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Best Joomla Books

Joomla is a free and open-source content management framework, providing a platform for users to publish web contents. What kind of books is beneficial to offer assistance in Joomla learning? In below, 5 best Joomla books strongly recommended to users.

Best Joomla Books for Joomla Beginners

Beginning Joomla! Expert’s Voice in Open Source

joomla-beginning-1From complete beginners to professionals, Beginning Joomla! can help them easily learn how to build websites, authored content and turn it immediately into published web pages with rich features, like content management, forums, photo management and more. Besides, this book has massive tips available for users, helping them avoid some mistakes.

The book mainly covers:

  • How to build a Joomla website and leverage the latest features of Joomla
  • Learn to use add and create extensions
  • Get to know E-commerce integration and SEO
  • Grasp the best way to set up and install Joomla on a web server

Joomla! Explained: Your Step-by-Step Guide

joomla-explained-1Don’t have any background knowledge about Joomla? Joomla! Explained is the solution. The book simplifies things to help users, especially beginners, to build and manage Joomla 2.5 websites easily and quickly.

Users are able to acquire from this book:

  • Offering customized accesses to different types of users
  • Having a clear understanding about Joomla and installing the latest version of it
  • Adding content and extra features, controlling users, making links to a Joomla! site in detail
  • Administering, backing up and updating websites in an effective way
  • Using modules to make sure site registration and search

Best Joomla Books for Developers

Learning Joomla! 3 Extension Development

joomla-ext-dev-1Learning Joomla! 3 Extension Development offers what users need to know when they intend to build their own custom applications in Joomla step by step. A large number of specific examples are presented to help users build their Joomla websites easily and successfully.

What does this book cover?

  • Extending Joomla by utilizing plugins
  • Building a Joomla component to improve the learning efficiency
  • Finding out regular security vulnerabilities and getting to know how to avoid them
  • Managing updates and setting up an update server
  • Integrating the third party extension in users’ component

Joomla! Programming (Joomla Press)

joomla-programming-1Joomla! Programming provides with its users an authoritative, “soup-to-nuts” programming guide. The book will give users the most appropriate practices to learn how to operate Joomla websites. By the help of tutorial and reference, it brings step-by-step instructions for everything from simple tasks to top-ranking technologies, such as components, MVC and work mechanism of Joomla.

The book contains:

  • Support 1-click updates for users’ custom extensions
  • Secure websites by the help of powerful, flexible Joomla!’s new Access Control Lists
  • Write complicated queries through working with databases and using the new JDatabaseQuery
  • Develop custom category for users’ websites and extensions
  • Make use of Joomla! as an application framework

Joomla Templates

joomla-templates-1At Joomla Templates, users can have a good grasp of both basic and advanced technologies, such as CSS, information architecture, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, accessibility, usability and more. This book provides a clear clue for template design, development and customization with Joomla learning.

Users enable to learn from Joomla Templates:

  • Customize every website to meet users’ requirements
  • Design responsive Joomla! templates and websites
  • Get to know advanced template customization
  • Make a change of Joomla! sites’ appearance and feel as soon as possible
  • Supercharge templates via JavaScript
  • Ensure users’ templates 100% support accessibility and standards

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