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Best Hong Kong Web Hosting

If people plan to create websites or make business expansion to China or other Asian areas, Hong Kong web hosting can be teh best option. However, there are dozens of hosting products available in the marketplace, it is quite hard to find a reliable and affordable Hong Kong web host among them.

After reviewing tons of Hong Kong web hosts, now we name Bisend, GoDaddy and Host4ASP.NET as the Best Hong Kong Web Hosting for their leading hosting features, performance, supports and price values.

Top 3 Best Hong Kong Hosting

Best Overall

Offering cheap HK web hosting with free SSD storage, free Plesk control panel, and more. Price from $2.95/mo.


Best Selling

Global, famous hosting company, offer affordable HK web hosting for Windows and Linux users, with ample resources, .NET, MSSQL, Price from $2.99/mo.



Offer premium Windows web hosting with the latest SSD technology. 99.9% uptime guarantee, great for small to medium sized businesses.


Best HK Web Hosting—Bisend

Bisend (www.bisend.com) started hosting business a few years ago and rapidly grows up into an industry leader because of its excellent hosting performance, usability, and cheap pricing.

Take the most popular shared hosting as an example, the web host sets starting price at $7.99/mo on regular basis. Customers can sign up with 1, 2 and 3-year billing cycle in accordance with specific needs. For the longer term, web host give better discounts up to 64% off. Namely, the hosting service could be as low as $2.95/mo. Along with the cheap pricing is a no questioned 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Bisend 64% Promo Bisend 64% Promo

You will be missing a great HK web hosting provider if you believe in “No good cheap goods”. Bisend has been dedicated to delivering the best of the best user experience at the same time. In addition to ample hosting resources included in each hosting account, there is the most popular Plesk control panel for easily managing the hosting environment, alongside a free SSL certificate to secure the data transmission.

As to speed and uptime, Bisend works with world’s leading datacenter provider Baidu to house all server hardware in their Hong Kong data center for a closely regulated environment. The hosting company also makes use of cutting-edge SSD technology, 100% DELL Servers and a multi-layer network infrastructure to boost speed performance.

Bisend cares customer satisfaction very much and has built a team of experience developers and technicians to maintain the servers and network all the time. They are also ready to answer any issues raised from customers via live chat, ticket or email system, 24 hours a day.

If you’re interest in Bisend and want to take a shot, please visit www.bisend.com to place your order or talk to a real sales representative.

Largest HK Web Hosting—GoDaddy

GoDaddy (www.godaddy.com) is a global hosting provider who gains its reputation as the biggest domain registrar on the planet. Seeing the huge opportunity with Asian small and medium businesses, GoDaddy recently years has been hard at work establishing a presence in the Asia Pacific region.

GoDaddy Hong Kong web hosting can be used for both Windows and Linux OS users. There are three packages to choose from, with the entry-level Economy Plan charges for $2.99/mo after cutting 62% off regular price $7.99/mo. Note that this price is only applicable to 3-year plans. For other shorter terms, it comes at a higher price.

Bisend HK Web Hosting Bisend HK Web Hosting

GoDaddy is experienced and packages redundant features in all plans to help build professional online presences. Particularly, the hosting provider offers a free Office 365 Outlook mailbox with 5GB of dedicated storage for email, contacts and shared online calendar for the first year. As well, for any customers who purchase an annual plan, they can benefit from a free domain name for one year. As control panel, GoDaddy provides Hong Kong Windows hosting customers with Odin Plesk while provide Linux hosting customers with cPanel. However, this is not free for all plans.

After years’ of development, GoDaddy is clearly aware of the importance of hosting performance for website owners, especially online businesses. In addition to a state-of-the-art data center in Hong Kong and brand new servers with redundant CPU, memory, entry processes, and I/O resources, GoDaddy guarantees 99.9% uptime by using award-winning security system and 24/7 server & network monitoring.

Likewise, GoDadday’s support team is available to assist customers all the time. They can call them, chat with them, submit a ticket or send an email to them whenever they need help.

Want more details of GoDaddy Hong Kong web hosting? Check out at www.hk.godaddy.com as you like.

Expert HK Web Hosting for Windows OS—Host4ASP.NET

Host4ASP.NET (www.host4asp.net) stands of from competition for specialized ASP.NET hosting service in the industry. Importantly, the web host is also recommended as the best Windows VPS hosting due to the user-friendly Plesk control panel, Hyper-V technology, and affordable prices.

As a Microsoft officially recognized hosting provider, Host4ASP.NET is always be able to surprise customers by giving the latest MS technologies, such as Windows operating system, MS SQL database, .NET Framework, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, and more. It also carefully chooses robust hardware to keep speedy yet reliable Windows hosting experience. As well, the Hong Kong data center is well-equipped and connected to multiple top notch bandwidth carriers therefore keeping smooth and stable network.

Host4ASP.NET Hong Kong Windows hosting starts at $2.95/mo, which is really reasonable when considering the average price level of a Windows hosting on the market is around $5/mo. Features included in the Basic Plan are 1 website, 10GB SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 10 email accounts, and a free Plesk Onyx license. What’s more, Host4ASP.NET Hong Kong Windows hosting is upgradable and can be reselled.

Host4ASP.NET has a team of support engineers to back up the servers every day and stand by around the clock to give friendly, efficient help. Customers can contact with them using live chat or email channel.

If you’re a Windows hosting fan and target the Asian markets, you can purchase a Host4ASP.NET HK Windows hosting at www.host4asp.net.

Why You Need A Hong Kong Web Hosting?

Asia is well known for its prosperous economy and population. More and more Asian people, especially the small to medium businesses, are looking to create a strong digital identity for achieving their goals and strengthening competitiveness online. That’s why a growing number of web hosting providers are adding presences in Asian regions. However, for some reasons, like the Great Firewall and ICP license, Hong Kong becomes their favorite server location. This is because:

  • Geographically Best Connection

A Hong Kong based server will give your visitors the fastest responding speed and highest uptime to cities in Chinese mainland. Meanwhile, you can have full control over your hosting environment therefore no need to worry about adverse events. On the other side, you international visitors can enjoy a faster access to your website, in comparison with the server located in a Chinese mainland data center.

  • Professional Support

Hong Kong is a highly developed city, so as to their hosting providers. With decades’ of development of internet technologies, including both the server hardware, data center facility, and network infrastructure architecture, Hong Kong is able to offer web hosts quite professional support to fit their needs.

  • Cheap Pricing

Compared to many hosting companies in Chinese mainland who additionally charge for support services, Hong Kong web hosting solutions are more cost-effective. And sometimes, they can offer much cheaper prices even than US and UK counterparts, thanks to the preferential tax policies, etc.

  • No ICP License Required

Another advantage of choosing a Hong Kong web hosting is there is no need to apply for ICP License. This significantly saves you time in the whole process. However, if your website hosted on a Chinese mainland server, you must have an ICP License before you open it to the public.

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