Best Cloud Hosting for SMBs

For small and middle businesses needing to get online, reliable and cheap web hosting solutions are the best options. Currently, cloud hosting featuring easy scalability and better security becomes more and more popular in the industry. As long as the pricing is budget, cloud hosting is the perfect solution small and middle businesses need, especially when need to move to a larger size of instances.

In below, we are to introduce 3 best cloud hosting for SMBs, which are picked out from hundreds of web hosting providers. DigitalOcean, Linode, and TMDHosting are the cloud hosting providers we recommend for SMBs.

Best Cloud Hosting for SMBs – DigitalOcean

Involved in the web hosting industry for more than 6 years, DigitalOcean ( has already developed into a famous cloud services provider with good reputation. Compute, storage, networking, monitoring, apps, and load balancer can be found at DigitalOcean.

DigitalOcean designs different levels of cloud hosting packages for different customer groups. No matter how large customers’ business scale grows, DigitalOcean can meet their demands. Its entry-level package comes with 20GB SSD disk space, 1TB transfer, 1 core processor, and 512MB memory. These resources are redundant for running small business online.

Besides, the company offers an intuitive API as well as command line utilities, which all allow customers to maintain large-scale production workloads. Customers can directly deploy their code by using one of its pre-built image that supports Rails, MongoDB, Redis, Docker, Cassandra, and other more. Even better, DigitalOcean allows customers to invite others to join in their team and offer them access permissions, so that helping you manage their cloud.

For business, time and energy are important. DigitalOcean can help customers spend less time in starting business online and take as much as energy and time they have to manage their business only. DigitalOcean guarantees to deploy customers’ droplets and help them receive root access to their compute instances in 55 seconds only! Load Balancers increase customers’ application’s availability.

DigitalOcean cloud hosting is high performance. It provides customers with a 99.99% uptime SLA guarantee. The company uses all-SSD storage to enhance cloud hosting, so customers can get 20 times faster page load. Highly available up to 16TB storage is attached to customers’ Droplets, making sure they will never run out of space. Data centers located globally also host customers’ servers reliably and securely. Free monitoring and alerting come to optimize performance.

Such a reliable and feature-rich cloud hosting comes with flexible billing terms. Customers can pay monthly and pay hourly. The entry-level package starts at $5/mo, which is also $0.007/hr only. Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express and PayPal can be used for payment. For small and middle businesses, this is a cheap and reliable cloud hosting, worth a try.

DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting

To learn more about DigitalOcean, please visit

Best Cheap Cloud Hosting for SMBs – Linode

Linode ( is one of the leaders in the cloud hosting area, which started business from 2003. With more than a decade’s cloud hosting provisioning experience, Linode can always provide customers with the best suitable cloud hosting plans.

At present, Linode has standard cloud hosting plans and high memory plans. For SMBs, its standard plans are good enough. The starting standard plan includes 1GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 1TB transfer and 20GB SSD storage. Moreover, DNS manager and IPv6 support also come. By monthly billing term, this entry-level plan only starts at $5/mo; if charging hourly, it is as low as $0.0075/hr only!

Linode Cloud Hosting Linode Cloud Hosting

To make customers happy, it also provides a 7-Day money back guarantee. So, customers can have a try on Linode cloud hosting services first. If they think it is not their solution, they can ask a full refund within the first 7 days. For businesses, it is important.

Linode cloud hosting is extremely easy to use and manage, allowing customers to save more time and energy for their business. Firstly, customers can get their cloud servers running in seconds because of its simple setting up process.

Second, customers can get a simple as well as easy control panel, Linode Manager, which comes with a straightforward interface, so customers can easily deploy, resize, boot, and clone in several clicks. Besides, virtual console Lish, Linode API, CLI, and Linode StackScripts all make server and site management easier.

99.9% uptime guarantee is included with Linode cloud hosting. The company utilizes its 9 data centers all equipped with fully redundant power, cooling, and security to ensure the server reliability. SSD storage, the fastest Intel E5 processors, and 40Gbit network boost customers’ server speed. Two-factor authentication and rescue mode protect customers’ data security. So, this secure, fast, reliable and cost-effective cloud hosting is right to SMBs.

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Best Full-managed Cloud Hosting for SMBs – TMDHosting

TMDHosting ( is an all-round web hosting provider, who can offer shared hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, dedicated hosting, and other open source hosting. As one of the cheap hosting providers, TMDHosting fully managed cloud hosting is attractive to SMBs.

TMDHosting cloud hosting is fully managed by its 24 hour expert support team, offering free responsive support. The company even guarantee to response customers within 15 minutes. Besides, phone, email, ticket and live chat support system, free site transfer, app installations, modules installations & integrations, app upgrades, and templates installations are covered in the full management services. Text tutorials and knowledgebase offer customers useful content.

About package resources, TMDHosting provides unlimited SSD space, unlimited bandwidth, free domain, and up to unlimited websites. Besides, the latest PHP7, unlimited MySQL DB, SSI, Curl, Zend Optimizer, Perl, Python, Apache mode-rewrite, free SSL certificate, unlimited email accounts with POP3 & IMAP access, and unlimited FTP accounts included as well. The latest cPanel is included for customers to manage their site and resources effortlessly.

TMDHosting makes its managed cloud hosting is reliable and fast, which is perfect for SMBs to manage their business online. Due to cloud hosting, customers can easily scale up by adjusting their allocated resources. Data mirroring ensures customers’ data is always safe. Private networking and firewall also reduce the intrusion risks. SSDs and offloaded storage are used to speed up customers’ websites.

Additionally, TMDHosting cloud hosting is cheap, and the entry-level one starts at $5.85/mo. More importantly, it will comes a 60 Day money back guarantee. Customers can freely experience a trial of TMDHosting cloud hosting free of charge. Fully managed, feature-rich, fast and reliable cloud hosting is absolutely a good option. Plus cheap pricing and money back guarantee, SMBs will need it.

TMDHosting Cloud Hosting TMDHosting Cloud Hosting

To learn more about TMDHosting, please visit www.tmdhosting,com.

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