in below, it will make it easy for customers to enable CloudFlare services via the control panel:

Step 1

To begin with, customers should create an account directly from the CloudFlare ( websites. Then find the CloudFlare icon in the Domains section.


Step 2

Click the button “Next” under the Enable CloudFlare section to create “Free CloudFlare Account”.

Step 3

Under the CloudFlare Account View section, click Activate to enable CloudFlare.


Customers can also find solutions in Bluehost Knowledge Base if they have some problems.

Bluehost Review on Features and Price

No matter what kind of hosting package Bluehost customers choose, they can get access to CloudFlare. Now, we will focus on the basic level plan of its hosting solutions.price

At Bluehost, customers can get everything that they need for their websites. It contains unlimited domains, unlimited disk storage, unlimited websites, unlimited email accounts, one free domain name and automated backups as well as $200 Google Adwords.

Moreover, Bluehost customers can get industry-leading cPanel to manage their websites and data every easily. Moreover, the websites of Bluehost customers can be backed with some advanced facilities and technologies, such as SSH and more.

In terms of its price, the company now offers considerable promotion to its customers. Instead of the regular price, $6.95/mo, the price can be cut down to $3.95/mo, a 44% off, which is an affordable price compared with other web hosts.

Bluehost $3.95 Promotion Bluehost $3.95 Promotion
44% Off


Recognized as the Best Hosting, Bluehost is an award-winning web hosting company that is totally trusted by tens of thousands of webmasters. There is no doubt that the company has the edge to offer the best CDN hosting.

By the way, if customers intend to know more information about CDN, they can read the article What Is CDN. Meanwhile, by visiting or checking Bluehost Review, customers can find more details about BlueHost.

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