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best unmanged serverOne of frequent questions that people may raise when setting up a dedicated server to host their websites or eCommerce is: What are differences between a managed server and an unmanaged one, and which one is better? However, the answer depends on a wide variety of factors.

To put it simply, for people who have small business with a limited IT department and have the budget to shell out a little extra, managed dedicated server is an ideal option. On the other side, for people who have an IT department with rich experience in server administration, along with enough time to maintain a server and with a tight budget for a managed plan, then unmanaged dedicated server is a better choice. In this article, we specially introduce a best option for unmanaged dedicated server – LiquidWeb.

Who is LiquidWeb?

liquidweb logoEstablished in 1997, LiquidWeb ( is one of the most famous web hosting providers. Its hosting solutions range from shared hosting to VPS and dedicated servers. Besides, LiquidWeb also provides cloud servers that are based on the Storm platform.

With three wholly-own data centers and industry-leading Heroic Support team, LiquidWeb has successfully served 30,000 clients from over 150 countries. Since 2007, the web host has received the INC.5000 Fastest Growing Companies award for eight times.

LiquidWeb Unmanaged Dedicated Server

LiquidWeb unmanaged dedicated server comes with two types: traditional and Storm Cloud. Both types of unmanaged dedicated servers are available with Linux and Windows operating systems.

Generally, LiquidWeb traditional unmanaged dedicated server has ten levels varying with processors and server locations. The web host offers Intel Xeon E3-1271 v3 quad-core with 3.6 to 4.0 GHz per core, 250GB primary storage with SSD and RAID 1, 16GB RAM (DDR3), 5TB outbound & free incoming bandwidth, plus 1TB 7200 RPM SATA backup disk space, and 1 public IP address within its basic plan.

In addition to that, people can customize their servers by configuring additional features like memory storage, operating systems, primary hard drive, backup hard drive, server chassis and etc. And all customers with LiquidWeb traditional unmanaged dedicated servers can benefit from its Sonar Monitoring and SeverSecure.

If people go with LiquidWeb unmanaged dedicated server with cloud features, they have three options to choose from. The entry-level plan contains AMD Phenom II X6 1055T six-core with 2.8 GHz per core, 3.7GB RAM (DDR3), 919GB SATA disk space, 5TB outbound and free incoming bandwidth plus 1 public IP address. For additional bandwidth and backup usage, people can freely add to their plans when placing an order.

Besides, all Storm Cloud unmanaged plans are using CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, or Fedora for Linux platform and Windows Server 2012 R2 for Windows platform.

LiquidWeb Unmanaged Dedicated Server is Affordable

LiquidWeb traditional unmanaged dedicated server solutions charge from $199/mo and its unmanaged Storm Cloud servers start at $115/mo. If people follow the promotional link in below, they can save $100 for their first bills. If considered its rich advanced features and industry-leading customer service as well as superior speed and risibility, the price is still very affordable.

LiquidWeb Unmanaged Server LiquidWeb Unmanaged Server
$100 Off

LiquidWeb Unmanaged Dedicated Server is Fast and Reliable

No matter which unmanaged dedicated server solution people go with, they will never need to worry about the speed and reliability of their sites. To win trust and preference from the customers, LiquidWeb promises a 100% network & power uptime guarantee for its clients. With this guarantee, people can request a compensation of 10 times the actual amount of downtime in any event the web host fails to maintain 100% uptime. More than that, LiquidWeb is also confident to give a 30 Minute Initial Response Guarantee for its clients.

One of the most important factors that contributes to the very high reliability is LiquidWeb owns and operates three data centers in US-Central region. To complement that, it also utilizes an additional presence in Arizona. The web host has ensured that all these data centers are featured with numerous zones for added redundancy, thus people can freely choose the closest one to reach optimized page loading speed.

The utilization of cutting edge technologies within its enterprise-class servers is another factor. By using Seagate Constellation hard drives by default with all of its dedicated servers along with a wide range of flash storage options – from single SSDs and Fusion IO drives to large RAID arrays, LiquidWeb manages to create high performance hardware thus being able to maximize throughput, application reliability, and much greater speeds.

Furthermore, the web host offers Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) for its unmanaged dedicated server customers, with which people can access to their servers remotely as if they were in the same room with it. Besides, IMPI also allows people to control over their servers in other aspects, like remote reboot, hardware sensor monitoring, server shutdown and power on, remote input via keyboard and mouse, video output to a remote terminal, and so on so forth.

Additionally, the LiquidWeb network is built with a focus on multi-tiered redundancy – making use of N+1 internal device elements and entirely redundant chassis. This design makes it possible for any routing device to immediately self-heal failures with no interruptions to customer connectivity.

LiquidWeb Offers Superior Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, we should start with LiquidWeb Heroic Support team, which has a very long-standing reputation for industry-leading, and which is on-site 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure the security of its facilities, as well as provide effective customer service for its clients.

All unmanaged dedicated server customers at LiquidWeb are allowed to contact with its Heroic Support team via 24/7 telephone, email and live chat. Or they can take advantage of its knowledgebase, which consists of hundreds of tutorials and articles. People can have their problems easily solved by following the guidance offered in knowledgebase.

LiquidWeb is Best Unmanaged Dedicated Server Provider

From the above review, we can find that LiquidWeb unmanaged dedicated server is really a good option for people who intend to run a server by their own. LiquidWeb gives them multiple options with redundant resources to pick over. At the same time, they can benefit from its high performance hardware and superior customer support as well as industry-leading SAL commitments.

For more information about LiquidWeb and its unmanaged dedicated server solution, please visit to check out.

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