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As a runtime environment for web servers, Node.js makes it possible for JavaScript written applications to be executed by the hardware rather than the web browser. With the growing popularity of Node.js, an increasing number of web hosting companies start supporting Node.js applications on their shared LAMP server stack software, though professional developers prefer to VPS/cloud or dedicated servers. To meet different needs, in this article, we will introduce three Best Node.js Hosting providers in the industry—A2Hosting, SiteGround, and Bisend—amongst there are both shared and dedicated Node.js hosting solutions.

Top 3 Best Node.js Hosting

Best Speed


Fast Node.js hosting company, offers a nice selection of features for Node.js developers, highly secure environement, Price from $3.92/mo.


Best Overall


Fully managed dedicated Node.js hosting with handcrafted technologies, 24/7/365 expert support, Node.js optimized server, and more. Price from $217.5/mo.


Best Cheap


Offer fast Node.js hosting with SSD storage, free Plesk Onyx license and SSL certificate. Ideal for small Node.js based applications.


Fastest Node.js Hosting—A2Hosting

A2Hosting ( has let it be known as the world’s fastest web hosting provider by hosting all sites on the fine-tuned SwiftServer platform and Turbo servers. The web host strives to be developer friendly through a nice selection of feature-rich solutions that give support for the best versions of the most popular development software.

While most hosting companies allow Node.js support in a VPS environment, A2Hosting has optimized its servers for it. Using Solid State Drive (SSD) for everything, the servers are capable of getting applications on the Node.js platform really fly. More than that, A2Hosting includes CloudFlare free CDN, Anycast DNS, and a 10Gb/s redundant network to make the biggest speed boost possible. Even better, customers can host their applications on one of the four server locations in USA, Europe and Asia to deliver lower latency and faster user experience.

Meanwhile, A2Hosting takes seriously the security of every application. In addition to a free SSL certificate, the hosting provider makes use of KernelCare, Brute Force Defense, Dual Web Hosting Firewall, Virus Scanning, Server Hardening and 24/7/365 Security Monitoring to achieve protect applications from malicious hackers or security threats.

There are three A2Hosting Node.js hosting options to choose from, with the entry-level solution containing 1 application hosted, 5 databases, unlimited RAID-10 storage, unlimited data transfer, and 25 email addresses. The hosting service includes PHP 7.2, MySQL 5.6, PostgreSQL 9.6, SSH Access, Apache 2.2, Phython 3.2, PERL 5.1, Ruby 1.8, FTP/sFTP, etc.

With so many advanced features, A2Hosting makes the Node.js hosting prices friendly. The starting price is set at $3.92/mo, after cut 51% off the regular price $7.99/mo. Importantly, the web host offers a hassle-free anytime money back guarantee and 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support upon signup.

A2Hosting 51% Promo A2Hosting 51% Promo

For more information, please check out at

Premium Node.js Hosting—SiteGround

Since its initial establishment in 2004, SiteGround ( has made a commitment to handcrafted hosting experience. With putting the handcraft philosophy into both the hardware and software, the web host has been serving more than one million domains the world over and steadily turning into a top-rated provider in the market.

Unlike A2Hosting, SiteGround’s shared hosting plans do not support the latest Node.js. But for people who purchased its dedicated server with root access, they can install and use Node.js. SiteGround has three dedicated server solutions, all are fully managed and supported 24/7 by a team of top experts. The web host takes charge of server setup and software updates, alongside having all necessary software pre-installed on the server, including WHM & cPanel, Apache/Nginx, CentOS, Softaculous autoinstaller, MySQL 5 & PostgreSQL, Exim mail server, PHP, 5 free dedicated IPs, Private DNS server setup, IP tables firewall, and SSH access.

SiteGround managed dedicated Node.js hosting starts at $229/mo regularly. If customers signup with a longer service term, they can benefit from up to 5% off to make the price at $217.5/mo. Basic configurations included in the Entry Server are Intel Xeon E3-1230 dual-core CPU with clock speed of 3.20GHz, 8MB CPU cache, 8 CPU threads, 500GB SATA II HDD, 4GB DDR3 RAM, and 10TB bandwidth.

SiteGround Dedicated Node.js SiteGround Dedicated Node.js
5% Off

Customers can choose to locate their servers in the United States, Europe or Asia-Pacific data center for the fastest connection possible. They don’t need to worry about server performance or reliability, because SiteGround makes sure every managed dedicated server use the hottest speed technologies, like SSD drives, SuperCacher, CloudFlare CDN, and HTTP/2. Additionally, the hosting company keeps 99.99% uptime, thanks to a suite of advanced security solutions. More details of the Node.js hosting service, please visit

Cheapest Node.js Hosting—Bisend

Bisend ( may be not a long standing hosting company, but must be the most cost-effective web hosting service online. With utilization of the most innovative technologies like SSD drives and Plesk Onyx, the web fulfills its commitment to quality hosting experience.

Bisend Node.js hosting comes with three plans: Standard, Pro and Business. Currently, the hosting company is offering a special discount up to 64% off regular price. Namely, the hosting service could be as low as $2.95/mo, instead of $7.99/mo normally. Along with the cheap pricing is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee to be worry-free.

Bisend Node.js Deal Bisend Node.js Deal
64% Off

Customers are allowed to host 1 application and use 10GB SSD disk space, 50GB bandwidth and 50 email accounts. For those who are looking to build or migrate a high-traffic application on/to Bisend’s Node.js platform, they are recommended to purchase a larger Pro or Business plan. Likewise, Bisend also includes every Node.js hosting solution. And customers can easily manage every aspect of their hosting account using the most popular Plesk Onyx panel.

As to server location, Bisend now offers two, respectively situated in Chicago and Hong Kong to meet needs from the world’s two largest internet user market. Apart from SSD-driven Dell servers, the hosting company utilizes tier-1 bandwidth carriers to ensure fast and reliable connection.

Every support staff at Bisend is well-trained and friendly to answer any questions raised from customers. They can be reached via 24/7 live chat, email and ticketing system. What’s about Bisend Node.js hosting is at

How to Choose a Node.js Hosting?

Written in JavaScript, Node.js is built on the V8 JavaScript engine as an event-driven runtime environment as well as development framework. It now has growing up into a major solution for real-time application on the web.

Node.js allows for fast development, which increases productivity. Node.js also features high-scalability; namely, you are able to spend less on infrastructure as less hardware is needed to handle the same account of load. What’s more, Node.js provides you with an access to NPM, the package manager for JavaScript and the largest software registry in the world.

But, when it comes to choosing the best Node.js hosting, many developers still feel somewhat confused. Here we put together a list of Node.js hosting features to help you understand what can be the right choice.

  • Firstly, make sure your hosting provider has the latest Node.js versions supported, such as Node.js 7, 8, or 9.
  • Secondly, make clear which programming languages does your web host support. If there are the latest versions of PHP, Perl, and Python supported, you can be able to create dynamic websites.
  • Thirdly, check what database your hosting provider use to handle data storage. MySQL databases are the most commonly offered solution. But if the host can offer MongoDB for implementing a full-stack JavaScript application, it would be much better.
  • Last but not least, as with any type of hosting service, Node.js hosting should be reliable enough. Do some research about the hosting provider before placing an order. Focus on feedback on the hosting company reputation, uptime figures, as well as customer support to help decide whether it is an ideal option.

Finally, as to which web hosting type is the most suitable for running Node.js applications, many developer hold the idea that a VPS or dedicated server is better for building custom code. But it does not mean that a shared server platform is incapable. For relatively low-traffic applications that don’t need much CPU resources, a feature-rich shard Linux hosting solution could be helpful. And in operating system perspective, while Node.js can run on any operating system, most Node.js installations run better on Linux.

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