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Running a fast website is one of the key factors for webmasters to attract more visitors and conduct successful online business. However, many of them do not know how to accelerate their websites, best cdnespecially for newbie. To help people settle this problem, today we will introduce CDN to them.

The full name of CDN is content delivery network that packages rich features and top of the line facilities to reduce page loading times and enhance the performance of users’ websites. After reviewing many CDN providers, we list out top three for users to choose and that are CloudFlare CDN, MaxCDN, and Amazon CDN.

CloudFlare CDN

CloudFlare is a reliable CDN provider in the industry that offers both free and paid CDN plans to its users. Since its initiation, the company has committed to keeping pace with the industry-leading service to help users get access to the excellent online environment.

The company operates over 20 data centers in the globe to guarantee the almost 100% uptime. At CloudFlare, its CDN users can also get many features to backup their websites, including no configuration necessary, working with static and dynamic content, like JavaScript, CSS, and images, and automatic IPv6, and more.

In addition, CloudFlare also protects against traffic surges. According to the report, even with a free CloudFlare CDN plan, over 60% off the requests could be absorbed by CloudFlare if a site get a surge.

By the way, CloudFlare can work together with other CDNs. In this way, CloudFlare can be a complement if they already have a CDN.



Located in Studio city, Los Angeles, CA, MaxCDN is a fast growing company that has helped more than 12 000 businesses to unlock the power of CDN. The MaxCDN hires a group of people who are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and responsible to specialize in the requirements of its CDN users.

MaxCDN sets its goal to help users deliver content to some of the busiest websites and services. As a reputable CDN provider, it can provide its users with rich features, such as EdgeCaching, EdgeRules, EdgeSSL, EdgeSecurity, RESTful API. Furthermore, the company also offers easy to use control panel to its users. With this powerful control panel, users can find everything that they need to access, manage and upgrade their MaxCDN account services.


Amazon CDN

Amazon CloudFront is designed for working with other Amazon Web Services, including Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2 and more to store the definitive versions of users’ static files and run application servers for dynamically generated content.

Recognized as a well-known CDN provider, Amazon CDN contains a lot of features, including low TTLs, support CloudFlare Zone Apex, management console, access logs, Geo restriction, custom error response, Amazon CloudFront Usage Charts, on-demand Microsoft Smooth Streaming, support Wildcard CNAME and many others.

By taking advantage of a network of edge over the world, Amazon CloudFront has the strengths to lower latency by caching copies of users’ static content close to their visitors. What’s more, Amazon CloudFlare is built on highly reliable infrastructure to enable its users access a possible best performance website.

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