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Best Free Public DNS Servers

An Insight into DNS Server:

Are you searching to shift your IPS DNS to another server? Then, there is a good news for you as there are several free DNS server software which are available on the online platform and can be obtained from the public medium with no extra cost. Many people defer from the thought of using the public free DNS server software. However, the users from across the world have emphasized the importance and the efficiency of the public DNS servers for enhancing the functioning of their websites.

DNS which is also known as the Domain Name System is the naming system which performs the matches like ‘.com’, .org’, ‘.edu’, ‘.gov’; and so more. The DNS comprises of a database of IP addresses and domain names. By maintaining a directory of the domain names, DNS enables the translation if the domain names to the respective IP addresses. By domain names, we refer to the human-understandable addresses which we make use of in ever day life. It is quite complex for us to remember the exact IP addresses for each website or server. Hence, the concept of DNS was christened. For instance, if you wish to visit the main page of Google, you just type ‘’ on your browser. You are not required to type in the exact IP address of the Google.

However, just by typing the domain name would not satisfy your work until there is some back-hand operation taking place. Your system would not understand the location of ‘’. This is where the role of the DNS comes into play. The computer system upon receiving such query makes contact with the local DNS server and enquiries about the IP address of the ‘’ so that it can redirect the users to the specific site.

Without the presence of DNS, the existence of the functioning of the Internet and online activities cannot be imagined. The users will not be able to access any website of their choice and thus the overall concept of the advent of the Internet would fail utterly. Hence, the DNS is the backbone of the proper functioning of the Internet.

Different ISPs (Internet Service Providers) makes use of different DNS servers. In the case of a remote user, you do not set up the specific DNS servers on the computer system. By default, the DNS servers from the particular ISP are being used. The users might face several problems if the DNS servers are not properly functional or unstable. The common issues faced include the incomplete loading of the websites and the inability to access the Internet. Hence, for the ease of the users, it is recommended that the users make use of the public free DNS server software to maximize their efficiency and convenience.

The few errors which the users can relate to the DNS might include:

  • Fixing the DNS lookup which was failed on Google Chrome
  • Fixing the Err_Connection_Timed_Out error
  • Fixing the Err_Connection_Refused error
  • Fixing the Dnd_Probe_Finished_NxDomain error
  • Fixing the error of the DNS server not responding on the Operating System

What are the Benefits of Using the Public Free DNS Server Software?

As the ISP already provide DNS server by default, you must be wondering why should one use the public free DNS server software or server? There are various reasons for making use of the alternative public DNS server. Some of them are:

  • The default DNS servers do not offer the right speed for the online transactions. They also tend to get easily timed out which makes the Internet connection quite unstable. By switching to the public DNS server, the users can increase the speed of their Internet activity to a great extent.
  • The use of the public free DNS server software also ensures stable Internet connection.
  • Many third-party public DNS servers come with additional security and protection filters. These filters protect the user’s computer system from the high-risk phishing attacks together with fraudulent transactions.
  • It is quite common to encounter the geographical restrictions on various kinds of content on the online medium in some specific countries. With the use of the public free DNS server software, you can eliminate that possibility as well.

The Best Free Public DNS Servers:

From the plethora of the various public free DNS server software or servers, the users must be aware of the best among them to maximize their use of the Internet in a convenient manner. Here are some:

Google Public DNS:

This public DNS server aims to make the Internet experience of the users much faster and highly reliable and safe. Google has the largest public DNS services in the world. The users can easily shift from their default DNS server to the Google Public DNS by changing the IP address of their system as and the major advantage offered by the Google Public DNS to its users is the optimized speed and the security assurance because of the use of the Anycast routing which searches for the nearest server for the user’s data interaction. The Google Public DNS is prone and safe from the attacks like DNS Cache Poisoning and the DoS threats.


If as an Internet user, you do not wish to replace the default DNS and just want to have an extended version of the same, you can consider OpenDNS as the most reliable choice of the free DNS server software. Currently, the OpenDNS is available in two versions – Business and Personal offering exceptional services. OpenDNS is famous for implementing the parental control over the use of the Internet which can be obtained for free. If you wish to use the OpenDNS server for your system, you need to include the IP addresses and Additionally, the OpenDNS also supports the Anycast routing to optimize the speed of the Internet connection.

These are some of the best free DNS server software which is available to the users on the public media and can be used with much ease and in a hassle-free manner.

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