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vBulletin, written in PHP & MySQL, is the most popular forum solution used by businesses. Even thought hundreds hosting services could support vBulletin, only few of them could offer rich features to run vBulletin smoothly. Best vBulletin Hosting below are named after reviewing hundreds of web hosting, and stand for the combination of best hosting service and cheap price, and could be used by all-sizes of businesses to host vBulletin.

Top 3 Best vBulletin Hosting

Best Overall

Inmotion Hosting
#1 Best web hosting for vBulletin, Free SSD, business-class hosting, 100% Customer satisfaction rate, super fast server. Price from $2.95/mo.


Cheap Hosting

Best cheap vBulletin hosting, 1 free domain, free CDN, free daily backup, and support from PHP & MySQL experts. Price from $2.95/mo.


Popular Hosting

Industry most popular web host, unlimited features. perfect for vBulletin as well, high performance & reliable server. $3.71/mo.


Best vBulletin Hosting -InmotionHosting


Having been providing customers with top of the line vBulletin hosting solutions over 10 years, InmotionHosting  is also a member among Best Business Hosting Providers. The company is a proud of having a team of technicians who tries their best to deliver the best performance environment for vBulletin hosting customers.

At InmotionHosting, vBulletin hosting customers can make a choice among the three hosting packages, Launch, Power and Pro. One of the highlights of InmotionHosting is that the company can offer free SSD hosting to all of its customers, which is awesome for fast loading speed.

Besides, InmotionHosting also packages ample advanced features. Taking the entry level plan as an example, Launch includes 2 MySQL & PostgreSQL databases, multiple PHP versions, Ruby, Perl, Python, unlimited disk space, bandwidth, SSH access, free no-downtime website transfer, and more.

To enhance the performance of hosted websites, InmotionHosting utilizes industry-leading green data centers located in several places. At the same time, the company also takes advantage of optimal software and hardware to make sure customers can get access to at least 99.9% uptime and fast speed.

With the newest promotion, the price of InmotionHosting is set at $2.95/mo, $4.36/mo and $13.99/mo respectively. Furthermore, InmotionHosting releases the policy of 90 day full money back guarantee, so it is extremely safe to host their websites at this company.

If customers are interested in InmotionHosting vBulletin hosting, customers can check out below Inmotion Hosting Coupon.

InmotionHosting $2.95 Promotion InmotionHosting $2.95 Promotion
56% Off

Best Budget vBulletin Hosting – Bluehost


As one of the most reputable and the Best PHP Hosting providers in the industry, Bluehost is a perfect option for bloggers, family website owners, individuals and small businesses to build their websites.

In terms of its vBulletin hosting, it contains rich features, including the latest PHP version PHP5, unlimited MySQL databases, and MySQL 5 database server, PostgreSQL database server, supporting Javascript, DHML, Perl5, Python, custom PHP.INI files, and more.

Besides, it also offers other features to its customers, such as one free domain name for one year, unlimited disk space, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email addresses, and free site builder & drag, as well as easy to use control panel cPanel.

As for the price of Bluehost vBulletin hosting, we can say that it is affordable. Instead of the regular price, $7.99/mo, customers can purchase the service at a low price $2.95/mo. Moreover, the company also guarantees Anytime Money Back, which signifies that customers can get full money back within the first 30 days and prorated money back after that time if they are not totally satisfied with the services.

To get more details about Bluehost, please visit Bluehost.

Bluehost $2.95 Promotion Bluehost $2.95 Promotion
64% Off

Popular Hosting for vBulletin – HostGator


With the persistent development and continuous innovation, HostGator has grown into one of the most reliable and reputable vBulletin hosting providers. Since its initiation, the company has been committed to offering the excellent vBulletin hosting solutions to meet the requirements of customers to the largest.

At this company, HostGator also offers three hosting solutions to vBulletin hosting customers. The newest PHP version PHP5, unlimited MySQL databases, CGI, Ruby on Rails, SSH, Perl, Python, unlimited disk space, unlimited data transfer and more available for HostGator vBulletin hosting customers to operate their websites easily.

In order to help customers have a reliable, secure and stable environment to host their websites, the company uses several top tier data centers and high performance servers to guarantee rapid speed and almost 100% uptime.

In order to make its vBulletin hosting solution more available to customers, HostGator gives 50% discount off the regular price. After that, customers can get the service starting at $3.45/mo. In addition to that, HostGator promises that every hosting solution comes with a 45 day money back guarantee.

To get more information about HostGator, customers can visit HostGator.

HostGator Promotion HostGator Promotion
50% Off


In a word, the three vBulletin hosting providers have their own highlights, and customers can freely choose the most suitable one to backup their websites. In addition to the points we mentioned above, all of them have the strength to offer awesome technical support to their customers via email, phone and live chat. It is tested that these technicians own an ocean of vBulletin hosting experience, so they can handle customers’ issues as soon as possible.

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