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PHP-FrameworkA good percentage of the web is powered by PHP. That goes a long way to show how much developers rely on PHP. One of the main reasons is that PHP framework simplifies things, meaning it makes work more manageable and fun. There are various frameworks in the market and it is difficult to come up with one. However, this is a list of the best PHP framework.


This is a high quality PHP framework. It is most appropriate and widely used in the development of 2.0 web applications. It is a professional’s best friend and comes with high quality features, which include:

  • Skinning and theming
  • Data caching in layers
  • Automatic generation of codes
  • Documentation is details
  • Testing functionalities of each unit
  • Extension libraries
  • Facilitates modeling of databases according to objects
  •  Security features
  • Unprecedented speeds


laravelThis is a powerful open source framework for web applications. It is specifically designed to enable developing of Model View Controller (MVC) web applications. Laravel aims to make development a simpler and less taxing experience. Laravel gives users the following benefits:

  • Data commanding
  • Excellent community support
  • Strong foundation
  • Striking templates
  • Efficient routing
  • Enhancing creativity


Symfony is a PHP framework, which is used to create Model View Controller (MVC) applications. This is free software that is released under the MIT license. Symfony’s primary aim is to enhance creation and maintenance of web applications. In addition, it substitutes recurring coding tasks. This enables building vigorous applications as well as giving developers maximum control over the configuration and customization. The following are some good reasons to use symphony.

  • High performance
  • Promotes and enhances innovation
  • Highly flexible
  • Simple to use
  • Fast, efficient and effective
  • Stable
  • Interoperable


This program gives autonomous library packages for PHP 5.4+. It can work independently or with other frameworks. The main aim of this framework is to provide thoroughly tested, excellent quality and compliant libraries. In addition, each package is individually downloadable and can be used immediately. Some capabilities include:

  • A clean code
  • Independent packages
  • Detached libraries
  • Any amount of project usage


cakephpThis is a versatile and reliable PHP framework for creating web applications. It is stable and hence makes creating applications faster, simpler and less challenging. In addition, it requires fewer codes, therefore, making it lightweight. It utilizes scaffolding and code generation features to facilitate rapid building of trial products. Cake does not require any additional YAML or XML file configurations. Since cake has the MIT license, it makes it appropriate for use with common applications.


Phalcon is a fast and efficient framework that is offered as a PHP extension, but is built on C. one may think that there is a compromise because of this, however, there is no compromise and the framework runs very well. Instead, Phalcon provides excellent performance, while minimizing on lower usage of resources. Some users may be afraid of functionality difficulties because of the C language. However, Phalcon is ready to use and since it has a PHP extension, the tutorials make it simple to use. Phalcon heightens general performance and saves processor time.

Code igniter

This is a powerful, swift and versatile PHP framework. This framework is ideal for those who want a stylish, simple lightweight framework, which will enable them to create brilliant web applications. Code igniter takes away large and comprehensively undocumented frameworks, which drag and lengthen the process of creating quality applications. This framework gives the user:

  • Incomparable performance
  • Clear documentation
  • Little configuration
  • Simple and innovative solutions


zend-frameworkThis is an open source framework for the development of web applications and services, with the use of PHP 5.3+. This framework utilizes namespaces, closures, late static binding and lambda functions. In addition, this is a fully object oriented code. One of the most notable features is flexibility and versatility. It is most suitable for creating current and robust web applications. Other features include:

  • Easy to customize
  • Extensive functionality
  • Light weight
  • Easy to learn (ideal for those changing to a new framework)
  • Easy to follow tutorials
  • High performance
  • Safe and secure


Kohana is a feature rich and stylish framework. It enables quick and robust creation of applications. Some of its components include:

  • Access to database
  • Encryption
  • Code profiling
  • Translation capabilities
  • Validation

It is a highly optimized, versatile and powerful framework, ideal for the creative and talented web developer.

Slim Framework

This is a lean and light framework. It is designed to enable application developers to create powerful and simple APIs and web applications. And it does not require complex configuration or resources.The following are some features:

  • Secure cookies
  • Custom viewing
  • Flash messages
  • Custom logging
  • HTTP caching
  • Error handling
  • Debugging

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