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Best Free WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

As to those who are familiar with online sell, they must understand that it certainly tougher making the sell offline. According to the relative research, online markets allow customers to be pickier than real offline markets, because every customer can easily reach any market they want to search for what they like.

Among such fierce competition online, you have to promote all your advantages to increase your profits. It is of course very hard to cater clients online, you still have the chance to make a killing only if you are willing to learn the psychology of sales and the pricing. For this, the comparison table is a simple tick you can utilize to entice clients into selecting those products or service that benefit you and themselves most.

In the guide, we are to reveal that what makes prices and products/services more desirable than any others. After that, we are going to introduce you some best free pricing table plugins for WordPress.

Why Pricing Table Works

It is possible that many users never care about pricing tables, because they do not understand what benefits they can get from those pricing tables. Don’t worry! It is common to see in the industry.

There is a common reason that almost all online services advertise the prices by this format. It is that for average customers, they feel difficult to correctly judge the products’ prices based on those products’ absolute value. However, what does that mean? To make the question clearly, we are to take the hosting services as our instance.

Suppose that there is a hosting plan that is targeted to an ordinary user who is running a personal site could charge $8/month at maximum. It of course looks like a very reasonable amount for that user. It is until the user can find out another hosting provider who offers a similar package that only cost even less $5/month, or find an expensive virtual server package charging you hundreds a month when meeting his needs. If the user is not familiar with the differences among all tiers of hosting services, he could be overwhelmed.

In the situation, the potential clients will balance the pros and cons of that hosting plan against their personal needs, and then decide whether it offers the bargain or steal for them, by comparing it with other available tiers.

From here, we can see clearly that the potential users gauge the value via comparisons. They will not make the decision depending on the potential costs of that hosting service or if the provider’s profits are reasonable! It is because that all these data is not readily available, while the pricing comparison tables are!

Clients do not understand it but hosting companies do! And they make full use of it, so we can end up with the pricing table. These tables can provide elegant solutions for those shops who sell similar hosting package on separate tiers. It owes to that the pricing tables have highlighted the differences of core features and prices between packages. In this way, potential clients can quickly understand which plan is right for them and make the buying.

We are glad to help you run a good online business via simple but clear pricing tables. To make it easier, you need some tools to assist you create beautiful and visible pricing tables. Therefore, in the next part, we are to recommend you four best free pricing table tools for WordPress.

4 Best Free Pricing Table Plugins for WordPress

Fatcat Pricing Table Lite


It is a handy little pricing table tool, but it is a very useful on-stop shop to meet every pricing table demand. This plugin can work with all kinds of WordPress themes. There are an intuitive interface and pre-make layouts coming with this plugin, including minimalistic and whimsical. Each pre-layout is created according to the excellent practices of maximizing the conversion rates.

It has custom CSS support. Besides, when you need to test out configurations with different words for the best choice, this Fatcat plugin also includes a thorough customizer for it. By using the drag-and-drop tool, you can easily re-arrange the pricing tables.

Supsystic Pricing Table


People could know Supsystic as a development team in WordPress ecosystem, because Supsystic is good at popular functions’ plugins, like social media share buttons, live chat, and photo gallery.  Actually, its pricing table tool is also excellent in the industry.

Supsystic pricing table tool has custom CSS support as well! What’s more, it allows users to include vides in their pricing tables. Built-in drag-and-drop tool can help users easily arrange their tables by following the visual tooltips.

WordPress Responsive CSS3 Pricing Table


If you need to customize the last settings on your pricing tables, then WordPress Responsive CSS3 Pricing Table plugin is the best choice you have. WordPress Responsive CSS3 Pricing Table allows you to create unlimited number of columns and rows in each pricing table!

To be specific, it is easy to use for any users via simple shortcodes. It also comes with CSS3 ribbons with unlimited colors, CSS3 tooltips, ticks and cross icons support and more. Even better, WordPress Responsive CSS3 Pricing Table can be responsive to any device and support all major browsers.

Responsive Pricing Tables


This Pricing table plugin is the last one we want to recommend to you! It includes an intuitive control panel, making pricing tables creation a breeze. When you have problems, it includes a developer helpdesk, allowing you to swing by or check out the documentation.

Responsive Pricing Table is easy-to-use. You can easily to get the presets you need during the creation process. There are titles, descriptions, time period, pricing, icons, as well as payment buttons preset. When you have special offerings, it allows you to highlight those plans. After creating, you can easily insert them into all kinds of posts via shortcodes.


Nice pricing tables are indeed good to your business by attracting more new customers. However, it is not so powerful to accelerate your business sharply! To achieve success online, you need to do more. There are a lot of things worth learning from your competitions, including what they are doing, what highlights their pricing tables are, and so on. Keep tracking these things and beyond them either in pricing or quality, and then you can always step ahead.

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