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6 Best Drupal Books

As a popular open-source content management system, Drupal is known for building various types of powerful websites. However, to really master Drupal will take some time, and there are numerous skills and knowledge need to be mastered when exploring Drupal.

Below are 6 valuable Drupal books we picked from hundreds of Drupal books, no matter you are a beginner or experienced web developer, you can take advantages of the books in below.

Drupal For Dummies

drupal-dummies-1Drupal For Dummies is the book tailor-made for Drupal beginners that Drupal guru Lynn Beighley and Seamus teach them the fast, fun, and easy way to get started with Drupal. Besides, the book would also display how to take benefit from what Drupal has to provide, make the most of the new features in Drupal 7, and demystify perplexing Drupal issues.

  • Comprehensive explanations of Drupal 7 and new features that make it is easier to use Drupal for building personal blogs or business websites
  • Details of how to create and manage content, apply templates and modules, and run & maintenance

Drupal Search Engine Optimization

best drupal book - drupal-SEOSince SEO is an on-going process, and it is quite important to a Drupal site, Drupal Search Engine Optimization will take a hands-on approach to the process involved in configuring a website for SEO. For any webmaster, site builder and site owner, this book can help them develop and execute an effective SEO strategy for their Drupal website, and complicated technical skills are not required.

Drupal users would learn from Drupal Search Engine Optimization:

  • Fully understanding of how the search engines function and essential factors to track with Google Analytics
  • Configure the Drupal website to be search engine friendly, help choose the most effective key phrases to develop en SEO strategy

Pro Drupal 7 Development

best drupal book - drupal 7 pro developmentAll those webmasters who are deep into Drupal development, this book is must to be read. Drupal site creation with basic features and tool, security settings, Drupal performance optimization, modules build from scratch and many more, all of these best practices of Drupal 7 are mentioned in this Pro Drupal 7 Development. It also includes contents like:

  • How to get started with writing basic modules, and how to write modules ranging from simple to complex
  • How new features in Drupal 7 make modules even more powerful and sophisticated
  • How to write Drupal modules using the APIs Learn proper development practices

High Performance Drupal: Fast and Scalable Designs

drupal book high performance drupalCovering Drupal versions 7 and 8, High Performance Drupal: Fast and Scalable Design provides helpful guidance of best practices, examples, and in-depth explanations for solving issues. That effectively helps readers’ Drupal websites continue to perform at the highest level as it grows to address requirements. There are some highlights included in this book:

  • Apply infrastructure design techniques to launch or expand a site
  • Establish a performance baseline and define goals for improvement
  • Use tools to configure, monitor, and optimize MySQL performance

Drupal 7 Themes

best durpal book - drupal7 ThemesDrupal 7 Themes is great introduction to theming with Drupal 7. For people who intend to create a brand new look for their Drupal websites, this book is perfect for them. It presents techniques and tools to help enhance the look of any Drupal 7-based website, starting from the basics of the theme setup to modify existing themes and create new themes, etc. Note that the main demands to make use of Drupal 7 Themes are knowledge of HTML, CSS and creativity.

  • Learn about the Drupal 7 Theming Architecture
  • Get the most from Drupal’s theme configuration system
  • Create dynamic styling that responds to the content or the user
  • Discover tools that make theming easier and more efficient

Drupal 7 Module Development

drupal7-module-devDrupal 7 Module Development brings both Drupal users and PHP developers complete knowledge of accessible and functional coding samples, strategies and techniques, with which they are able to build sophisticated tools for their Drupal websites easily. This book assumes that you are familiar with basic PHP programming, along with HTML and CSS. From Drupal 7 Module Development, readers can learn:

  • Learn how to work with Drupal’s hook system
  • Build and extend themes and modules to make Drupal 7 shine
  • Explore the major APIs introduced in Drupal 7 that the pros use to build successful Drupal websites
  • Leverage the book’s working module examples as a starting point for own code

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