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Best Domain Hosting Services for Small Business

Whatever is the size of the online business or the website you own, you need to find the best web hosting service and the best hosting deals to go with your website. Before the selection of any reliable hosting service for the small or large scale business, it is imperative to analyze the specific needs of your business. By keeping in mind the future plans and growth, the price to incur is an important factor to consider. It is not always to select the cheapest web hosting service, but the thing which matters is the quality of the web hosting service. In this article, we present to you the list and the specialized features of the best web hosting for small business 2016 service providers.

What is Web Hosting and Its Importance?


Everyone who owns an online business in the form of a website must be aware of the term ‘website hosting service’. For those who do not know this term, all the websites are stored in a remote server which is referred to as the ‘host’. Every website which is being launched or surfed by the online users is hosted on a server. Hence, it is important to use a reputable web hosting company. Every website pays a separate fee for web hosting every month. The domain name and the other website designs are available at extra costs.

The Best Domain Hosting Services:

With so many web hosting services available in the global market for the small businesses, we hereby present to you some of the best web hosting for small business 2016 as given by the experts: One of the best services with as much as 9.8 rating, it has been considered as the best web hosting for small business 2016 services to the online users. Some of its unique features include:

  • provision of unlimited domains
  • free domain name for the small and startup businesses
  • free email address
  • drag and drop site builder
  • as many as several thousands of templates free marketing tools
  • unlimited storage space
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited availability of MySQL databases.
  • Automatic virus checkers for the email services
  • Offers step-by-step tutorials or guidelines to the first-time business users.
  • Offers high-performance load balanced servers
  • Free cloud storage account up to 1 GB.

iPage: This online web hosting service provider offers the users the best and the most effective tool to create the online presence for the small business owners. The users can be benefited from the following features offered by this service portal:

  • free website builder
  • SEO marketing tools
  • Great flexibility to create blog, website, and online store
  • Hundreds of mobile-friendly templates
  • Free domain registration
  • Unlimited domain names
  • Provision of unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited availability of MySQL databases
  • Unlimited disk space


bluehost: It is one of the most recommended domain hosting services by the WordPress. It offers the following features to the online users:

  • unlimited disk storage
  • unlimited domain hosting
  • free domain name provision
  • unlimited GB of site transfer
  • free unlimited creation of email accounts
  • SSL secure server
  • Secure databases offering unlimited storage with MySQL, PostgreSQL, CGI-BIN This online web hosting service provider is highly efficient as it provides the following benefits to the amateur and small business owners:

  • unlimited bandwidth with massive storage, 300 GB
  • easy to use website builder with hundreds of templates
  • dozens of apps available including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla.
  • 99% uptime guarantee

web-com This service provider offers great web hosting services to the online users with affordable web hosting and additional services including:

  • free domain name registration
  • site builder with several templates
  • e-commerce shopping carts available
  • instant download and setup
  • unlimited GBs of hosting space
  • unlimited availability of email accounts
  • unlimited data transfer

Mostly the domain hosting service providers offer different types of paid-for tiers of hosting packages. Some of them include:

Shared Hosting

It refers to the fact that your website shares a server with other websites and the web hosting accounts. The sites which operate on this type of hosting are usually slower. These plans can be used by those webmasters that do not use a lot of bandwidths.

Dedicated Hosting


With a dedicated server, the webmasters can have the whole server for themselves for their personal use. This guarantees faster performance and speed of the loading and execution of the websites.

Virtual Private Hosting

This is enabled by the use of Cloud servers or virtual private servers. This service enables the website owners to scale the resources as and when needed. This is a contrast to being restricted by the confines of the physical server. They derive the services from the collection of processing power, storage, and memory depending on the website’s requirement.

Collocated Hosting

This kind of hosting service enables the users to purchase their own server. The server’s information is kept in the vendor’s data center and the individual webmasters have complete control over the hosting of their own website such that any installation and management can be done by themselves.


There are various other domain hosting services which offer the services as per the business segments like small businesses, artists, e-commerce, and resellers. Some of them are also based on the features like WordPress compatibility, cloud computing, email hosting, managed service providers or even the platforms like Linux or Windows. There are specialized packages which include a wealth of additional features which include a control panel, the ability of creation the online stores with ease, site builder tools with much ease and varying levels of support which can be made available in either phone or live chat.

With an efficient use of the best web hosting for small business 2016 services, the number of visitors and the conversion rates gets affected in a significant way. An optimum web hosting company or service provider is the major step in how the website of the various owners is delivered to the customers. This enables boosting the speed and the performance of the websites.

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