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When it comes to CDN, it is not new for many web hosting customers, especially for someone who best free cdnhas multiple web hosting experience. CDN stands for content delivery network or content distribution network and its goal is to help its users run a high speed website that features high speed.

It is widely acknowledged that most CDNs will cost some money. To customers’ happiness, today we will display top five free CDNs providers for users to help them save their money to the largest, namely CloudFlare, Incapsula, Cincopa, CloudFront and Coral.

CloudFlare CDN

cloudflare_logoCloudFlare is a popular CDN provider in the industry that designed its CDN without the latency to improve the overall performance of customers’ websites. The ultimate goal of CloudFlare CDN is to make it easy for users to manage their own websites.

It provides core services, such as delivery optimization, threats blocking and limitation of abusive bots and more. In addition, it operates 23 data centers in the globe to keep the best performance environment.

Nowadays, some industry-leading web hosting companies also offer free CloudFlare to their customers, like Bluehost, A2Hosting and GreenGeeks. Sign up and become one of the members of the CloudFlare community, the web traffic of customers’ websites will be routed through an intelligent global network optimized for the possible fastest content delivery.

Incapsula CDN

inpsulaRecognized as a powerful network of data centers located around the world, Incapsula’s CDN has the ability to deliver full time site acceleration. It is estimated that websites using Incapsula’s CDN are 50% faster and consume 40%-70% less bandwidth.

Furthermore, Incapsula uses a great deal of content optimization techniques to improve the overall performance and reduce latency, including bot protection, access control, login protect, CDN & Optimizer, website analytics and more. If users intend to get access to some more optimized features and facilities to backup their websites, they can select the other Incapsula CDN plans.

Cincopa CDN

incopaLike the two that we mentioned above, Cincopa is also a well-known content delivery network that can provide its users with additional hosting and excellent service.

By taking advantage of Cincopa, users can implement spectacular image galleries, video players, slideshows, and music players to attract the attention of their visitors. Moreover, users can access high performance environment, secured content delivery, fast loading speed, 100% backup & scalability and entire site acceleration as well as automatic conversions, transcoding and photo and more.

CloudFront CDN

cloudfrontCloudFront is one of the Amazon web services, which combines with other Amazon Web Services to deliver an easy way for developers and businesses to distribute content to end users in an efficient way.

It promises to offer rich features for its users, including Amazon CloudFront Usage Charts, Custom SSL, Post/PUT and other HTTP methods, on-demand Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Geo Restriction, Custom Error Response, Management Console, Low TTLs and many others.

Coral CDN

coralBased around peer-to-peer technologies, Coral CDN is a free and open content delivery network that allows users to operate a website that offers high performance to meet their requirements. With it, there is no necessary for users to waste a long time to wait for the responding of their websites. By the way, it is very simple to manage Coral CDN, so users can put more energy and time to conduct their business.

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