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Best Chinese Web Hosting

When creating blogs or business websites, most of Chinese people purchase cheap overseas web hosting. However, customers will confront with slow speed performance or connection issues by going with the overseas web hosting services.

If people plan to create websites or expand businesses in China or Asian areas, we strongly recommend them to choose Chinese web hosting for its much more reliable and faster performance as well as high price value. Moreover, to create a website in mainland need complicated “Beian” process, so the best web hosting for Chinese to create websites is from Hong Kong where “Beian” is not required.

Zhuji91- Best Chinese Web Hosting

After reviewing almost 100 Chineseweb hosting, we decide to name Zhuji91 as the best Chinese web zhuji91hosting for its reliable, competitive performance and high price value.

Based in Hong Kong, Zhuji91 ( is a leading and reputable web company that offers a wide range of great and cheap web hosting products. With years’ development, it has been serving numerous personal and business customers successfully.

Zhuji91- Best Chinese Web Hosting with Rich Features

Regarded as the best Chinese web hosting, Zhuji91 provides both Linux and featureWindows web hosting solutions. Its professional and business hosting plans come with rich features to meet different needs of customers.

For Zhuji91 Linux hosting, CloudLinux and cPanel are its basic parts. And its key powerful features include:

  •  Unlimited MySQL 5 database with at least 2 and PHP 5.2/ 5.3/ 5.4/ 5.5
  •   Dedicated IP, rewrite, .htaccess, FTP, AND Python
  •  Unlimited concurrence, bandwidth and parked domain, 1- click installation as well

Its Windows hosting is equipped with Windows Server 2008 R2+ IIS 7.5 and WebSitePanel showing great rich features, for an instance:

  •  At least 2 MSSQL 2012, Access or MySQL database with unlimited size andASP.Net 1.1/2/3.5SP1/4.5 PHP 5.2/5.3/5.4+MySQL 5
  •   FTP, dedicated IP, fulltrust, MSSOL remote access, 301 redirect
  •  Unlimited parked domain, sub-domain, bandwidth and IIS concurrence
  •   1-click installation to WordPress , discuz and DotNetNuke

Besides respective features,they share some basic features, like free for ICP license which means customers don’t need to worry about applying for ICP license to create websites which is harder to apply now.

Zhuji91- Best Chinese Web Hosting pricing

The prices of Zhuji91 Linux and Windows normally start from $7.95/mo and $8.95/mo respectively. If Pricingcustomers sign with its long-term billing cycle, then they can receive relevant discounts to make the prices low to $4.95/mo and $5.95/mo, 45% off and 34% off the regular prices.

In addition to affordable prices, 30 days money back guarantee offered by Zhuji91 is also another important factor to attract customers. If they are not satisfied with services, they can get full money back within the first 30 days making customers really risk-free.


Zhuji91 4.95 Promotion Zhuji91 4.95 Promotion
45% Off

High performance from Zhuji91- Best Chinese Web Hosting

Zhuji91 utilizes NWT datacenters in Hong Kong that equipped with SAS 70 type certified, uninterrupted peformancepower supply system, N+1 generator and 400KVA UPS power-off protection. Along with100% Dell servers, Cisco firewall, DDoS attack response as well as 24/7 net working monitoring, which ensure customers reliable and high performance.

Zhuji91can guarantees 99.9% uptime. And because of their Hong Kong datacenter, customers in China and Asia can get faster performance and higher uptime, sometimes even up to 100%.

Zhuji91- Best Chinese Web Hosting support services

Zhuji91 offers the best customer services through 24/7 phone, email and live chat answered by their CustomerSupportprofessional and experienced web hosting technicians.In addition, customers can get through support technicians in less than 2 minutes both in English and Mandarin. Furthermore, FAQs and blog are also available for customers to find information of Zhuji91 and its services.


From above, we can easily see that Zhuji91 really provides customers with great rich features, affordable price, reliable and high performance and responsive supports. If people are going to build businesses in China and Asian areas, we strongly recommend them to go with Zhuji91, the best Chinese web hosting, to create successful online presences.

For more information of Zhuji91 and its hosting services, please visit:


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