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According to our experience, most new webmasters without proper guidance will start with wrong platforms to build and manage their websites. When they heard about the famous website builders which are very feature-rich and easy-to-use, they just go with them, and then gain some experience of being a site owner, and learn more about plugins, SEO, hosting, customization, etc. However, there is a moment when they finally feel wrong with the platforms.

In brief, starting with a website builder probably makes newbies be confined by these excellent standards, while CMSs are here to break them down. CMSs are the software installed on web hosting accounts for website building and management. A CMS brings many advantages like limitless design features, full customization, free plugin add-ons, and more. Comparing with a website builder, it is better to go with a CMS for beginners to start their new websites.

In below, we have carefully digged out 3 best cheap CMS hosting providers for beginners, which are A2Hosting, WebHostingHub, and GreenGeeks. They all comes with cheap pricing, rich CMS platforms options, reliable performance, and good customer support. So, beginners can easily start with or switch to them and grow their site with rich features.

Best CMS Hosting for Beginners — A2Hosting

A2Hosting (, a reputable bran in the industry, has been recognized as one of the best web hosting companies. With powerful innovations and support, A2Hosting can now provide customers shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, and various services like CMS hosting, eCommerce hosting and social network hosting.

In terms of CMS hosting, A2Hosting integrates almost all best CMS hosting options with its fast servers, so that customers can feel free to choose any CMS they like most from the most popular CMS options, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, b2evolution, Concrete5, and much more.

Of course, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are the featured CMS software. WordPress is the most user-friendly and powerful one; Drupal features easy sire creation and management; Joomla is award-wining for powerful apps and building sites. No matter which CMS beginners like to go with, A2Hosting offers the best shared web hosting solution to support it and fit its needs.

As for hosting plans, A2Hosting prepares 3 packages and each one includes unlimited RAID-10 storage, unlimited transfer, 5 MySQL and PostgreSQL DBs, 25 email accounts, 1 website, and free full SSD solution for site files, storage and databases. Besides, PHP 7.1, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Perl, Apache, Git, free shared SSL, free ads credits, and more are included to help build a good website.

A2Hosting also include Softaculous, which allows beginners to set up popular CSMs like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, B2evolution, and so on, with just 1 click. To enhance control power, the company offers free cPanel, easy Google apps setup, optional WP-CLI, SSH access, Rsync, and much more easy-to-use features.

A2Hosting CMS hosting is guaranteed 99.9% uptime. A2 Optimizer, A2 optimized enhanced security, high quality data centers, expertly tuned servers on SwiftServer platform, SSD solution, and Perpetual Security measures are here to support beginners’ CMS websites to run stably and fast. 24/7 Guru Crew support via phone, ticket, email and live chat as well as Knowledge base also make sure beginners get proper guidance and responsive support.

Regularly, A2Hosting CMS hosting start from $7.99/mo. By visiting through our exclusive promotional link in below, beginners can receive a budget pricing from $3.92/mo only, to save about 51%. Other more, there is an Anytime Money Back Guarantee to protect their money.

A2Hosting CMS Hosting Deal A2Hosting CMS Hosting Deal
51% Off

To get more about A2Hosting CMS hosting, please visit

Best Cheap CMS Hosting for Beginners — WebHostingHub

WebHostingHub ( is cheap web hosting provider that is very popular among individuals and SMBs. The company only focuses on shared web hosting solution, and now it has made it feature-rich and versatile. One of the uses is to support CMS software needs well.

To enable beginners easily and willingly to transfer to CMS, WebHostingHub includes some highlights in their web hosting solutions. First, the company offers one-click installs, which means if beginners want to include any the most popular CMS software into their new Hub hosting account, they can just use one sing click. Second, all packages comes with free SSD storage which is 15 to 20 times faster than standard ones, and website speed is vital to win their rivals. Third, to support as many pages on beginners’ sites, the company offers unlimited hosting.

What’s more, to optimize WebHostingHub servers specifically for CMS, the company deploys their servers with the latest versions of PHP 5 and MySQL. Also, the company configures its servers to leverage PHP Caching, maximize available RAM to make faster CMS loads.

Being a cheap web host, WebHostingHub CMS hosting regularly starts at $$8.99/mo, but now the company offers massive discounts to make its web solution more affordable, especially for individuals. Going via our exclusive promo link in below, they can get it from $1.50/1st 3 mos, 83% off.

WebHostingHub CMS Hosting Deal WebHostingHub CMS Hosting Deal
83% Off

Within the entry-level package, there are a free domain, free SSL, 10 MySQL and PostgreSQL, $75 free ads credits, auto-installed WordPerss, auto-installed shopping cart, SSH access, and more. 90-day Full money-back guarantee is included in all packages. So, this is feature-rich and risk free.

As for uptime, WebHostingHub guarantees a 99.9% server uptime, with the support of SSD, world-class data centers, and good security. When beginners need help, they can contact WebHostingHub via chat, email, and phone or go to check its online support center.

To learn more about GreenGeeks CMS hosting, please go to

Award-Winning CMS Hosting for Beginners — GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks ( is the world’s top green energy web hosting provider. Although GreenGeeks offers famous cheap shared hosting, premium managed WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS are also available here.

As for CMS hosting, the company offers three options, including WordPress hosting, Drupal hosting and Joomla hosting. The company carefully optimizes its shared hosting for CMS, which is perfect for beginners, developers and businesses alike. Specifically, GreenGeeks CMS hosting deploys the hosting environment with great power and flexibility to create a wonderful website.

For WordPress hosting, the company includes WordPress optimized servers, free WordPress migration, 1-click WordPress install, unlimited free SSD RAID-10 storage, unlimited data transfer, free domain name registration or transfer, custom PHP & PHP .INI, pre-installed Git, WP-CLI & SSH, built-in PHP caching, optimized HTTP & MySQL, and enhanced security with automatic updates, account isolation, real-time security scanning and brute force & DDoS protection.

For Drupal Hosting, besides the same server resources and free services included in WordPress hosting, it comes with unlimited secure email accounts, unlimited MySQL, custom error page, SSH access, 1-click Drupal installation & updates, enhanced security for Drupal, drush command line tool, Drupal web serving & DB performance tweaks, free SEO tools & marketing package, multiple languages like PHP 5, Python and Perl 5, and rich e-commerce features.

For Joomla hosting, it also include the same server spaces and free services that WordPress and Drupal hosting both have. Besides, beginners can get 1-click Joomla installation/updates, hot data caching, Joomla web serving & database performance tweaks, free website promotion, multiple popular software and scripts, and so on.

The three CMS web hosting options are guaranteed with 99.9% uptime, which is backed up with SSDs, RAID-10 storage array, optimized web and server servers, dual quad core fronted servers, courtesy nightly backups, muitl-Gigabit connection, plus enhanced security in each package. Call, live chat, email, and knowledge base are all open to beginners to get help.

All GreenGeeks CMS hosting are built in shared hosting environment. Normally, it starts at $9.95/mo, but through our exclusive promo link in below, it will be changed into $3.95/mo only with 60% discount. Along with that, beginners can also get 30 Day money back guarantee.

GreenGeeks CMS Hosting Deal GreenGeeks CMS Hosting Deal
60% Off

To get more about GreenGeeks CMS hosting, please visit

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