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Best Dedicated Server for Forex

As for those who are running small and middle sizes of forex business, premium Forex VPS is the best choice to partner with. Well, for those who are running large size of forex business, we believe they should demands the best privacy, security and performance. Then, choosing an appropriate dedicated server is an important step on the way of achieving success. Even better, there are cheap and affordable dedicated servers can fit most sizes of forex.

In below, we take this issue seriously and try our best to dig out 3 best dedicated server providers suitable for forex. They are LiquidWeb, A2Hosting, and 1and1. They all designs multiple levels of dedicated servers to meets customers’ multiple demands.

Best Dedicated Server for Forex – LiquidWeb

Since its inception in 1997, LiquidWeb ( has being making efforts to deliver the best online experience with its hosting solutions. By far, LiquidWeb has built a superior Storm platform to boost its VPS and dedicated servers, maintained a Heroic Support team, and invested 3 privately owned data centers.

Speaking of LiquidWeb dedicated server, especially the Storm dedicated server, allows customers to view complete technical server specs as well as order all resources and features their servers need. Its Storm foundation makes he dedicated servers more outstanding than traditional dedicated servers. So, forex traders can set back to enjoy its extreme performance.

To be more specific, the Storm dedicated servers at LiquidWeb are offered with special features, comparing with traditional dedicated servers. Besides dedicated hardware and free bandwidth, automatic migration, instantly provisioning, Solid State drives as well as cloud flexibility is all good features for forex traders to get their business online effectively.


To enhance high performance, LiquidWeb even brings more powerful features. CloudFlare CDN, ServerSecure security, built-in backups, and DDoS attack protections are all included. Plus its good data centers and Heroic Support, LiquidWeb really makes powerful dedicated servers for any critical mission websites. So, it of course can meet forex traders’ high demands.

In terms of OS options, LiquidWeb can offer customers both Windows and Linux OS options. It is convenient for forex traders choosing the OS they like and can manage well. Now LiquidWeb is promoting its Single Processor dedicated servers. All include the quality Intel Xeon processor, along with 4 to 6 cores, maximum 4.0 GHz Turbo, 8 GB to 32 GB memory, 250 GB to 500 GB SSD primary drive with RAID 1 array.

These promotional packages are cost effective for forex traders. The entry-level one only needs $10 for the 1st month after customers use the special coupon “SCALEUP” with $149 OFF! And then it will renew at $159/month again. Take that code to make the best experience with LiquidWeb Storm dedicated servers.

LiquidWeb Storm Dedicated Server LiquidWeb Storm Dedicated Server
$149 Off

To learn more about LiquidWeb Storm Dedicated Server, please go to

Best Cheap Dedicated Server for Forex – 1and1

If customers are looking for cheap dedicated servers for forex, then we recommend 1and1 ( It is a cheap web hosting company who has become one of the worldwide leaders who has served millions of customers around the world. Founded in 26 years ago, 1and1 has rich experience in different web hosting provisioning.

1and1 dedicated servers come with many different sales. Here we only take its entry-level servers L4, L4i, A8i, and Server X4i+SSD packages to explain its pricing structure. Let’s make it clearer as following:

  • L4 includes 50% off discount for the first 6 months, then renewing at $69.99/mo;
  • L4i package includes 3 months free discount, and then renews at $79.99/mo;
  • A8i and Server X4i+SSD packages include the same 50% discount for the first 3 months, then renewing at $79.99/mo and $159.99/mo respectively.
1and1 Dedicated Server Deal 1and1 Dedicated Server Deal
3 Months Free

These entry-level packages include 4 to 8 cores with 3.5 GHz at most, 4 GB to 16 GB RAM, 750 GB to 1,000 GB storage, and software RAID 1 disk protection. Advanced Intel Atom, Intel Xeon processors, and SSD hard drives are all available! These resources are redundant for forex traders to get started online.


Even better, 1and1 also designs dedicated servers for business. Specific Performance Servers and Business Line by Dell are all enterprise-class dedicated server solutions. For OS options, 1and1 also prepares Enterprise level Windows operating systems to meets advanced demands. Full root access, 1&1 control panel, and SSH access can help forex traders manage their sites as they need.

Other more, 1and1 anti-spam email and 1and1 SEO Spotlight are good to online business. For security and reliability, 1and1 also has recovery tools, SSL certificates, 1and1 firewall, and high-performance data centers to guarantee it.

If forex traders are interested in 1and1 cheap enterprise-class dedicated servers, they can check out

Best Flexible Dedicated Server for Forex – A2Hosting

A2Hosting ( is a fast-growing web hosting company by making use of innovation and advanced technologies. Being one of the leading companies in the industry, A2Hosting designs reliable shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and more. For many forex traders, A2Hosting can offer them different options on dedicated server solutions, and there is always a suitable one.

A2Hosting dedicated servers are all Linux friendly but all different in management levels. Forex traders can choose from unmanaged flex server, managed flex server, and core flex server. What’s more A2Hosting also provide them with semi dedicated servers at a very low pricing.

About unmanaged flex servers, it is fully customizable and starts with minimal 2 x 500 GB storage, 8 GB RAM, 2 cores, and 10 TB transfer. Forex traders can easy to choose their own Linux OS, and scale their resources with root access. Besides, all forex traders at A2Hosting can get free cPanel control panel to manage software and websites effectively.

Managed flex server and core flex server at A2Hosting are both fully managed by A2Hosting HostGuard. Core flex server even includes full root access, giving forex traders full control over servers. As for starting resources, managed and core flex servers include the same as unmanaged flex servers.


Each dedicated server are housed in its Asian, Singapore data center, boosted by exclusive, optional Turbo Server, so that forex traders can probably offer their customers the fastest hosting experience. The company also has 99.9% uptime time guarantee to ensure the websites have rock solid network foundation.

If forex traders want to buy it, they should go through our exclusive promo link in below, and apply the code “FASTSRVR”. It will make them save 17%. Normally, unmanaged flex serve starts at 119.99/month; with that code, it will be cut to $99.59/month.

A2Hosting Dedicated Server Deal A2Hosting Dedicated Server Deal
17% Off

If forex traders have any technical issue, they can feel free to ask A2Hosting Guru Crew staffs who are all fully trained and experienced to provide the best possible support. 24/7 email, fax, online chat, and toll-free number are all available!

To learn more about A2Hosting dedicated servers, please visit

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