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Website’s speed performance has a direct influence on visitor experience, satisfaction and even bounce rate, that makes it one of the most significant reasons why people always expect fast speed from web hosting providers.  As the results, many web hosts integrate SSD technology, a data storage device using electronic interfaces compatible with traditional block I/O hard disk drives, into their hosting solutions to meet the demands. In below, we list out the best SSD hosting in the industry, which could ensure customers better and faster performance.

#1 SSD Web Hosting – Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting is known as one of the Top 10 Web Hosting in the industry. It provides customers with business-class hosting services and products that are based on Linux platform. In addition to high-quality, powerful hosting solutions, Inmotion Hosting ensures reputable 90-day full money back guarantee and award-winning support service to maintain 100% customer satisfaction.

Inmotion Hosting shared hosting is perfect for database-driven CMSs, custom applications and small business websites. All Inmotion Hosting shared hosting packages include free SSD drives, which will offer enhanced uptime and faster read/write speeds than traditional hard disk drives.

Moreover, Inmotion Hosting utilizes two well-equipped datacenters, 100% Dell servers with high configurations and exclusive Max Speed Zone technology. Along with the SSD drives and business-class hardware, Inmotion Hosting can set the best running environment and deliver the fastest speed performance especially for business owners.

There are many other great advantages available in Inmotion Hosting shared hosting packages, and customers can make full use of them to build very successful business websites.

Inmotion Hosting provides 2 to unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited web space, unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited SPAM Safe email accounts with IMAP, eCommerce ready, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, SSH access, free advertising credits, easy cPanel control panel, over 300 free application installations and much more.

Most importantly, Inmotion Hosting shared business hosting service is extremely affordable. Going with Inmotion Hosting Discount, customers will receive up to 56% off and sign up with its SSD shared hosting at only $3.49/mo, instead of the regular price $7.99/mo.

InmotionHosting Exclusive Promotion InmotionHosting Exclusive Promotion
56% Off

At the same time, Inmotion Hosting guarantees customers a refund in full within the first 90 days. If customers confront with any issue, Inmotion Hosting professional is available 24/7 to offer assistance through US-based telephone, live chat as well as email.

Inmotion Hosting shared hosting includes free SSD drives ensuring fast and secure performance, and it is the first choice for small and growing businesses. Please check out Inmotion Hosting Review to know more.

SSD Hosting with Unlimited Hosting – A2Hosting

Listed in Top 10 Web Hosting, A2Hosting is the reputable company who provides various shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated hosting products with high quality, superb performance and supports.

A2Hosting SSD Hosting Review on Features

Compared to some other hosting providers claim to offer SSD hosting but only host customers’ operating systems or MySQL databases, not files, A2Hosting solutions contains powerful and rich features, and it uses SSD for every aspect to ensure the best hosting experience.

The complete SSD hosting provides unlimited transfer, email addresses, domain, databases and RAID-10 storage plan resources, and control panel cPanel with easy-to-use 1-click setup for many popular applications.

By featured on the leading SwiftServer platform, it also comes with many enhanced features like free server rewind backups, website transfer, perpetual security with HackScan and etc., allowing customers build and expand their websites freely.

A2Hosting SSD Hosting Review on Speed and Uptime

A2Hosting guarantees 99.9% uptime and pages load up to 300% faster than standard drives on its SSD hosting. The company offers dual US and European server location options, more importantly, customers can take huge advantages from the following exclusive technologies.

  • SSD speed boost for OS, databases and all files, and help reach up to 300% faster page loads
  • Free CloudFlare Content Delivery Network brings increased security, uptime, and website speed performance
  • Railgun Network Optimizer allows customers to get up to 143% faster HTML load times with Railgun feature
  • Other technologies including 10 GB/s redundant network, 8 core server minimum, 24 GB RAM server minimum and more

A2Hosting Supports for SSD Hosting

For its SSD hosting customers, A2Hosting provides real US-based support with multiple methods. Customers are able to submit a ticket, send emails, give phone calls or chat with the smart, fast and experienced technicians, wherever they are, whenever they need assistance.

As for some common questions, the community forum and knowledgebase are both available to find solutions.

A2Hosting SSD Hosting Pricing

A2Hosting SSD hosting is usually billed at $8.99/mo. Now, by following this exclusive A2hosting promotion link, customers can get 34% off the first billing cycle, making the price only starts from $5.93/mo.

A2Hosting Exclusive Promotion A2Hosting Exclusive Promotion
34% Off

However, if customers do decide A2Hosting is not actually the right provider for SSD hosting, the company will give them a hassle-free, full refund within the first 30 days. That is plenty of time to experience the SSD hosting performance.

A2Hosting Review Summary

A2Hosting is the leader of providing the best web hosting service with SSD option possible. For those people who desire to create a super-fast website, they can risk-free to choose A2Hosting as the provider, and also take benefits from its reliable supports and affordable prices.

To know more about A2Hosting and its services, please A2hosting review.

Cheap Managed SSD Hosting with Unlimited Features – Dreamhost

Founded in 1997, Dreamhost is one of the oldest and most leading hosting companies that has around 1.5 million applications, blogs and websites under its management. By utilizing innovative technologies, Dreamhost provides customers with Linux-based shared hosting, cloud computing, VPS hosting and dedicated servers.

For businesses and online stores, Dreamhost shared hosting is the most reliable and fastest way to get their websites online. Since Dreamhost shared hosting includes free new solid state drives (SSDs), customers will be ensured faster database queries and faster caching. Overall, customers’ websites will load 200% faster.

Dreamhost is committed to delivering customers the best and fastest web hosting in the market, and this is the reason why Dreamhost offers a rock-solid 100% uptime guarantee.

Compared to most companies offer a free domain name for a year, Dreamhost gives customers 1 domain name for as long as they pay their hosting bills. A life-time free domain name will help customers save a lot.

Dreamhost has one shared hosting solution, and it has plenty of power, for example, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth per month, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, and unlimited domain hosting that allows customers to host and manage as many websites as they would like. In addition, customers can get web-based control panel, PHP 5 support, full CGI access, Rails, Python and much more.

If customers choose to prepay annually, Dreamhost will offer them a special Dreamhost coupon and let them save 50%. After promotion, Dreamhost SSD-based shared hosting price starts from $4.95/mo. Free setup, free domain name, free domain privacy protection, and Dreamhost guarantees leading 97-Day Full Money Back.

Dreamhost $4.95/mo Dreamhost $4.95/mo
50% Off

To know more information about Dreamhost shared business hosting, customers can contact the support team via 24/7 online chat and email, visit Dreamhost Review.

High Price Value SSD Shared Hosting – WebHostingHub


WebHostingHub is one of the best cheap web hosting of the year, providing free SSDs with unlimited features, such as unlimited space, bandwidth, Email accounts, and MySQL databases, as well as free domain, SSD, cPanel, Backup Wizard, and more.

WebHostingHub SSD hosting is cheap, starting from $3.99/mo after 43% off discounts from the normal price of $6.99/mo for 3-year account. Additionally, webmasters can receive 72% discounts for the first 3 months. That is, WebHostingHub SSD hosting is $3.735/mo only.

WebHostingHub SSD Hosting WebHostingHub SSD Hosting
72% Off

WebHostingHub deploys SSD hosting in two green data centers which are equipped with redundant power supply, lighting, cooling, and monitoring facility. Besides, WebHostingHub uses 100% Dell Servers with SSD technology and the BGP4 smart routing technology to ensure the fastest speed and best performance.

Considering the cheap prices with industry-leading 90-Day Money Back Guarantee and unlimited features, we highly recommend WebHostingHub SSD hosting for bloggers and business websites.

SSD Hosting vs HDD Hosting

For individuals as well as businesses, improving their conversion rates and driving more visitors to their websites are two main and effective methods to grow revenue. If they want to drive more visitors, it is quite essential for them to rank their websites in the leading position of search results, while website speed plays a very important role in influencing the ranking.

Compared to the common hosting solutions that usually come with HDD drives, SSD drive based hosting ensures users faster speeds and connections. For this reason, SSD becomes one of the most important considerations when selecting hosting service. What is the difference between a SSD hosting solution and a HDD-based plan, and why SSD is better than HDD? We will find out, and let’s start by explaining what is SSD and what is HDD briefly.

Solid-State Drives (SSDs)

As non-mechanical data storage devices, SSD consists of NAND flash mounted on circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently rather than hardware. To ensure fast access to information, SSD drives use NAND, a popular and non-volatile flash memory form with reprogramming capabilities as well as electrical eraser. Also NAND can help retain data and information without power.

Since SSD drives have no moving (mechanical) components and require very litter operation power, they are quieter than HDDs, result in less systems’ heat output, and will never disturb the computer experience of users. Generally, SSD drives come with better reliability and speed performance.

Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

Hard disk drives are data storage drives used for retrieving and storing digital information. Differing from the SSD drives, HHDs utilize one or more rigid rotating magnetized platters to deal with data.

The read/write head will move over magnetic platters to read or write data physically, once users’ computers try to access data and information. Unlike the readily available SSD data, the HDD work process will take much longer time. Moreover, all parts of SSD drives enable to be accessed at once with equal speed, while HDD drives can access the data faster only when it is closer to the read/write heads.

Why Choose SSD Hosting Over HDD Hosting

No matter people are going to purchase new SSD solution or upgrade to SSD plan, or have no idea about or are quite familiar with SSD drives, they can keep the following points in mind.

Power Consumption and Durability

  • SSD Drives: the power consumption of SSD drives is quite less, and it enhances battery backup to more than 30 minutes. Moreover, even in worst cases, SSD drives can largely keep users’ data safe as well.
  • HDD drives: HDD drive power consumption is high. Head would fly over the platters quickly in read/write operating condition. Once losing power supply, it can cause serious damage.


  • SSD Drives: by using NAND flash memory, SSD drives can continue to shrink as time goes on.
  • HDD Drives: HHD drives utilize Platters, which are not allowed to be manufactured smaller beyond certain limitation.

Common and Maximum Capacity

  • SSD Drives: usually, SSD units with 500GB for notebooks and 1TB for desktop are available. Recently, 4TB SSD units are available, but it is expensive and rare.
  • HHD Drives: HDD units with 500GB to 2TB are available for notebooks. For desktops, HHD units with 6TB are available.

HHD drives will be affected by magnetism more or less, while SSD drives will not. HDD drives produce more heat than SSD. Moreover, SSD drives ensure faster file opening speed and write/copy speed, and obviously, SSD drives are more expensive than HDD drives.

Advantages of SSD Based Web Hosting

The effects of SSD drives are quite significant to desktop users, so how about the hosting users? In fact, SSD drives become a trend of hosting industry nowadays. SSD drives can be integrated into any type of hosting solutions. No matter people require best SSD hosting or budget SSD hosting services, they can have many choices.

Compared to common hosting services driven by HDD usually, SSD hosting provides people with more advantages.

Enhanced Hosting Performance

HDDs driven hosting might result in complete data loss, however, SSD hosting can avoid this situation effectively. Besides, with SSD drives, the advantages of faster data access for users’ server software should be very obvious.

For accessing the high usability and flexibility, most websites are built on open-source applications like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and etc. For example, if people enter a dynamic website based on WordPress, their visits trigger content access and database queries at the same time.

With traditional hosting solutions using spinning HDD drives, their accesses are slow because of the HDDs’ mechanical movement. It will be different with SSD drives. With solid state drives, data and information is written and read simultaneously. Through reducing loading time, the most direct result is much faster and more pleasant browsing experience. For both personal bloggers and business owners, this is one of the biggest advantages.

More Environment Friendly

Like we mentioned above that HDD drive power consumption is high, while SSD drives consume less energy than spinning drives, and also, it runs cooler. According to some researches and statistics, SSD drives will help reduce nearly 80% off less power consumption on a per gigabyte basis. Considering the prosperity of hosting industry and the scale of entire datacenters, this is real environmental saving to be made.

Increased Reliability and Security

As for sensitive HDDs, it’s easy to lose website data, because any slight mishandling can give rise to irreversible damage to webmasters’ data.

Unlike HDD hosting, SSD utilizes the integrated circuit assembles as memory. So, it has mechanical moving parts and comes with low wear and tear. And as a type of flesh memory, SSDs can store data after the power is lost. In addition, SSDs are outstanding for less power usage, high durability, and no heat generation. With all these brilliant features, SSD hosting can hardly damage the drives and lose data.

High Stability

As the above mentioned, SSDs have no unstable rotating discs. It also means less possibility to skip during the process of data encryption and decryption. By this way, SSDs ensure that every single piece of information on websites is properly stored on SSD hosting. And websites can run smoothly and online all the time.

Does Everyone Need SSD Hosting?

The answer is absolutely YES! In order to provide good user experience and improve the ability to support a large number of visitors, it is worth to spend a little more money to purchase the really excellent SSD hosting. But note every webmaster needs to balance the benefits and costs before purchasing SSD hosting.


SSD drives are much better than spinning HDD drives, and it comes with multiple benefits that make it a perfect option for business owners looking for high-speed and efficiency operations. In fact, SSD hosting is suitable for personal use as well. There are some cheap SSD hosting solutions available to can help personal users save a lot.

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