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Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people by using email, which has been proven to be one of the best market tools used by all-sizes of businesses. So, finding the best email marketing tool is very crucial for users to conduct successful online business. In below, we will introduce top 5 email marketing service providers in the industry.

Best Email Marketing 2020

We recommend Constant Contact, Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, and BenchMark as the Best Email Marketing service in 2016, with which you can easily start your email marketing campaign with proper tools.

Constant Contact Aweber MailChimp GetResponse BenchMark
best email marketing - constant contact aweber Review mailchimp getresponse benchmark
In-Depth Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review
Pricing Constant Contact Aweber MailChimp GetResponse BenchMark
Regular Price $20/mo $19/mo $20/mo $15/mo $11.95/mo
Discount 60 Days Free 30 Days Free N/A N/A N/A
New Price $20/mo $19/mo $20/mo $15/mo $11.95/mo
Claim the Deal Link Activation Link Activation Link Activation Link Activation Link Activation
Features Constant Contact Aweber MailChimp GetResponse BenchMark
Import Mailing List Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Require Opt-in Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile-Ready Templates Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Social Media Tools No No No No Yes
Create Messages From Template Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create Surveys Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Email Job Scheduling Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
My Review Constant Contact Aweber MailChimp GetResponse BenchMark
Contact Management ★★★★★  ★★★★★  ★★★★¾  ★★★★¾  ★★★★¾ 
Email Creation ★★★★★  ★★★★¾  ★★★★½  ★★★★½  ★★★★½ 
Reporting ★★★★★  ★★★★¾  ★★★★¾  ★★★★½  ★★★★¼ 
Customer Support ★★★★★  ★★★★½  ★★★★½  ★★★★¾  ★★★★½ 
Hosting Review Constant Contact Review Aweber Review MailChimp Review GetResponse Review Benchmark Review
Website Visit ConstantContact Visit Aweber Visit MailChimp Visit GetResponse Visit BenchMark

#1 Email Marketing Service – Constant Contact

Constant Contact is eager to help customers achieve online success. The company claims that its in-house professional services team can help users handle everything from setting up their account to creating custom campaign templates.

The most noteworthy is that Constant Contact has the ability to get users emails in front of more people. Constant Contact does its work always staying compliant with CASL and CAN-SPAM legislations, which is why its deliverability can be as high as 98%. It also owes Constant Contact real-time track & report tools, and built-in Spam Check tool.

Besides, at Constant Contact, users can get easy-to-use email creation tools, such as 400+ templates, Drag-and Drop editor, Constant Contact Autoresponder, etc. Contact management is smart with less of the “management”, which means users can manage their list effortlessly. Constant Contact advanced features including online event marketing, donation collection, online surveys & polls, and email coupons, enable users to extend marketing beyond the inbox.

The company gives 60 days of trial for free, and up to 15% discount for 12 months of accounts. That is, users can start Constant Contact email marketing at $17/mo, rather than $20/mo. Also, users can receive a 30-day full money back guarantee.

Constant Contact Constant Contact
15% Off

To learn more details, please go to

Best Email Marketing Service for SMB– AWeber

As one of the powerful, easy-to-use email marketing tools, AWeber is recognized as one of the best email marketing service providers. The company packages a wide range of features for its users, including mobile-responsive sign up forms, subscriber management, newsletters, easy to use Drag and Drop Editor, HTML email templates, powerful RSS, email marketing analytics, email marketing API, and more.

AWeber recently launches a 30-day free trial, allowing users to try its complete series of features. Besides, the minimum email marketing plan starts from 19/mo, which comes with AWeber email creator, sign up forms, access to AWeber experts, industry-leading deliverability, simple email automation, etc.

AWeber Email Marketing AWeber Email Marketing
30 Days Free

Additionally, AWeber also offers live chat, email, and free phone support. AWeber Knowledge Base, free live webinars and video tutorials are available for users to look for further help.

To find more about AWeber, please go to

Best Cheap Email Marketing – MailChimp

MailChimp has over 15 years of email marketing experience. Offering professional email marketing service at low prices, MailChimp can attract users turning to it from others. 4 well-designed and flexible packages can meet different types of users’ needs.

Its lowest plan is totally free, allowing users to manage up to 2,000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails per month. Besides, customizable sign up forms, integrations with WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter, custom templates, Drag-and-Drop email designer, responsive email creation, free reports, MailChimp mobile, and more are all included in the minimum package. As for newbies, this plan is ideal to start.

Other more, if users grow rapidly and require more features and capacity, they can just upgrade to paid plan. It regularly costs $10/mo. Even better, users can purchase pay as you go plans, which are available for any sizes of list and start as low as $9/mo.

MailChimp Email Marketing MailChimp Email Marketing
Lower to $9

As for customer support, users can go to MailChimp Knowledge base to search guides and video tutorials. Besides, if they need technical support, they need log in MailChimp first, and then the access is available.

To get more details about MailChimp email marketing, please visit

High-End Email Marketing — GetResponse

GetResponse is one of the most professional email marketing companies, offering a wide range of email marketing tools to help customers achieve online success.

Users at GetResponse can get its all-in-one signup forms, list builder wizard, advanced segmentation and a series of list builder applications. All these list building tools help users manage good lists easily. To boost users’ contact base, GetResponse launches a list building program, which can make users’ marketing move to new level.

In respect of email creation & sending, GetResponse provides users with plain HTML code editor, images galleries containing more than 1,000 iStock images, built-in image editor, Drag & Drop creator, A/B testing for content, subject line, time of day, and others, as well as Autoresponder 2.0. All these creation tools will make email design and sending very easy.

GetResponse also provides advanced analytics which is Email Intelligence. It will track everything in users’ accounts, and report them by various types. Users can use it to figure out what is going on, how to improve their email campaigns, and how much they earn.

GetResponse APP Center is the place where users can get the most popular apps to create wide social networking.

To such a wonderful email marketing provider, users can just pay $15/mo for starting plan. Besides what we have talked above, users can enjoy GetResponse responsive and convenient customer support.

GetResponse Email Marketing GetResponse Email Marketing

To get more about GetResponse, please go to

High Price Value Email Marketing — Benchmark

As one of the leaders in email marketing industry, Benchmark is famous for high price value. The company carefully prepares a free plan for some users who are new to email marketing. With this free plan, namely, Startup, users can send up to 14,000 email campaigns to up to 2,000 subscribers.

Benchmark Special Deal Benchmark Special Deal
Free Plan

Besides, the company will give users the access to almost all features. Drag & Drop editor, responsive templates, A/B testing for subject line, Autoresponder, and RSS email campaigns can make users to create and send beautiful messages to their subscribers. Signup forms, list segmenting, and email delivery management can help users to target better contacts. Surveys, polls, and advanced Google Analytics will ensure the real-time tracking and reporting.

Social network is also important! Benchmark integrates with users’ favorite applications, so users can port over their existing data easily.

Free 24 hour service and support also come to users. If they have any questions, they can call Benchmark, Chat with it, or email it. Manuals, webinars, video tutorials, and FAQ are available too.

To get more information, please visit

How to Choose

As one of the most cost-effective methods to make profits, to choose a right email marketing company is very important! Besides meeting users’ current email marketing requirements, a right email marketing service provider can also help them do much more marketing than before, and move to a new level of email marketing.

Thereby, before making the final decision, users need figure out several questions at first, which are as following:

  • What are their organization’s needs?
  • What can email marketing bring for them?
  • How many email addresses are in their current websites?
  • How often do they email?
  • Which types of segmentation do they use?
  • What are their organization’s plans for future growth?

Once they make sense these questions, they need compare various email marketing service providers, based on the criteria and major considerations in below:

Deliverability — high deliverability means users’ marketing has the possibility to perform at the peak; great performance means high revenue and return on investment. To increase deliverability is to increase profits. So, users need check that how the company ensures and increases its deliverability.

Engagement — Engagement is very important, because on engagement, on marketing. To drive more engagement, users need to send amazing content and improve in time. It requires that email marketing companies provide premium and optimal list building & management tools, and email creation & sending tools.

Analytics – Real-time reporting is very important to ongoing improvement. The right email marketing companies can offer users the valuable reports according to real-time tracking. These reports are the basic reference for users to make progress. Therefore, an good analytics is a pair of insightful eyes.

Support – a good email marketing service provider must understand the importance of good customer support. Responsive and convenient support can help users a lot. Besides online resources, like knowledge base, blog, tutorials, FAQ, and manuals, the right company need provide multiple contact channels for uses in case of emergency. The most common methods include live chat, email, phone, and ticket.

Fees – users all want a powerful email marketing solution, but it must fit their budget. If not, the company is not the right, either. Users need email marketing to make more money, not to spend more money. So, try best to find the plan with the lowest costs but enough features. And note there are many big companies who provide the free small marketing plans, which are quite suitable for some small business. Moreover, uses have to check the payments clearly. Monthly cycles and Pay as you go credit have different pricing.

To sum up, users need answer the questions above first, compare email marketing companies from the five aspects, and then balance their needs and the offerings from the companies they list before; finally, they can find the right email marketing company.

Why Email Marketing

Ever realized the importance of email marketing? The world makes the widespread use of the emails for various purposes. With such a great population of the world and such inter-connected networks, emails play an important role in connecting the multiple organizations of the world. Emails play the vital role of the transfer of important messages across proper networks. Emails form the fundamental of any business organization as all vital activities of the enterprise take place with the help of emails. The leading E-commerce and other marketing giants emphasize greatly on the emails for the marketing of their products and services. It becomes imperative to understand the importance of email marketing. Have a read:

Highly Effective than the Social Media Marketing:


Indeed social media plays a vital role in promoting the services of a business in an effective manner, yet one cannot deny the overwhelming benefits of the email marketing over the social media marketing techniques. Social media can be a great way to bring the bigger population into a closed network of the business circle; however, with the email marketing, these people will get converted into probable customers or clients. As per a research, the conversion rate of the customers with the use of email marketing has quadrupled since 2013. Email marketing accounts to as much as 7% of the total customer acquisitions which take place during the online activities.

Highly Cost Effectiveport:

With emails, all that the business organizations need to do is draft a promotional email specifying the products and services of the particular company and then sending the email to the greater population of the people with a notion to convert them into probable customers. The use of the technique of email marketing is very simple, easy and cost effective. A larger group of the world population can be reached out with the help of email marketing with a simple email at no extra cost. There are no regional barriers to the transfer and the broadcasting of the emails across the widespread network of the Internet. All the business enterprise would need is a computer system and the Internet connection.

The mode of promoting the services of a company with the use of email marketing is perfect for the small enterprises which run on a small budget. It outruns the expensive modes of the promotion of products and services like the Television, radio or even billboard advertisement. As per a recent study, it has been observed that as much as 85% of the retailers of the world consider email marketing as an effective technique for acquiring the probable customers and thus realize the importance of email marketing in their business.

Offers Customization:

One of the greatest benefits offered by the use of the email marketing is that the emails which are being sent out to the customers can be customized. The business enterprise owners can customize the emails as per their business or company’s requirements and thus gain the required attention of the targeted customer base. The main role of the email marketing is that it tries to segment the targeted audience into lists. These lists are then tailored in such a way to excite the customers and providing them with a reason to take interest in the email. They would thereby end in gaining an insight of the products and services of the particular company.

However, it is recommended to the business organizations to not send out spam email to the users which might have an adverse impact on the progress of the company. The spam mails usually tend to dissuade the users or the client base in taking interest into the business activities and thus, the company would lose considerable number of the probable customers it could have acquired otherwise. This is where the importance of the email marketing comes into play.

Oriented by Action:

Email marketing is more of action oriented than other forms of marketing techniques. With just a simple email, the users can have it all – reply, forward, share, sign up, login, register, buy products and so more. What else could be as direct as the email marketing? Emails are known to be transactional and thus deliver the exact desired results to the business enterprises. They are solely responsible for bringing the direct traffic to the website and thus converting the promotional activities into direct sales. The small business enterprises or the start-ups can be benefited greatly by the importance of the email marketing as it tends to bring direct sales which are highly needed for these organizations in the initial stages.

Highly User-Friendly:

Nowadays, all people have smartphones with them. It is seldom that we turn on our systems for buying certain products in the recent era. We simply turn on our mobile phones and directly go to the particular app for making the necessary purchase. With email marketing, the emails can be directly read on the smartphone and the necessary actions can be taken from then on. The business enterprises are greatly benefited by the use of email marketing as it offers ease of use to the users and thus promotes the services in an instant with just a mere touch or swipe of the desired email on the smartphone.

Real-Time Activity:

As the emails are sent out directly to the targeted audience regarding the recent updates or the activities of a particular business enterprise, the customers can be aware of the products and services of the particular company in the real time system. It would take just a few minutes to carry out the whole transaction of receiving the mail, acknowledging the products and services of the organization and then making the desired purchase. The companies can even send out real-time emails to the users by sending it out on their birthdays, anniversaries or special occasions to enhance the promotion activity. The companies can observe the positive change in the success of their business by the use of the email marketing. Hence, it is high time that the businesses realize the importance of email marketing to reach the pinnacles of success.

Best Email Template Design

With the internet reaching every nook and cranny of the world, e-mailing has taken on a more important role. However the flipside is there are so many mails floating around that catching the reader’s attention has become a daunting task indeed. In such a scenario, an appealing email template is a must, and if it is a free email template design, all the more better. Below is a list of some interesting template designs.


Making an HTML email layout can be an incredible test in itself, especially with regards to making responsive messages that are catchy. Here, systems like Cerberus can turn out to be progressively valuable. This little structure library serves its clients with a couple of strong HTML email designs that can be rapidly fastened together to make extraordinary email browsing  experience for your email list supporters. The little design examples are worked with HTML, and in no way, shape or form are intended to serve as a final product for your email needs, Cerberus engineers urge you to play with the HTML code to make your own particular modification in light of what you anticipate that your final product will resemble — the structure is just an extension to help you make responsive messages on the go.


The mail from GrubHub is an amazing illustration of innovative promotion of product. It does not begin with the usual pros of using their service nor does it hype up its services (which usually sounds desperate). Rather, it banks on making it sound as natural as possible and uses the story telling format, along with a variety of jazzed up interactive media, an example of which is their ‘eat map’. GrubHub also uses beautiful GIF images to promote their content without overdoing it. The end result is a series of interesting, interactive and lively looking images with bold colors and bright font, a sure shot way to catch the reader’s attention!


Handy is the opposite of GrubHub in many ways. It is the epitome of sophistication and subtlety. It makes use of a palette of muted, sober tones to make the reading experience as classy as can be. it is simple yet elegant. The base uses shades of grey and hues of blue are used to direct the reader’s attention to important points. The images and textual content are proportionate and well spread out. The overall effect of the entire template is such that it is easy on the eye and conveys the message as well. The understated tone used throughout the template makes a huge impact on the consumers.


This one here follows the old adage- a picture is worth a thousand words. It leads the reader on to the call to action button with great finesse while also not overstating on the fact that the mail is in fact a promotional one. As a case in point, in the image below, you see the words – ‘this is worth a scroll’ and all you see on scrolling below is a huge cone of very tempting looking ice cream with different scoops stacked on each other. Right at the bottom after the tip of the cone is the ‘go’ button. Hence, the reader is not even aware of what to expect and this element of surprise works in its favour.

Focus – free email template

This, as the name suggests, helps you highlight a particular product and keeps the clutter away. Words are minimal and the major focus is on the various physical aspects of the product. Thus, this is especially suited for products related to gadgets, technology, new arrivals in fashion and accessories, clothes etc. it has the added advantage of keeping the reader hooked and interested without the words too distracting. It is also suitable for any new announcements and boasts of flashy colors. Elegance and simplicity are the running themes in this template.


Apple seals the deal with a KISS- Keep It Simple and Safe. The background is a clear white with the product being placed right in the centre, ensuring it gets all the focus. The products are made jazzy by adding a lot of colors, information etc all carefully put and aligned. The entire layout is very easy to skim. To make the relevant points clearer, they are highlighted with appropriate fonts and colors. Overall, it is a straight to the point layout.


One of the best things about BuzzFeed is it is witty, sarcastic and funny- all at the same time. This is a potent mix and nothing beats the interest that is generated by a catchy subject line. It also come with a text preview which lets you get a glimpse of the article in question and more often than not, you end up clicking on it. The subject line might be a command or a question or a witty one liner, followed by an equally compelling preview. Once opened, the mail also contains relevant pictures. Overall the highlight of BuzzFeed is its humor and wit.

Responsive- Free Email Template

With the increase of smartphone penetration in the population, it has become the need of the hour to come up with such mail templates that respond well to mobiles. Many a times, prospective consumers are lost because the mail either does not open up the way it is supposed to or takes too much time loading due to heavy use of images and text. This free email template offers a solution by developing mobile friendly design templates. It has the adequate amount of color, fonts and other options to ensure the best possible experience.

Antwort Email Layout

Sometimes, by trying to make an email mobile friendly, the charm is lost and PC users find it very stale and unimpressive. Antwork tries to take care of both types of users.  It offers a variety of designs and layouts that are suitable for both desktop and mobiles via width adaptation. What appear to be columns on your PC automatically get converted to horizontal rows on the mobile.

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