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Best Social Plug-in For WordPress

Having an effective provision for visitors to comment, post, share and like on your social media pages, is an excellent thing. It enables you to have a way to communicate with those visiting your site and offers real-time experience sharing. This goes a long way in helping you become better as well as give users what they would like to see more. It is a great way, which will affect your site in a positive way. This article will focus on WordPress plugins that will make socializing easier for both you and your users.

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

NextScriptsNextScripts facilitates automatic publishing of posts to your social media accounts including Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Flipboard, YouTube and many more. This process is simple and automatic. All you have to do is write a post on your WordPress blog with a back link. The post is then published on all the accounts you have connected to your WordPress blog. The NextScripts Social Networks Auto-Poster enables you to reach a very large audience, in a very short space of time without going through a lot of work and obstacles. It is a great way to keep readers, followers, subscribers and friends updated on current happenings.

NextScripts is compatible and fully functional with community pages, business pages and profiles. Another great feature is that it is compatible with virtually all the social media sites. With the auto repost feature, you can select the image you would like to use in your post and repost them. Some other beneficial features include message-formatting tags, custom URLs for auto posts and auto re-posting of old posts. In addition, with this brilliant plug-in, you can schedule or delay a posting, to whatever works best for you and your audience.

Social Login

The Social Login plug-in allows your visitors to login and comment to posts through using their social media accounts. The main aim of developing social plug-in is to facilitate easier and more convenient access to WordPress blogs, through social media sites. This is specifically commenting and other related activities. The Social Login plug in, gives users the opportunity to login and comment on your WordPress blog, through over 25 social media sites. Making your blog go social is the most effective way of gaining exposure and refining your WordPress blog. You may choose to add the Social Login Plug-in on the registration page, login page, comment form, in your sidebar or simply use as a short code.

Whatever you choose, it is important to have the Social Login plug-in. You have a wide variety of social sites to choose, just bear in mind to consider the most widely used sites and those that will give you the most exposure. Installing this plug-in is quick and easy. It is very easy to use and you need not stress about difficulties in using it. Even novices can maneuver with no problems.

Super Socializer

super-socializerSuper Socializer is a brilliant and reliable WordPress plugin, which provides your site with excellent features such as commenting, news feed, login and sharing. These are the most crucial features for any social plug-in. One of the most crucial features includes swift signing up and logging in. This simply means that users do not need to type all their login details. This is because they have already accessed their social media accounts. This saves them time and brings more traffic to your site. In addition, when users are filling in their profile data, this information is saved onto your database, thus enabling better and personalized communication.

One of the best benefits of this plug-in is reduction of spam. This helps you keep spammers and people with fake identities to a minimum. Generally, most social media sites do not allow people to have more than one account; this helps with better authentication and keeps unwanted persons at bay. The Super Socializer plug-in leads to an increase in user traffic through clicks and sharing content. In addition, SEO optimization helps your site to have a faster indexing and improves your sites general performance. The moment people comment on Facebook or twitter, their friends and thousands get to see the content. This means your content is going viral and soon becomes a trending topic.

Shareholic/ share buttons and related posts

shareaholic-logoShareholic plug-in facilitates and adds an eye catching bookmarking system. It contains three major applications, which amplify your content and create conversations throughout the web. This practical tool enables you to enjoy a lot of exposure as well as social bookmarking. Features such as shareable images are proving to be very effective and practical. This helps your content go more viral at the click of a button. Full support for most social media sites makes it very easy for people to access and share your content across various platforms.

The 15 languages supported by this plug-in, give people speaking different languages the opportunity to use your site. An outstanding feature is the social analytics. This is where you have a real time figure of how your post is performing. It gives you an opportunity to know what your visitors are reading and what makes them visit your site.

The plug-in plays an important role in helping you receive traffic and optimizes your site, in order to reach more people.

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