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SQL Server, also we can say Microsoft’s SQL Server, (MSSQL), is a relational database management system that is deployed by Microsoft. Its primary function is to store and retrieve data when other software apps ask. Being one of the top 3 industry-leading database management systems, Microsoft SQL Server hosting is also popular among customers.

After reviewing a wide range SQL Server hosting providers, we named SmarterASP.NET, Bisend and Winhost as Best SQL Server Hosting.

Top 3 Best SQL Server Web Hosting

Best Overall

Providing SQL Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, SQL Management Studio,SSD, Web Deploy, Full Trst and unlimited webspace, Starting at $2.95/mo.


Best Cheap

Windows-specialized offering SQL Server 2014, SQL Management Studio Access, Windows Server 2012 R2, .NET framework, Plesk control panel, Starting at $3.95/mo.


Best Affordable

Providing Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2016, SQL backup and restore, SQL Management Stuido Access, unlimited disk space, free setup, Pricing from $3.95/mo.


Best SQL Server Hosting – SmarterASP.NET

SmarterASP.NET ( is an old brand of ASP.NET web hosting provider founded in 1999. Depending on 3 different top-notch data centers, SmarterASP.NET now offers not only various cheap Windows hosting but also Linux hosting plans.

For SQL Server hosting, SmarterASP.NET launched 4 packages. They come with up to unlimited MSSQL 2008-2016 and unlimited MySQL 5 both with the same 10GB disk space at most. It even provides separate servers to host SQL data. SQL reporting service 2012, 2016, SQL Management Studio Access, SQL backup & restore, contained database authentication, SQL C.E 4.0, MS Access, remote connect, and ASP.NET ReportViewer control are available to support SQL Server better.

Besides, Windows 2012 and 2008 are optional. IIS8, Web Deploy, Full Trust, Medium Trust, URL Rewrite Module 2, Isolated Application poo, cron jobs, multiple PHP and .NET versions (PHP 5.2-7.x, ASP.NET 2.0-4.7), and MVC 4.0 or 5 all come to create better Windows hosting environment for SQL Server.

To help customers run their SQL Server website well, SmarterASP.NET offers rich hosting features. Up to unlimited webspace, websites/IIS entries, domains, bandwidth, FTP, email boxes are included. 1-click popular apps and scripts installer and web-based control panel make SmarterASP.NET SQL Server hosting easy to use.

SSD application server cloud, SSD database server, and SSD file storage cloud are used to enhance its hardware. Firewall, automatic data backup, anti virus/ anti spam, and SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant data centers equipped with redundant infrastructure all make it SQL Server hosting comes with 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Currently, customers can take advantage of its 60 Days free trial plan to test whether SmarterASP.NET SQL Server hosting is reliable. Besides, SmarterASP.NET charges .NET Basic package from $2.95/mo only. Customers can go to SmarterASP.NET Coupon to get more information, or claim the coupon through following promo link:

SmarterASP.NET Exclusive Deal SmarterASP.NET Exclusive Deal
60 Days Free

Customers can contact SmarterASP.NET via live chat and helpdesk or look up its knowledgebase. The company offers 24/7/365 support team for each customer.

To get more about SmarterASP.NET, please visit

Best Cheap SQL Server Hosting – Bisend

Bisend is an ASP.NET-focused web hosting, having Microsoft’s latest technologies’ support. By far, Bisend can provide optimized ASP.NET web hosting, VPS and reseller hosting-based on Windows only. For SQL Server hosting, it does not directly name its hosting plans, but its optimized ASP.NET hosting comes with advanced Windows features and SQL related features.

Now, customers can revive SQL Server 2012, 2014, SQL backup and SQL restore, SQL Server local databases, MSSQL DB remote access, SQL Management Studio Access, MS Access databases, and MySQL 5 with phpMyAdmin. Latest Windows OS, .NET framework, Silverlight, MVC and more also come. Multiple PHP and ASP.NET versions, Zend Optimizer, Node.js, URL Rewrite2, remote IIS management, free instant setup and more are included to enhance SQL Server hosting.

Customers have no worry about usability, because Bisend offers easy-to-use control panel Plesk and allows them to manage their SQL Server sites via various tools like WebMatrix and Web Deploy.

Bisend utilizes robust hardware such as 100% Dell servers along with Dual processors, SSD RAID 5 and 64GB RAM as well as multiple data centers equipped with redundant power system and BGP connections, ensuring 99.9% uptime.

Other more, with a wide range of useful features and standard hosting performance, Bisend does not charge high pricing. Normally, Bisend SQL server hosting starts at 9.95/mo, but now it has 64% off discount making it start at $3.95/mo. 30 day money back guarantee is included. Customers can read Bisend Coupon to get more deal information or redeem the coupon by following the promo link below:

Bisend Exclusive Deal Bisend Exclusive Deal
64% Off

Bisend even offers 24/7 live chat, ticket and server monitoring support. Customers can also go to Knowledge base or blog to get latest tutorials.

For more about Bisend, please check out

Best Optimized SQL Server Hosting – Winhost

Winhost ( is one of the best Windows hosting providers and ASP.NET hosting experts, offering the most affordable, top-notch Windows hosting available to support SQL Server hosting very well.

At present, there are three Windows web hosting plans available, and it offers 3 months, 1 year and 2 years of payment prices. Normally, Winhost Basic plans start at $5.95/mo, but now it is at $3.95/mo for 3 years purchase. It is about 33% off discount. Other more, customers can get 30 day money back guarantee to make their money safe. Customers can check out Winhost Coupon to get more details or directly purchase it through following exclusive promo link:

Winhost Exclusive Deal Winhost Exclusive Deal
33% Off

Besides affordable pricing, Winhost includes rich features to help SQL Server hosting easy to use and powerful. Windows Server 2008/2012, IIS 7/8, IIS manager, Web Deploy, isolated application pool, Full Trust and Medium Trust, and up to 500MB site memory can properly support Windows hosting for your SQL Server sites.

For Database, there is free multiple Microsoft SQL hosting (SQL 2012-2016, 2008 R2, 2008), up to 5GB SQL hosting disk space, unlimited MSSQL DBs, separated servers for SQL data, SQL Management Studio access, SQL backup & restore, SQL CE4, unlimited SQL DNS, ASP.NET ReportViewer control, unlimited Access DBs, free MySQL DBs, etc. Rich programming and frameworks also come such as ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET 4.7, ASP.NET MVC 6, and WebSockets.

To better support SQL Server sites, Winhost offers unlimited website disk space, unlimited monthly bandwidth, unlimited email addresses and up to 100 FTP users. All packages have live web-based control panel demo and 1-click app installer to help customers manage their SQL Server sites easily.

99.9% uptime guarantee is offered, because Winhost users Dell servers with RAID 10 arrays and 32GB RAM in secure local data center that is equipped with UPS power, generator backup power, firewall protection and 24/7 server monitoring system.

To learn more about Winhost, please go to

How to Choose Your SQL Server Hosting?

There are a large number of Windows hosting providers offering SQL Server hosting support, but before you make the choice of your MS SQL Server hosting provider, there are some questions that you should know the real answers:

  • What versions of MS SQL Server and Windows OS are the hosts running?
  • Do they have SQL Server Managed Studio access support in packages?
  • What control panel or management tools they provide in hosting packages?
  • Do they offer SQL Analysis Services?
  • Do they focus on Windows servers since foundation or add Windows servers later?
  • Do they have Microsoft products experts?

A Recent Version of SQL Server Should Be Better

As an ideal SQL Server hosting provider, it should run the latest or recent versions of SQL Server and offers good technical support for that as well.

Although currently SQL Server 2008 can still work, it is already not a good option. You should know that the latest versions of SQL Server can offer most SQL DB features and deliver the best performance than ever before.

The right host should offer SQL Server Managed Studio Access

It is all for better usability, because SQL Server Managed Studio access can be enabled to be the control panel for SQL Server DBs, making it easy to use for you. Besides, SQL Server Analysis Services also should be included to track and analyze the performance and activity of the SQL Server DBs.

The web hosting provider should make the MS SQL one of core business

Only the hosts thinks MS SQL Server is important to it can provide the best possible features and support. So, your right option need treat their Windows servers very important. Also, its staff can be fully trained for MS SQL Server and other related products.

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