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Best SEO VPS Hosting

We believe that in current online business industry, SEO is an indispensable part. If you want to engage or reach more clients, you need check out whether you are doing successful SEO efforts for your websites. Besides, with the rapid development of online presence, VPS solutions are often better than shared hosting solutions.

Here we are to introduce 3 best SEO VPS hosting providers for those customers in the following post. After checking out hundreds of hosts, we figure out InMotion Hosting, iPage and LiquidWeb are the recommendable SEO VPS providers, giving them convenience for great SEO efforts.

Best SEO VPS – InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting ( is continuously recognized as one of the best web hosting providers in current web hosting industry. Its cheap web hosting solutions can always meet customers’ needs, so that a wide range of people trust it.

As for InMotion Hosting VPS, the reason why we review it as one of the best SEO VPS is that InMotion Hosting makes many efforts to make convenience for customer to create successful SEO practices.

Generally speaking, InMotion Hosting provides redundant resources to handle the online presence growing. Increased high availability and faster page load times are guaranteed by newly added cloud features. Customers’ data security is cared by experienced experts and backed up by free snapshots. Moreover, many easy to use features are included so that customers can easily make great SEO practices.


To be specific, InMotion Hosting now offers VPS with nominal 50 GB storage, 4 GB premium RAM, unlocked number of CPU cores, and 2 TB monthly data transfer. These basic resources for business beginners with stable growing are quite enough. Redundant hardware clusters with Virtuozzo cloud technology means virtually no downtime. Advanced server optimization and free backups with snapshots are powerful to keep their data and servers safe.

What’s more, dedicated IP addresses, free domain name or transfer, free SSD, free cPanel, free accounts transfers, secure email, and eCommerce optimization are all wonderful features to give power to customers making SEO practices.

Even better, InMotion Hosting also integrates advanced technologies with its privately owned data center, which makes a great advantage of location options from Max Speed Zones. It can boost at least 6 time faster page loading speed. Plus 20 time faster SSD technology, InMotion Hosting makes VPS extremely fast.

This high quality VPS normally starts at $ 44.99/mo. However, if customers lick our exclusive promo link to purchase it, they can get at least 33% off discount on the entry-level package. Namely, it only charges at $29.99/mo. To know how to save 51%, customers should check out InMotion Hosting Coupon.

InmotionHosting VPS Deal InmotionHosting VPS Deal
51% Off

InMotion Hosting VPS Review can offer customers more details, or please visit to dig out more.

Best Cheap SEO VPS – iPage

If customers want to partner with a cheap but reliable SEO VPS provider, then we are glad to introduce iPage VPS. iPage ( is well-known for its single cheap web hosting, while actually it also provides easy to use VPS solution with the best balanced pricing.

For example, iPage Basic VPS, including 1 core, 1GB RAM, 40GB SAN storage, 1 IP, and free domain, normally starts from $24.99/month, but there is a 20% off discount available for our readers who buy iPage VPS from the following exclusive promo link. So, iPage cheap VPS will renew at $19.99/month. This special deal is valid to all new customers and they can find more information at iPage Coupon.

iPage VPS Deal iPage VPS Deal
20% Off

In addition to that, iPage takes other actions to make customers feel comfortable. Each customer purchasing its VPS packages can be protected by Anytime Money Back Guarantee. It allows them to request full refund after they stop the accounts before the first 30 days. Well, after the 30 days, customers can still request prorated refunds of their unused part.

iPage VPS is SEO friendly. Firstly, iPage VPS has cloud-based flexibility, which enables customers to upgrade and downgrade with their development demands. Cloud technology used for iPage VPS also make it redundant space to support customers’ online presence scale up. Besides, instant provisioning also makes customers’ services available for their client quickly.

Moreover, iPage VPS with cloud base comes with semi-dedicated resources. It can not only make the better privacy for security, but also minimize the affection of other shared users, guaranteeing customers and their clients enjoy the smooth online experience. Mirrored storage on SAN can promote the performance as well.

In addition to that, iPage offers customers with full control and fully managed support. cPanel with easy to use tools, and optional root access are included to take over their server and websites.

ipage vps features

Meanwhile, iPage will cover all network, application configurations, security issues, hardware failures, and any other related hosting issues. Seamless migration also comes to customers. Whenever customers ask for help, phone, chat, and email are here 24 hour. So, they are guaranteed to have more time and energy focusing on their SEO and business.

If customers need more about iPage, please visit

Best Quality SEO VPS – LiquidWeb

For advanced users or the businesses who require high-level performance, we are to introduce a high-end SEO VPS solution provider, LiquidWeb. By far, LiquidWeb ( has already developed for 19 years, collecting rich web hosting experience and investing a lot on infrastructure.

Owning 3 world-class data centers, and utilizing one additional location, LiquidWeb has guaranteed 100% power uptime and extremely high network uptime. Making good using of premium hardware like SSD drives, as well as advanced Storm cloud technology, LiquidWeb is confident to offer powerful VPS with 100% uptime guarantee now!

Besides, CloudFlare CDN is included free for charge and also fully managed by LiquidWeb, which increase page load speeds and security. Built-in backups, ServerSecure enhanced server protection, as well as DDoS attack protection will all come to increase the security. Customers and their clients can totally feel free to wonder on their sites.


Extreme reliability and security, plus much faster speed, LiquidWeb VPS include most factors that are good to SEO success. So, such a high-availability and secure VPS can certainly make customers’ websites delivering premium service for their clients.

Besides, it comes with redundant resources and Heroic Support at an affordable pricing. Basically, it starts with 5 TB free outgoing data transfer, 50 GB SSD disk space, and 1 premium CPU core. cPanel or Plesk control panel, and managed, self-managed, as well as core managed support are all optional. Also, 30 minute email support and 59 second phone/live chat support are standard features.

Normally, it charges at $50/mo, while visiting through following exclusive promo link, LiquidWeb will offer customers with $40 off discount, making the basic plan start $10 only. LiquidWeb Coupon contains more details waiting for customers to check out.

LiquidWeb VPS Deal LiquidWeb VPS Deal
$40 Off

To learn more about LiquidWeb, please go .

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