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Cloud Hosting is built on cloud computing technology which allows unlimited machines to act as one. Unlike shared hosting and dedicated hosting that rely on one machine, cloud hosting can be deployed on multiple machines, which not only guarantee better security, but also allow scaling additional resources for site growing. In bellow, Best Cloud Hosting is those who are better than their competitors in terms of features, pricing, performance, and customer support.

Best Cloud Hosting 2019

We recommend DigitalOcean, LiquidWeb, Linode, DreamHost and A2Hosting as the best cloud hosting in 2019. With the rich features and assistance from those five best cloud hosting providers, customers can easily build their website at affordable pricing.

Best Scalable Cloud Hosting — DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is a professional cloud service provider, who aims at offering the best virtual servers for customers, assisting them scale applications successfully. The company designs 9 cloud hosting solutions in all, each of which can be provisioned within 55 seconds.

DigitalOcean cloud hosting is extremely scalable supported by powerful features. In terms of hardware, DigitalOcean uses SSD drives to improve disk I/O performance; its bandwidth starts at 1 TB/mo and scale incrementally; excellent Hex Core machines are equipped with ECC RAM and RAID SSD storage, allowing customers to scale resources. Simple control panel and versatile API let customers automate and customize server setups, giving all access to functionality.

To guarantee high performance, DigitalOcean uses 10 beset-in-class datacenters, adopts floating IPs with IPv6 support. More than that, DigitalOcean applies KVM to isolate resources for each customer. Premium datacenters and the latest technology ensure 99.99% uptime and security.

As for pricing of the smallest package, DigitalOcean will count the hours customers used every month. If it is over 672 hours, customers will pay for monthly price, namely $5/mo; if less than 672 hours, they will be charged $0.007 per hour. It comes with 5 Linux OS, 1-click apps, 0.5 GB RAM, 1 cores CPU, 20 GB SSD storage, and free and premium support from DigitalOcean Customer Success group.

DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting

Visit DigitalOcean now to find out more details about its cloud hosting.

High-End Cloud Hosting — LiquidWeb

LiquidWeb cloud hosting is namely LiquidWeb Storm Server. The company creates an exclusive Storm platform which provides the power of dedicated server with cloud hosting flexibility.

LiquidWeb launches 3 kinds of cloud hosting. One is Storm Dedicated Servers having the functionality of cloud hosting but based on dedicated infrastructure; Storm VPS Cloud Servers include all Storm Server powerful features and are customized in shared cloud environment. The third one is Storm Private Cloud, allowing customers to create their private cloud environment, just like a private datacenter under customers’ control.

liquidweb storm servers

LiquidWeb Storm servers are very easy to move between VPS hosting and dedicated servers. SSD hard drives are available for improving performance. Customers can create and deploy cloud images and upgrade/downgrade easily. API access gives customers more control by coding.

In addition, LiquidWeb Storm VPS and Dedicated Servers are run on both Linux and Windows distributions. A long list of server types and OS templates are ready to consist of customers’ cloud servers. More than that, LiquidWeb offers fully managed options within OS templates, which include user-friendly control panel and full support.

LiquidWeb superior Storm Servers start from $50/mo. Customers also can choose daily billing to reduce the costs. 1GB RAM, 50 GB SSD space, 100% power and network uptime guarantee are included. As well, Heroic support team and other LiquidWeb staffs will take care of every customer very well.

LiquidWeb Storm Server LiquidWeb Storm Server
Daily Billing

To know more, Please visit LiquidWeb.

High-Price Value Cloud Hosting — Linode

Linode is an industry-leading cheap Linux cloud hosting provider. Its well-designed cloud services have served more than 4000,000 customers.

At Linode, SSD storage, 40 Gbit network, and Intel processors are used for best fast performance. Linode Manager combined with Lish virtual console, Linode API, and Linode CLI makes Linode cloud hosting easy to manage. Linode StackScripts gives a flexible way for customers to customize their distribution templates. Besides, Linode cloud hosting includes 2-factor authentication, IPv6 support, multiple distributions, DNS manager, etc.

linode cloud hosting

Specially, Linode charges customers by hourly rate up to monthly cap. Normally, the entry-level package starts at $0.015/hr, or $10/mo. It contains 1 GB RAM, 1 cores CPU, 24 GB SSD storage, and 2 TB transfer.

Linode Cloud Hosting Linode Cloud Hosting

Even better, Linode offers 7 days of trial. If customers decide to stop service within the first 7 days, they will get a full refund.

For more information about Linode cloud hosting, please click here.

Best Cheap Cloud Hosting — DreamHost

DreamHost is one of Top 10 Web Hosting 2019. The company can provide a complete series of products from shared hosting to dedicated servers. Cloud hosting at DreamHost is namely DreamCompute. Its smallest package which contains 512 MB memory and 1 vCPU, starts at $0.0075 per hour. DreamHost only charges for the first 600 hours in a month. The max monthly price is just $4.50. It saves up to 19% for customers.

DreamHost DreamCompute DreamHost DreamCompute

Open source is the essential value at DreamHost. DreamCompute is built on open source technologies such as Astara, Ceph, and OpenStack, making it compatible with numerous tools and apps. DreamCompute is also fully compatible with OpenStack API. Plus full root access and the freedom to select OS, DreamCompute goes beyond VPS hosting. High security is ensured by SSH key authentication, IPv4/IPv6 support and truly isolated network.

To get more details, please visit DreamHost.

Premium Cloud Hosting — A2Hosting

A2Hosting is an influential web host, founded in 2003. The company deploys its cloud hosting on high-performance SwiftServer Platform in VPS hosting environment, including optional blazing fast SSD hard drives with 3x times faster page load than other standard drives.

Its QuickInstaller can save much time for customers, because customers can quickly install preferable software by use it. The company also allows customers to design their cloud VM and resize account if they need. High-availability failover and disaster recovery give them a peace of mind. Besides, multiple OS options, root access, dedicated IPs, Apache CloudStack, SSH access and other more come to customers as well.

Paying for the usage of service, anytime money back guarantee and 24 x 7 Guru Crew support make A2Hosting risk free. Normally it starts at $15/month, along with 10 GB HDD disk space, raid-10 disk protection, 0.5 GB memory, and 2 cores CPU.

A2Hosting Cloud Hosting A2Hosting Cloud Hosting

To know more information, please go to A2Hosting.

6 Criteria When Choosing A Cloud Hosting Provider

cloud hosting 3As we all know, cloud hosting brings many benefits for customers, like wide network access, open resources, and flexible management. To some degree, choosing a right cloud hosting provider can determine the success or failure of customers’ website. Here are 6 aspects customers should think about when you intend to choose a cloud hosting provider.

User Interface

An easy-to-use interface can help customers plan and architect an optimal cloud hosting environment, adjust and improve their resource according to the real needs. Usually, a good cloud hosting provider will offer customers with integrated web-based control panel, simple API, or other popular control panel with clean interface, letting customers to create storage volume, configure virtual network and more. So, an integrated and simple user interface can help a lot.


Performance can directly influence the success of failure of a website. High performance enables customers and their clients to enjoy smooth online experience, while bad performance makes their clients or even customers themselves hate the site. Performance appears in apps & databases performance, CUP I/O as well as storage I/O. Especially, storage performance can differ one cloud hosting provider from others. Good cloud hosting providers understand it well.


Cloud security has been the hot topic for years. At present, data safety is no longer determined by physical presence, but guaranteed by powerful system firewall and 24 hour monitoring by experienced and highly trained system administrators. Professional maintenance of system firewall is the best defense for Internet-based attacks. Therefore, a good cloud hosting provider should have a solid and professional system administrator team.

Network and Data Centers

Network infrastructure is one of the decisive factors for performance of a cloud hosting. Before customers make the decision about a cloud hosting provider, they should clearly understand its network infrastructure, data center locations, and performance. Note: data center locations are related to many factors, such as statute restrictions, Jurisdictional requirements and natural environment.

Customer Support

Customers Support is always a factor we think about when we review a web hosting. As for developers, they do not require much personal assistance, but they do need to ask someone about cloud hosting package details. Therefore, convenient support channels and divers online resources can help them start smoothly.

Pricing, Billing and Payments

Some cloud hosting providers may force customers to buy pre-set packages which will makes spend extra money if they do not use all resources provided. Therefore, customers should be aware of 4 main resources, including data storage, RAM, CPU, and bandwidth. As to other cloud hosting providers, they bill customers by hourly or daily rate with monthly cap. This flexible billing method is friendly to users.

In addition, comparing several providers you choose in respect of pricing and payments, customers can know which one is the best for them.

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