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For businesses demanding for better performance and more security than shared hosting, VPS hosting is one possible solution. For one reason, VPS hosting gives customers greater control over resources and more flexibility on their virtual spaces than with a shared hosting plan. For another reason, the price of VPS hosting is more affordable when compared with a dedicated server configured with similar features.

To help customers choose a best UK VPS hosting provider, this article lists the top 3 well-priced options featuring high performance and quality service available to UK businesses.

Best UK VPS Hosting—UK2.net

uk2 logo1Headquartered in Shoreditch, London, UK2.net (www.uk2.net) is a reputable local hosting company in UK with two decades of experience in hosting business. After years of development, the web host has been trusted by millions of customers from more than 200 worldwide destinations.

UK2.net VPS hosting is divided into cloud VPS and SSD VPS two types, both come with multiple options allowing customers to choose from and can be up and running with Windows or Linux within minutes. UK2.net cloud VPS hosting enables every customer to build their own cloud by customizing the available resources on the cloud.

uk2 cloud vps plan

While on the other side, UK2.net SSD VPS combines super-fast connectivity with pinpoint control. The smallest SSD VPS package includes 1GB RAM, 25GB SSD disk space, 3TB bandwidth, and 4-core CPU. Additional features like IPv4 address and cPanel licences are also offered to all customers.

Besides rich features, UK2.net ensures most customers can afford a VPS hosting plan. The starter price of UK2.net cloud VPS is set at £8.95/mo originally. Now customers just need to pay with £5.96/mo after cutting 33% off in accordance with the latest Summer Sizzlers promotion it offers. As well, covered by the same promotion, UK2.net SSD VPS hosting will start at £5.00/mo instead of £7.50/mo regularly.

UK2.NET VPS Hosting UK2.NET VPS Hosting
33% Off

All the VPS server hardware are located within a top notch data center in London, which is entirely owned, managed, and secured by the UK2.net itself. Through the utilization of latest SSD hard drives and 100% premium Cisco hardware, the web host manages to deliver high performance VPS hosting service. Besides, UK2.net has a team of experts who are available to provide effective support via phone call, live chat, and ticket system 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

More information about the hosting solution, please read our UK2.net VPS Hosting Review or visit www.uk2.net to find out.

High Performance UK VPS Hosting—Heart Internet

heartinternet logoAs one of the best UK web hosting providers, Heart Internet (www.heartinternet.uk) is also famous for high quality VPS hosting plans. Heart Internet VPS hosting consists of three levels to target different group of customers, namely Standard, Advanced, and Premium, each of which includes two packages.

heart internet

No matter which level and package customers choose, they can have full root access to complete control of their servers and install any scripts or software on demand. Other features like RAID 10 mirroring, out-of-band access, free IP address, KVM hypervisor, cPanel or Plesk, Snapshot backups, optional FTP backup space and SSD storage are also included in each package. Basic hosting resources offered for each customer are minimum 1 vCPU, 50GB disk space, 1GB memory, and unlimited bandwidth.

For optimal speed performance, Heart Internet ensures all sites are hosted with high-spec Dell servers with the latest generation of Intel processors. It also uses industry-leading equipment from Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks, plus multiple connections to the internet with different backbone providers to build a rock solid network infrastructure so as to provide optimum performance and reliability across the board. All the facilities are housed in the state-of-the-art data centers owned and managed by Heart Internet to keep 99.99% uptime.

Regularly, Heart Internet VPS hosting charges from £9.99/mo based on monthly prices. To promote the hosting service, the hosting company offers a 1-month free for customers who sign up with a yearly plan, however.

Heart Internet Promotion Heart Internet Promotion
1 Month Free

Based in its UK offices, Heart Internet’s support team is composed of skilled, approachable professionals. Customers can get in touch with them via 24/7 telephone or helpdesk. They can also take advantage of Heart Internet’s extensive support knowledgebase to have some simple problems solved by their own.

More details of the hosting service are offered at Heart Internet Hosting Review and www.heartinternet.uk.

Cheapest UK SSD VPS Hosting—VPS.NET

VPS.NET logo1Launched in 2009 as part of the UK2 Group, VPS.NET (www.vps.net) is a leading VPS hosting service provider in UK, offering cloud VPS, SSD VPS, cloud reseller hosting solutions for over 10,000 customers from more than 180 countries worldwide.

Built for speed, VPS.NET ensures every VPS server come with a big spec and a low price. There are six sizes in all that customers can choose from, the price of which starts at $5.00/ regularly, which seems already quite affordable. According to the latest VPS.NET coupon, customers can have $10 off on all SSD VPS plans except the basic one by applying the coupon code “GIVEME10” at check out. After discounting, the lowest price of VPS.NET SSD VPS hosting would be $2.00/mo only. Besides, customers can get benefit from a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


Within the basic size SSD VPS package, customers can get 512MB RAM, 15GB SSD disk space, 1TB bandwidth, 1 core, and free SSL certificate. Additionally, there are multiple OS options including CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows Standard Edition, and cPanel+CentOS. Chargeable features like enhanced support, backups, CDN can be booked within the control panel.

hi ssd vps

As well, the performance of VPS.NET SSD VPS is reliable. By making use of the superfast SSD disk space in RAID protection, VPS.NET allows customers to enjoy a lightning speed experience. All the SSD servers are available in 10 VPS.NET-operated data center facilities so as to maintain average 99.9% availability for all customers.

If customers need help with their SSD VPS hosting plan, they are allowed to contact VPS.NET’s UK-based support team via 24/7 telephone or live chat. More than that, VPS.NET Knowledgebase and FAQ section can be helpful for helping solve some simple questions.

If you are looking for more information about the hosting service, you can check our VPS.NET Review or www.vps.net online.

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