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Best Twitter Plugin For WordPress

Social media is currently the best and most effective way to stay updated in what is happening around the world. Businesses both small and big have a page and handle on popular social media sites. This is the way to go, especially if you are looking to get feedback from the clientele or users. As a business, how you use social media determines your success in the ever so competitive market. To make work easier, there are plugins available for WordPress website users, administrators and owners, to facilitate easier socialization.

Twitter is quickly becoming a household name and businesses are taking advantage of the large clientele base held with Twitter. Having a twitter plug-in can make work easier for you, as it is more efficient in terms of tweeting, likes and follows. This gives your WordPress website immense exposure to a large pool of existing clients and potential ones. Here are the best Twitter plugins for your WordPress website.


Twitter is a very simple and effective plug-in to use. It allows you to include the Like and Follow buttons in a very easy way. Your users and subscribers can directly access your social media pages at the click of a button. You are sure of being in touch with those that access your site with no hassle. Actions such as adding a Follow and like button to your site are very easy and convenient.

If you desire to play around with the display, you can reposition the buttons and place them at the top or at the bottom. In addition, you can now replace the number of followers, with a modified image. Aside from the twitter plug-in, it is also important to have the updater. This enables you to receive current updates on the WordPress sites and affords you better and more advanced updates. When updating and setting email notifications you may choose to use manual or automatic settings. The Updater Pro has very useful features such as an automatic back up, before any update.

WP to Twitter

wptotwitter21Spontaneously using both your site and Twitter is brilliant. The WP to Twitter is an excellent plug in, which enables you to update automatically your Twitter handle, immediately you update your WordPress blog. In addition, you can conveniently add a link to your twitter page, just by putting it on your blog. The reverse is also applicable; you can post something on your twitter and immediately appears on your WordPress. Another brilliant feature is shortening URL’s. This is possible through various shorteners, or you may simply want to rely on Twitter. Displaying recent tweets is very easy, thanks to this excellent plug-in.

You can display twitter threads on your WordPress through the plug-in. In addition, it is possible to display a tweet from any account. All you have to do is enter the accounts Twitter ID. The WP to Twitter plug-in also gives you the provision of using a customizable template, which   you can use to update or edit posts and pages. In addition, there is a provision for custom posting, where you can write each post as custom tweet. You can use hash tags, post permalinks and use alternate URLs. Collectively, these features put a very crucial part in linking your site to the social media world.

twitter_logoTwitter Widget Pro

Being able to handle all the traffic and go through all the tweets can be a messy job. Thanks to the excellent Twitter Widget Pro plug-in, you have the opportunity to rest easy and handle your tweets in an organized fashion. With Twitter Widget Pro, you can handle all your twitter feeds and go through each of them. In addition, you can use hashtags, add a user name and paste URLs into links. In addition, the Twitter Widget Pro  plug-in supports display of profile images.

You also have the control of displaying the time and date of a tweet. Most importantly, you can specifically display how long ago a tweeting happened. When it comes to updating, this plug-in enables you to get the latest and most brilliant features. This helps you to have convenience and work on your site systematically. With this plug-in, you cannot go wrong with keeping in touch with what is happening on social media.

Twitter Tools

Having a link between your WordPress blog and Twitter handle is very important. It makes your work easier and is extremely convenient. Twitter Tools is here to make this process easy and painless. The Twitter Tool plugin lets you to connect with several twitter accounts, compile and archive the tweets from your twitter accounts, automate tweet fetching every ten minutes. All your blog posts turn into tweets thus, making it very easy to communicate with users and subscribers to keep then engaged. The Twitter Tools also gives your audience an opportunity to read fresh and relevant content to their needs. Every time you post on your blog, the Twitter Tools will create a tweet on your twitter account. Save time and get free from hassles.

These Twitter plugins for WordPress make your work and interaction with users very easy and efficient. All you need is to choose a relevant plug-in and enjoy easy and efficient communication with your esteemed users, subscribers and future clients.

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