Best Halloween Web Hosting Deals in 2014

Halloween330-160A broad range of web hosting providers launch promotion campaigns to welcome Halloween around the corner. So it is the best time now to purchase web hosting since it is super valuable and worthwhile. In this article, we research all the web hosting promotions and sort out the best Halloween Web Hosting Deals this year as following.

Best Shared Hosting Deals

Bluehost – 60% Off

Bluehost prepares 60% off discounts on its shared hosting for customers in 2014 Halloween. They will pay only $3.95/mo for Bluehost Plus shared hosting, which contains rich features like unlimited websites, bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, email storage, etc. While normally Bluehost Plus shared hosting plan charges at $9.99/mo.

Bluehost Halloween Promotion Bluehost Halloween Promotion
60% Off

Additionally, Bluehost has Anytime Money-back Guarantee. So it is really worthwhile to select Bluehost now if people have been desiring for a high-price value shared hosting for a long time.

InmotionHosting – 56% Off

InmotionHosting will also give a big promotion on its shared hosting to customers this year. To be exactly, the regular price of InmotionHosting shared hosting goes at $7.99/mo and now for the Halloween promotion, it will be discounted 56% off and require only at $3.49/mo at last.

InmotionHosting Halloween Sales InmotionHosting Halloween Sales
56% Off

This price is really valuable because InmotionHosting still offers SSD without extra charges and 90-Day Money-back Guarantee too.

JustHost – 58% Off

The Halloween price of JustHost shared hosting will be $2.50/mo on the first term, which is almost the lowest in the industry. Afterwards, the price will be back to regular $5.99/mo. Therefore, if customers buy JustHost shared hosting now, they will get around 58% off discounts. Moreover, JustHost will provide Anytime Money-back Guarantee as well.

JustHost Halloween Promotion JustHost Halloween Promotion
58% Off

Arvixe – 30% Off

Arvixe Halloween coupon code for its shared hosting is “clue30”, through which customers will save 30% off. Thus, instead of the regular price $4.0 per each month, they will spend $2.8/mo on Arvixe shared hosting.

Arvixe Coupon 'clue30' Arvixe Coupon 'clue30'
30% off

Furthermore, Arvixe offers customers 60-Day Money-back Guarantee that is very long in the industry. In addition, Arvixe provides free domain for life while the majority of firms do not offer free domain name or just offer for 1 year.

iPage – 80% Off

iPage shared hosting is quite compelling in this Halloween because of its low price as well as rich features. Customers will get a much high discount at 80% and actually pay $1.99/mo rather than regular price $9.99/mo. And Halloween promotion price $1.99/mo is only suitable for the initial term of iPage services.

iPage $1.99 Halloween Promotion iPage $1.99 Halloween Promotion
80% Off

More than that, Anytime Money-back Guarantee makes iPage shared hosting more attractive.

Best VPS Hosting Deals

InmotionHosting – 50% Off

InmotionHosting VPS has the Halloween promotion too. Its three VPS plans: VPS-1000S, VPS-2000S as well as VPS-3000S respectively need $14.99/mo, $24.99/mo and $37.49/mo after 50% discounts. The promotion prices are valid for the first-month and then VPS-1000S price will return at $29.99/mo for the rest months.

InmotionHosting Halloween VPS InmotionHosting Halloween VPS
50% Off

Moreover, InmotionHosting VPS contains at least 4 GB memory, 60 GB RAID-6 disk space, solid state drive as well as 90-Day Money-back Guarantee.

Bluehost – 50% Off

Bluehost will carry out 50% Halloween discounts on its VPS hosting for the first month. Thus, customers will spend $14.99/mo instead of the regular $29.99/mo for the first month. And if they sign up with Bluehost for 1 year, they will get another 20% off the whole-year billing term. So the first-month price is $14.99 and the rest of 11 months’ price is $24.99/mo.

Bluehost VPS Promotion Bluehost VPS Promotion
50% Off

Likewise, Bluehost provides Anytime Money-back Guarantee.

A2Hosting – 34% Off

A2Hosting VPS hosting is a good choice in this Halloween as well. The promotion price is the lowest in the industry, which only requires at $9.89/mo with coupon “WITCH34” for the first billing term. If without this Halloween promotion, the price will go back to $14.99/mo.

Besides, customers will receive 30-Day Money-back Guarantee, with which they can ask for a full refund without being asked questions.

A2Hosting Halloween Promotion A2Hosting Halloween Promotion
34% Off

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