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PHP was first introduced in the year of 1994, which is a server-side scripting language designed for web development. Nowadays, PHP is installed on over 244 million websites and 2.1 million web servers. There are numerous PHP books have been come to publish to help people better master it. In below, we select 6 best PHP books which could save you a lot of time when learning PHP.

PHP for Absolute Beginners

best php book for beginnerJust as the name implies, PHP for Absolute Beginners is written for people who starts at the very beginning of web programming, even a complete user. The book covers everything that users need to know about using PHP.

The author, Jason Lengstorf makes an in-depth analysis about developing content management systems and procedural code in the later part of this book and users can learn from the book:

  • Install Apache, MySQL, and PHP by their own
  • Master the PHP language
  • Run a more secure PHP websites
  • Write clean code and know the basics of it

Programming PHP

best php book for new php develpersProgramming PHP is a great book to help people building websites. The latest edition involves everything needed to create effective web applications with the newest features in PHP 5.x. By acquiring all of the knowledge based on this book, users can be excellent PHP programmers. And they can know:

  • The basic elements of PHP programming, such as data types, flow control statements, variables and operators
  • Creating parse Xml and Pdf files and generating dynamic images
  • Taking control of common web application techs, like form processing, data validation, session tracking and cookies
  • Learning advanced topics, such as secure scripts, error handling and performance

PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming

php-advanced-and-obj-oriented-pro2This book is not suited for people without any web experience. And for professional users, they can easily jump their PHP skills to the next level with the guidance of PHP Advanced and Object-Oriented Programming.

This updated edition of the book will focus on more advanced PHP programming rather than the introductory learning, mainly including:

  • Teaching how to develop web applications by using advanced PHP technologies
  • Acquiring the knowledge of database concepts, object-oriented programming and debugging, testing as well as performance

PHP Objects, Patterns and Practice

best php book php-objects-patterns-and-practice2PHP Objects, Patterns and Practices will provide professional programmers with a platform to acquire more advanced programming knowledge beyond the PHP basics. What users can learn from this book is presented in the following:

  • Finding object tools to help users know more about their classes, objects and methods
  • Knowing how to work with object fundamentals and manage error conditions as well as creating abstract and interfaces
  • Studying the tools and practices can ensure successful projects, consisting in package management, version control, continuous integration and build.

PHP Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for PHP Programmers

best php book php-cookbook2PHP Cookbook: Solutions and Examples for PHP Programmers is a good option for building dynamic websites that work on any web browser. This book involves a great deal of problem solutions ranging from beginners questions to complex web programming techniques to help users run websites easily.

Users can get to know in this book:

  • Covering all aspects users need to know about PHP
  • Updated for PHP 5, it provides solutions with new language features specifically, compromising of the new Pdo data access extension and pretty improved object-oriented capabilities
  • Including building web services with PHP, new sections on classes, working with Soap/Rest architectures, and objects as well as new material on processing Xml

Learning PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS

best php books on php-mysql-js-and-css2If users have quiet understandings of HTML and want to create interactive, data-driven websites with powerful programming languages, Learning MySQL, JavaScript and CSS can do them a favor, even for users who do not have any programming experience.

Users can learn from this book:

  • Ensuring users a highly dynamic websites environment
  • Learning some programming languages, such as PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and CSS
  • Understanding some valuable programing concepts, like cookies, session management and XHTML
  • Creating styling web pages with these programming languages

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