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best linux dedicated serverUnlike normal hosting solutions that put many customers’ accounts on a single server, dedicated server is reserved exclusively for the account and usage of a single customer. As a result, people can have a completely control over their servers, like software customization or resource allocation. For companies or individuals that run very-high-traffic websites or applications and need the bandwidth, versatility, and consistent performance of a dedicated box, dedicated server is a perfect choice for them.

Like normal hosting solutions, dedicated server also has Linux and Windows plans. In this article, we particularly introduce one of the best Linux dedicated server—LiquidWeb to our readers. We are going to review this product from its features, pricing, performance and customer support.

About LiquidWeb

liquidweb logoEstablished in 1997, LiquidWeb ( is a well-known web hosting provider in the industry. It is also a rare web host that wholly-owns three data centers and provides industry-leading Heroic Support at the same time. As a result of that, LiquidWeb dedicated servers are able to deliver high performance service as demanded and offer outstanding support as expected.

LiquidWeb Linux Dedicated Server is Rich-Featured

LiquidWeb has two different types of Linux dedicated servers for customers to choose from, along with three different levels of management—fully managed, core-managed, plus self-managed.

The first type is standard Linux dedicated servers, including ten plans in all. The entry-level plan comes with 4 cores, 16GTB RAM, 250GB SSD MLC, 1TB 7200 RPM SATA, 5TB outbound & free incoming bandwidth and 1 public address.

The second option is LiquidWeb Storm Linux dedicated servers, containing three packages. Despite the similar base configurations as in its standard plans, this type of dedicated servers provides greater flexibility with the added features that the Storm Platform provides. For example, with LiquidWeb Storm Linux servers, people can receive automatic migrations, instant provisioning and cloud flexibility, which are not included in traditional dedicated server packages.

Likewise, there is an extensive list of supported software that are available for all Linux dedicated server customers: all Linux plans support for MySQL, PHP, Ruby on Rails, as well as Softaculous and Fantastico to WordPress, OsCommerce, Drupal, CubeCart, ZenCart, Joomla, Magento,  and more!

Additionally, both standard and Storm dedicated servers utilize Intel Xeon varying from single to dual processors, and people are allowed to customize their servers in case they need other resources.

LiquidWeb Linux Dedicated Server is Fast and Reliable

According to LiquidWeb’s SLA, Linux dedicated server customers are covered by its 100% network and power uptime guarantee. In the event that LiquidWeb fails to meet this SLA, people will be eligible to request compensation for downtime and receive a credit for 10 times (1,000%) the actual amount of downtime. Other more, the web host also guarantees to replace the faulty dedicated server hardware within 30 minutes of identifying the problem.

Different from other web hosts that leases facilities from third-party providers, LiquidWeb owns and operates three world-class, private data centers in US-Central region. As a complement to that, LiquidWeb also utilizes an additional presence in US-West region resulting in true geographic redundancy in multiple disaster-neutral US locations. Due to these, no matter which package customers sign up with, they can enjoy the fastest speed and the best reliability by choosing the closest server location.

liquidweb data center

To commit the highest quality performance, LiquidWeb places high priority on its network infrastructure. By making use of multi-tiered with N-1 internal device elements and entirely redundant chassis, plus redundant top-class Cisco-powered routing and switching equipment, LiquidWeb manages to deliver rapid customer connectivity without any interruptions.

To offer a closely regulated environment for all Linux dedicated servers, LiquidWeb equips its US-Central data centers with a team of Heroic Support technicians. These technical staffs are all highly trained and are responsive for monitoring all facilities around the clock. Besides its manned security, the web host combines specialized electronic security systems with detecting security cameras to secure the data centers.

LiquidWeb Customer Support for Linux Dedicated Server

LiquidWeb has a long-standing reputation for its industry-leading Heroic Support. All the support staffs at LiquidWeb are categorized into different expert teams so that customers can get the most rapid and professional answers to their questions by asking for help from a specific team.

Usually, customers at LiquidWeb can ask for help via live chat, telephone, and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can also take advantage of its knowledge base, which is composed of hundreds of featured articles and tutorials.

Addition to that, for fully-managed and core-managed customers, the web host gives three types of initial response time guarantees for them:

  • The Help Desk Initial Response Time Guarantee (30 Minutes);
  • Phone Answer Time Guarantee (59 Seconds);
  • Live Chat Initial Response Time Guarantee (59 Seconds).

According to these guarantees, if LiquidWeb fails to respond to its customers within the stipulated time, people will be credited 10 times that amount of time exceeding its SLA commitment.

LiquidWeb Linux Dedicated Server is Affordable

As a result of server customization, for different configurations, the price would be different. Generally, LiquidWeb Linux standard dedicated servers start at $199/mo with cPanel/WHM, while its Storm Linux dedicated servers begin with $130/mo. Now, with the latest promotional link in the following, people can save $100 off in their first bill.

Best Linux Dedicated Server Best Linux Dedicated Server
$100 Off

Multiple payment methods are accepted at LiquidWeb. People can pay by PayPal, check, or credit cards like American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

However, this pricing may seem to be a little higher when compared to other Linux dedicated server providers. But, if taking its rich advanced features and superior uptime and performance as well as remarkable customer support into consideration, people will understand that LiquidWeb really provides very high price-value dedicated servers.

LiquidWeb Linux Dedicated Server is Best

Without any doubt, LiquidWeb is the number one and the recommended Linux dedicated server provider. It’s a perfect option for all businesses, especially for those require high-traffic and best security. There are a wide range of plans with absolutely stacked specs for customers to choose from. No matter which plan people tend to purchase, they can benefit from its advanced operating systems, extensive supported software, remarkable Heroic support as well as remarkable performance.

For more information about LiquidWeb Linux dedicated servers, please visit to find out.

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