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As the core service to bring a business online, web hosting is popular worldwide, so does in the United Kingdom. After reviewing almost 50 quality UK web hosting providers, in below, we list out top 3 best UK web hosting based on their features, pricing, reliability, speed and technical support.

Easyspace – the Best Cheap UK Web Hosting

easyspace logoEasyspace ( began to serve people in 1997. As a UK-based web host, it has an exclusive advantage: owning data centers and network infrastructure around the UK. So, its uptime guarantee is the best, reaching 100%.

Aimed at its web hosting users, Easyspace offers the latest PHP 5.4.36, MySQL databases, PHP MyAdmin, as well as Python and Perl 5.8.8. Moreover, people will get up to unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, up to 200 POP3 mailboxes and 1 free domain name. For management, Easyspace gives the management control panel, 1 FTP account and DNS management.

As for hosting infrastructure, this company owns, operates and supports 10 data centers and network throughout the UK, one of which is even based in London City Centre. These 10 data centers are state of the art, with 2 independent power feeds, UPS system, 2 Megawatt diesel generators, 24/7/365 environmental monitoring systems, and so on.

What’s more, Easyspace reliable web hosting is cheap. The monthly payment starts at £2/mo while a 5-year entry-level PHP hosting is £84, namely £1.4/mo. Therefore, people will save 30% off. Besides, the company offers 7 days money back guarantee.

For more information of Easyspace, please follow Or readers can ask for Easyspace support that is based in UK.

Easyspace PHP Hosting Easyspace PHP Hosting
30% Off

UK2.NET – the Fastest UK Web Hosting logoUK2.NET ( comes from UK2 Group that is an international web host. And UK2.NET also is a UK local company located in London. By far, this company has been in the industry for almost 20 years and managed over 4 million websites.

UK2.NET creates PHP friendly environment for its customers, which is built on Apache 2.4.7. The PHP language is the latest 5.4.25 along with MySQL 5.x. Besides, all UK2.NET PHP hosting packages have PHP safe mode, PHP MyAdmin, redirect, custom error messages, SEO tools, Perl, Ruby on Rails, etc.

UK2.NET also owns a data center in London, coming with stable and secure environment. Furthermore, UK2.NET fully makes use of Cisco hardware and multiple top bandwidth providers to provide 200Gb connectivity. Moreover, the company supports its customers 24 hours a days, 7 days a week via phone and email.

UK2.NET recently has a summer promotion, via which people will get 1/3 off on its PHP hosting packages. Thus, the regular stating pricing $3.95/mo changes at £2.48/mo then. Moreover, customers will protected by its 30 days money back guarantee.

For more UK2.NET details, please go to

UK2.NET PHP Hosting UK2.NET PHP Hosting
1/3 Off

Heart Internet – the Reliable UK Web Hosting

heart internet logoAs a web host, Heart Internet ( has received many awards since 2004, like Best Web Host 2013. Its products are shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server, reseller hosting, etc. based on both Linux and Windows platforms.

Heart Internet PHP shared hosting offers PHP 5 with SOAP and PHP 4, plus MySQL 5. In addition, it also contains SSH access, eXtend 2.0 control panel, smartphone control panel, FTP accounts, FTP locking and online file manager to help people manage PHP hosting.

What’s more, the company also provides other programming languages, such as Perl, Ruby and Python. Besides, the basic features like web space, monthly data transfer and email accounts are up to unlimited.

Heart Internet also utilizes 2 exceptional UK local data centers to ensure reliability and speed of its PHP hosting. Furthermore, it uses Dell servers, Cisco architecture, multiple 10 Gb network connections and cloud technology, which improve its PHP hosting performance as well.

More than that, such a premium PHP hosting is so cheap, starting at only £2.49 per month with 30 days money back guarantee.

Please visit to gain more details or ask Heart Internet something anytime.

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