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Umbraco is a fully-featured, open source Content Management System (CMS) widely used for small campaigns, brochure sites, as well as complex applications. A growing number of web designers, developers and content creators are benefiting from the high level of flexibility and intuitive editing experience of using Umbraco CMS. For hosting an Umbraco website or application, DiscountASP.NET, HostGator, and Bisend are the best Umbraco we would like to recommend.

Top 3 Best Umbraco Hosting

Best Overall

Offer premium web hosting with the latest SSD technology. 99.9% uptime guarantee, great for small Umbraco sites.


Best Selling

World largest web host, offer feature rich hosting for Umbraco with unlimited traffic, .NET, MSSQL, Safe Harbor Certified, Price from $3.57/mo.


Best Overall

Offering highly affordable Umbraco hosting with Free Plesk Onyx license, Free Certificate, daily backup, and more. Price from $2.95/mo.


Best Cheap Umbraco Hosting – Bisend

Bisend ( is a new star in web hosting industry but who is rapidly growing onto the top list. In fact, the hosting company is versatile. In addition to Windows and Linux web hosting, it also sell domain names and SSL certificates.

With the mission of delivering the best of the best hosting service, Bisend carefully chooses everything from hardware to software. The web host is partnering with the world’s leading colocation vendors like SingleHop and Baidu to keep closely regulated environment for all servers. Driven by cutting-edge SSD technology, Bisend’s servers are configured with redundant RAM and CPU resources. Meanwhile, every customer is covered by a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Bisend Umbraco hosting, specifically, comes with three sizes, priced from $2.95/mo after cutting up to 64% off. Features included in the entry-level solution are 1 website, 10GB SSD disk space, 50GB bandwidth, and 50 email accounts. As well, the hosting company supports multiple versions of ASP.NET, IIS, ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, and MS SQL Server. Importantly, Bisend is working with Plesk to offer a free Plesk Onyx license for all Umbraco users, with which they can have 1-click installation for Umbraco and manage every aspect of their hosting accounts with ease.

Bisend 64% Promo Bisend 64% Promo

For security consideration, Bisend includes a free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate in all Umbraco hosting accounts. If customers higher security level, they can purchase a DV, OV, or even EV SSL at Bisend SSL Store.

Similar to every industry-leading Umbraco hosting provider, Bisend has quality technical support to be hassle-free. If customers have any problems, they can contact with Bisend’s support representative via 24/7 live chat, ticket or email system. The support members are professional, skillful, and friendly therefore giving customers a peace of mind. More information, please check out at

Premium Umbraco Hosting – HostGator

HostGator ( embraces Microsoft technologies since inception in 2002. In addition to shared ASP.NET hosting service, HostGator also provides customers with higher-end Windows dedicated server to deliver faster and more secure website experience.

HostGator Umbraco hosting includes two options, both offer unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited FTP accounts, and unlimited POP3 accounts. The difference is, the Personal Plan allows for building 1 Umbraco sites under one account, while the Enterprise Plan supports 5 sites.

Besides, IIS 7, ASP.NET 4.5, Classic, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and MySQL 5+ are also supported so that customers are able to download and install the latest version of Umbraco. More than that, HostGator is making use of Plesk control panel to be user-friendly and there is a free shared SSL certificate bundled into each Umbraco hosting account.

With all of these features, HostGator Umbraco hosting is affordable. There are month-to-month plans, but the web host pushes customers to go with a yearly subscription by offering bigger discounts. In the case of a 3-year plan, customers can get 40% off regular price $5.95/mo, reducing the price to $3.57/mo. Along with that is a 45-day money back guarantee.

HostGator Promotion HostGator Promotion
40% Off

HostGator was sold to world-renowned business group—EIG. In other words, customers of HostGator Umbraco hosting can benefit from EIG’s powerful server and network infrastructure. Currently, there are two state-of-the-art data centers available, respectively situated at Houston and Provo. Every data center is connected to top notch network carriers to maintain high performance connections.

Need help? HostGator has award-wining support via phone, livechat, and ticket system around the clock. Customers can also leverage the power of its extensive knowledgebase for solving some common issues. More information is available at

Best Cheap Umbraco Hosting — DiscountASP.NET

DiscountASP.NET has been around for years as an ASP.NET hosting specialist. With a variety of featured-packed ASP.NET hosting plans and the latest cutting-edge Microsoft technologies, DiscountASP.NET boasts wallet-friendly prices, therefore standing out from the very crowded web hosting pack and becoming the first choice for web designers and small businesses.

DiscountASP.NET offers multiple shared Umbraco hosting plans with affordable pricing. In order to encourage customers to sign up for longer terms, the hosting company gives up to 50% off now. For example, the starting price is set at $10/mo regularly. For those who subscribe to the longest 1-year service term, they can save $60 off, namely paying with only $5/mo. Along with the impressively low pricing, DiscountASP.NET Umbraco hosting includes a 30-day money back guarantee to make worry-free.

DiscountASP.NET Promo DiscountASP.NET Promo
50% Off

Upon purchase, customers can receive:

  • IIS 8.5;
  • MS SQL 2012 or 2014;
  • .NET 1.1/2/3.5SP1/4.5/5
  • 1 website, 10GB disk space, unlimited data transfer, and 10 email accounts.

For customers who want to build multiple websites under the same hosting account, they can opt for the Advance or Business Plan. For others who pursue a highly reliable plan with dedicated hosting resources, DiscountASP.NET Windows VPS is designed for them.

With the purpose of helping customers easily and quickly manage their hosting accounts, DiscountASP.NET recently has upgraded its control panel from WebSitePanel to Plesk Onyx. Integrated with a user-friendly 1-click installer, Plesk control panel lets them complete the Umbraco installation in seconds and importantly, they can secure their websites with the most popular SSL certificate service.

DiscountASP.NET ensures every Umbraco-powered website is hosted on highly robust server hardware, for instance, 100% Dell servers with configurations of 32GB RAM, SSD RAID-5 storage and BGP connections. Customers can choose a server location from Chicago and Hong Kong in accordance with their targeting markets for low latency and fast transmission.

Have problem with Umbraco or ASP.NET hosting? Don’t worry, DiscountASP.NET has a team of expert technicians with years of experience. They are professional enough to give instant response to every request from customers. Customers can consult with them via live chat, email or the ticketing system whenever they need help.

For more details, please visit to find out.

How to Install Umbraco with Plesk Onyx?

To stably and smoothly running the latest Umbraco 7.8.1 installation, a web hosting provider should meets minimum system requirements of IIS 7+, SQL CE, SQL Server 2008+, ASP.NET 4.5 Full-Trust, and the ability to set file permissions to include create/read/write for the user that “owns” the Application Pool for the site. Fortunately, all the three Best Umbraco Hosting solutions above have included support for the services and take you further into a powerful Umbraco world.

Now, follow these steps to do a full manual install of Umbraco.

Step 1. Create a Microsoft SQL Server Database.

To be more specific, you need to create a Microsoft SQL Server database through your Plesk UI. So, let’s log into the Plesk control panel and navigate to Websites & Domains > Databases page. Then you can create a database by specifying its name, selecting the default server for MS SQL, and choosing an appropriate site.

Step 2. Check The ASP.NET Settings.

Next, you should verify that all ASP.NET settings are correctly done to ensure no application errors would occur in the process. For that, go to Websites & Domains > ASP.NET Settings page, and then make sure that the .NET Framework version meets the minimum system requirement of your Umbraco installation. Also, you need to select webpage language C# as default under “Compilation and debugging” and check if it has been set to “Full”  trust level under “Code access security”.

Step 3. Download and Unzip Umbraco.

The stable releases of the Umbraco binaries are available from When you have downloaded a preferred Umbraco version to your local PC, you need to do some changes by opening the web.config while configuring the database connection string, preventing “Validation of viewstate MAC failed” Error, and setting up and configuring email on the Plesk control panel.

Step 4. Upload Umbraco Files and Correctly Set Permissions.

In this step, the Umbraco files, in the form of unzipped, should be uploaded to the httpdocs. Then, visit this page to set the permissions correctly in accordance with the list shows.

Step 5. Complete Installation.

Now, visit your Umbraco site to complete the installation.

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