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As for most websites, SEO is part of the factors that make webmasters succeed in business online. It is to increase the exposure and visibility of their websites or web pages in web search engines’ unpaid results. However, besides the professional SEO strategies, customers’ web hosting providers also can affect it. Therefore, working with a SEO friendly web host, it is, of course, better for their websites.

Top 3 SEO Web Hosting

In the post below, we will review 3 SEO friendly web hosting companies: Bluehost, eHost, and HostGator, which are all listed in Top 10 Web Hosting 2016. The 3 web hosting companies are recommended as the best SEO friendly web hosting, not only because they are cheap web hosting, but also for they come with some SEO friendly features and reliable performance. Let’s find out together!


Best SEO Web Hosting – Bluehost

With more than 10 years of web hosting experience, Bluehost ( is an excellent cloud-based online solution provider, who only offer premium web hosting for customers.

According to SEO Web Hosting, we understand that there are 4 elements: speed, availability, security, and SEO awareness, making web hosts affect SEO efforts. In below we are to reveal the features affecting those 4 factors respectively.

First, let’s check the unlimited and protected resources and scalability. Bluehost uses advanced technology to identify that customers’ websites can use excessive resources, and temporarily re-assigns websites to the isolated systems. Normally, customers can receive unmetered web space and bandwidth with higher plans. If customers’ websites grow up and require more resources, Bluehost allows them to move to a more powerful option via just 1 click.

Second, to ensure high availability and improve the speed of customers’ websites, Bluehost provides advanced CDN from CloudFlare. Going with it, customers’ websites can run faster than before, because it will automatically increase the website performance. Even better, it is totally free without any coding changes.

Third, 3 private data centers are hosting customers’ websites with multiple 10 Gigabit connections to worldwide locations. The servers deployed in these 3 premium data centers include 32 GB of memory and 24 Opteron CPU. Great private data centers and rock solid server hardware also have a great effect on uptime and speed.

What’s more, security also can affect SEO results. Bluehost understand the importance of security and offering related features and services to enhance it. With higher web hosting plan, Bluehost provides up to 2 SpamExperts, 1 SSL certificate, 1 domain privacy, 1 dedicated IP, and SiteBackup Pro that automatically creates daily, weekly and monthly backups for an entire website.

In conclusion, for faster speed, high availability (or we can say uptime), and security, Bluehost offers protected resources, scalability, rock solid server hardware, well-equipped data centers, and advanced CEN from CloudFlare. These features are all SEO friendly.


For this excellent SEO friendly web hosting provider, customers can buy its entry-level hosting plan at $3.49/month, instead of $7.99/mo, so customers save up to 50%. And it also comes with 50 GB of storage, 1 domain, 25 subdomains, 5 parked domains, 5 email accounts, 500 MB email storage, enhanced cPanel, marketing tools, and more.

Bluehost Shared Hosting Bluehost Shared Hosting
50% Off

If customers have any questions, they can contact Bluehost 24/7 support team via live chat, phone, email or support forum. If they feel unhappy at Bluehost, they can request a refund according to its Anytime Money Backup Guarantee.

For more information about Bluehost, please click here.

Cheapest SEO Web Hosting – eHost

eHost ( is a reputable web host specializing shared web hosting with near 20 years of experience. With quality features, responsive support and low rates, eHost shared web hosting is always trusted by customers.

Among the best SEO friendly web hosts, eHost is the cheapest one, providing unlimited storage, bandwidth, domains, MySQL databases, and cPanel. Its shared hosting starts at only $2.75/month, which should be $5.5/month normally. The company offers 50% discounts, making it cheaper. Moreover, eHost also provides 45 Day Money Back Guarantee.

eHost Shared Hosting eHost Shared Hosting
50% Off

As for SEO friendly features, eHost shared web hosting includes free web design package, marketing package, and email features and online selling features. All these features can help customers to increase the visibility of their websites, meaning they are SEO friendly as well.

In website design package, there are simple site builder, thousands of templates, personalized domain named, and blog setup wizard. With these tools, customers can build their sites easily and adjust according to the Google Webmaster Tools, making the websites more popular.

In marketing package, eHost offers $200 of Google AdWords and Yahoo/Bing credits, which are also useful for customers to promoting their products on their websites. Website analytics is also included, providing the real-time report of their website and marketing. Website authentication seal can protect the website and marketing.

ehost shared web hosting

What’s more, in marketing suite, eHost offers SEO tips and tools for all customers, helping them make the great SEO efforts. It also shows that this old brand web host has sensitive SEO awareness.

Besides marketing suite, eHost also provides rich email features, which can act as email marketing to some degree. In the solution, customers can create unlimited email addresses for free. Webmail, autoresponders and email forwarding are all included. Customizable spam filters and virus checking can protect the correspondences from virus and spam.

In addition, eHost integrate social media software with its shared web hosting solution, increasing the visibility or websites, and uses world class technology like advanced security suite, networking monitoring, quality load balanced servers, cloud storage, and more, ensuring high availability.

To learn more information, please visit eHost.

High Performance SEO Web Hosting – HostGator

HostGator ( is an award-winning web host, who has won a lot of industry awards because of its quality hosting solutions and customer support. Its hosting solutions range from shared hosting to dedicated servers.

Why do we regard HostGator as a cost-effective SEO friendly web hosting provider? First, let’s check its pricing. HostGator now offers 43% to 60% off discounts based on different packages. For the basic one, it renews at $3.95/mo after saving 43%, rather than the normal $6.95/month.

HostGator Shared Hosting HostGator Shared Hosting
60% Off

Then, we will reveal its features and performance, which are both important to SEO. Unmetered disk space and unmetered bandwidth make sure that customers’ websites will not be off online when they exceed the amount. So the two features are good to website availability. Yahoo!/Bing and Google AdWords credits, instant blogs and forums, and rich, secure email features all have a good effect on increasing exposure of websites.

Additionally, HostGator shared web hosting also includes hotlink protection, custom error pages, password protected directories, private SSL, IP, as well as instant backups, which all guarantee the security of customers’ websites.

Besides, HostGator uses more multiple data centers which are equipped with high quality servers, redundant network facilities, electric systems, and much more to maintain a reliable environment for customers’ web hosting with 99.9% uptime guarantee.

To make customers happy, the company also provides premium customer support and no contract terms with 45 days of money back guarantee.

For more details, please visit HostGator.

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