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If people plan to create websites or expand businesses in China or Asian areas, we strongly recommend them to choose Chinese web hosting for its much more reliable and faster performance as well as cheap pricing. After reviewing almost 100 Chinese web hosting providers, we find Bisend, Host4ASP.NET and should be listed in Best Chinese Web Hosting because of their high price value, outstanding performance and award-winning support.

Top 3 Best Chinese Web Hosting

Best Overall

Providing cheap web hosting for hosting websites in China and Asian area, with WordPress optimization, SSD storage, free SSL certificates, Plesk control panel, Price from $2.95/mo.


Best Selling

Windows-specialized Chinese web hosting comes with .NET, ASP.NET, MVC, MSSQL, IIS – Full Trust, URL Rewrite2, unlimited data transfer, WebSitePanel, Price from $2.95/mo.


Most Affordable

Top-notch Chinese web host, offering web hosting with instant deployment, easy scalability, free migration, auto backups, cPanel/ Plesk, 24/7 expert support.


Best Chinese Web Hosting — Bisend

Bisend (, being one of the best cheap web hosting, has been dedicated to providing customers high quality web hosting products since its inception in 2011.

Bisend now has several featured products, which are Linux SSD hosting, ASP.NET hosting, reseller hosting and even Hong Kong web hosting. Aside Hong Kong web hosting, the other three web hosting products all allow customers to choose their server locations from the US and Hong Kong, so that for customers who want to enter in Chinese large business market, Bisend can help them move faster online.

To better serve customers, Bisend offers everything they need in its hosting packages. Unlimited SSD RAID 10 fast storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited free SSL certificates, easy-to-use Plesk control panel, 1-click scripts installers for WordPress, DotNetNuke and Drupal, PHP 7.0.x, and more are included.

Even better, Bisend Hong Kong hosting web hosting has 100% uptime guarantee which is supported by Hong Kong data center with faster CN2 telecom connection to China mainland to offer fast page load speed for visitors from China and other Asia countries. More importantly, there is no need for ICP License (no “Bei An”) and no hidden fees!

Purchasing Bisend Chinese web hosting through Bisend exclusive promotion link in below, customers can pay $2.95/mo only, up to 64% off the normal price at $7.99/mo. Also, Bisend promises customers can get refund within first 30 days based on 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Bisend Exclusive Deal Bisend Exclusive Deal
64% Off

If customers want to get more information about Bisend Chinese web hosting, please contact its 24/7 customer support team via ticket and Live Chat or visit

Cheap Chinese Web Hosting — Host4ASP.NET

Host4ASP.NET ( is an industry-leading Windows web hosting provider in China, offering various Windows hosting solutions to meet different demands of customers.

For customers who need to host site in China, then Host4ASP.NET is one of the best option. It has adopted top-notch Hong Kong data centers which are equipped with UPS, Dell server, etc. allowing 99.9% uptime. So, customers’ website can be always accessible and high performance to visitors in China.

Within web hosting plans, it also offers best features to support high performance websites, including latest MS technologies like latest Windows OS, .NET framework, MVC, SQL Server and Silverlight, full trust level in Hong Kong local computer, unlimited data transfer, unlimited disk space, as well as enhance WebSitePanel.

Customers can follow Host4ASP.NET Coupon link in below to purchase Host4ASP.NET web hosting at $2.95/mo with 40% off from regular price at $4.95/mo. 30 days money back guarantee is offered to lower risks.

Host4ASP.NET has incredible 24×7 support team waiting for customers to ask for help via live chat, email and ticket. To learn more information about Host4ASP.NET, please go to

Premium Chinese Web Hosting –

VPShosting ( is a leading VPS and Cloud Hosting provider in Hong Kong, offering flexible and powerful hosting based on cloud technologies and redundant data centers.

VPShosting offers web hosting ranges from Linux and Windows VPS hosting to dedicated servers and all solutions are based on advanced cloud technologies. Customers with VPShosting web solutions can enjoy instant deployment, free and easy migration, automatic backups, high performance SSDs, powerful developer tools, cPanel or Plesk control panel. For WordPress hosting, it even offers 24/7 WordPress experts support, automatic WordPress updates, at least 10K monthly visits, 2 sites, 100GB storage, 5 MySQL DBs, 1GB RAM and 1 vCPU.

VPShosting partners with Equinix to adopt its data centers located all around China mainland and Hong Kong to offer 99.9% uptime guarantee. The company also utilizes high-speed, dedicated bandwidth to China to make sure customer enjoy superfast connectivity to China. 24/7/365 real-time monitoring is available to keep their websites performing at best.

VPShosting latest coupon is up to 18% off discount to make its VPS hosting based on cloud server more affordable. Customers can click on the following promotion link to claim the coupon. 14 days money back guarantee is offered to allow customers test its services with minimal risks.

VPSHosting Exclusive Deal VPSHosting Exclusive Deal
18% Off

If customers need more information about VPShosting, they contact its technicians via phone, email, live chat or ticket, and learn from its knowledgebase and hosting academy. Check out and you can get more details about VPShosting.

How to Choose Your Chinese Web Hosting?

For customers, to choose a good Chinese web hosting provider needs to consider several aspects according to your real demands:

  • Speed
  • Bandwidth
  • Reliability
  • Regulation
  • Potential risk

In terms of server types, Shared hosting, VPS hosting or dedicated hosting? You need to check out your bandwidth and storage demands based on your business scale and technical requirements. So, this is not a big question for you when choosing a Chinese web hosting providers.

For IP address, we strongly suggest you use dedicated IP which is not only safer but also good to SEO; For CDN, if you have ample hosting budget, you can also use a premium CDN service like CloudFlare, which can boost your site performance with faster more page loading speed.

In general, in order to find a more stable and reliable web hosting, you should take those cheap but reliable hosting and high-end hosting both into consideration like our recommendations Bisend and

Now, you need to figure out whether you locate your site in mainland China or not. Then, your choice will be largely narrowed down.

A Quick Comparison between Hosting in Mainland China and Hong Kong

For people in the web hosting industry, they must know it is very different between you locate your server in Mainland China and Hong Kong. We will make a quick comparison between hosting in Mainland China and outside Mainland China in below:

ICP License

For overseas companies, if you want to hosting your site on server in China mainland, you have to apply for an ICP license, which is also said as “Bei An”. It is complicated and difficult to obtain an ICP license if you don’t have a local legal entity. You have to cooperate with a local company, but you have to know that if is a long-term way to take the risk. Also, you can choose to register a local company in China, which will cost more including human resources and capital both.

However, if your Chinese web hosting is outside Mainland China, then there is no need for an ICP license. It will save a lot of money, energy and time.

Interface & Support

Currently, many China web hosting companies in Mainland China do not offer English user interface and customer support. Differently, for the web hosts offshore, they can provide multi-language support in their interface and customer support both. So, you have to consider the language issues web choosing a China web hosting.

Search Engines Result Page

Currently, some international search engines like Google are still blocked within mainland China and open in outside mainland China, but they also have been assigned less weight in a site’ physical location. Baidu, Chinese largest search engine, doesn’t have the same situation in mainland China. Even better, if your site with your local domain and local IP address is more likely to rank higher in search result page than a site outside.

Therefore, when considering SEO, Hosting in mainland China seem a good option as well.

Internet Connection

It is certain that Hong Kong has faster internet connection speed than mainland China, its mobile internet connections is also very fast. Although the Internet develops rapidly in mainland China, we still say that if you do care about your connection delay, then you should choose hosting outside mainland China.

Great Firewall

In mainland China, there is a powerful firewall to block internet traffic, called Great Firewall, which can lead to incredible high network latency for those pages or content served outside China. So, if you host your site within the Chinese Firewall, then you can run faster more than your competitors hosting outside mainland China.

Data Centers

Hong Kong is a good data center site in history and its telecommunications industry here are privately owned and have no limit on foreign investments. So, it has many large companies both home and overseas putting their infrastructure here, meaning you can have many choices to put your server safely.

However, with the rapid development of telecommunication and web hosting industry, there is great progress made in mainland China in term of data center infrastructure. More and more International companies invest in infrastructure in mainland China such as Amazon and Google.


Figure out these differences we just talked to fit your demands, and then you can understand where to locate your servers. After that, search for a list of best China web hosting provider and take your real needs we listed in the beginning into consideration. Finally, you will get a more specific list of China web hosting providers that you can partner with.

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