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Best VPS for eCommerce

As experienced writers in the web hosting, we understand that how important the quality of a web hosting solutions is for business websites. It requires high security because these sites are all transforming sensitive information vital to both sides between the deals; it demands high performance because during the quick change period, time is as important as the life of the webmasters; it also need cheap or reasonable pricing with the web hosting solutions.

We have talked about the best web hosting for eCommerce, so in the following post, we are to discuss about the best VPS hosting for the eCommerce, which are growing fast and need more power to make the site stand out among the crowd.

Best VPS for eCommerce – InMotion Hosting

Since its inception in 2001, InMotion Hosting has developed into a worldwide known, reputable cost-effective web hosting provider, and it is still making big strides forward and leaving others behind. About its VPS, InMotion Hosting make progress all the time. Now, InMotion Hosting even makes it integrate cloud technology VMware, to strengthen its power, ensuring customers the best performance and reliability, it is good to eCommerce.

Besides, InMotion Hosting spherically optimizes its VPS for eCommerce solutions like Magento, Woo-Commerce, and PrestaShop for WordPress for the premium speed as well as reliability. InMotion Hosting also installs currently popular eCommerce platforms with just 1 click, so that customers can easily and quickly start selling their products online.

Other more, InMotion Hosting VPS comes with unlimited MySQL DBs, free SSDs, fault tolerant disks, and unlocked CPU cores, which can improve the power of the VPS so the eCommerce sites can easily handle the traffic peaks. Additionally, secure email with unlimited accounts, automatic backups, live-state snapshots and custom advanced policy firewall are here to ensure the best security for eCommerce websites.

Customers can get free cPanel license and resource dashboard, which are both easy to use and help customers manage their websites and resource usage in real time. It is good to not only the website management, but also website security. InMotion Hosting will manage their server security and cPanel to make them up to date.

InMotion Hosting uses two data centers and all above features can ensure the best speed and reliability for customers. Combining with the Max Speed Zones, customers can get rid of speed problems.

Other more, the wonderful VPS, coming with at least 4GB RAM, 75GB SSD storage, 4TB bandwidth, and 3 IPs, starts at $14.99/first month, cutting 50% off $29.99/month. To get this exclusive VPS deal, customers should visit InMotion Hosting via the following link.

InMotionHosting VPS Deal InMotionHosting VPS Deal
50% Off

Next-Gen VPS for eCommerce – Bluehost

In 2013, Bluehost (www.bluehost.com) firstly launched its Linux cloud VPS hosting. Coming with great power and increased control, Bluehost VPS quickly becomes one of the best VPS hosting solutions having a wide range of customers. eCommerce website owners are one of these groups.

Bluehost VPS is developed based on cloud, which offers customers the options to enjoy the flexible power by dynamically increasing their server resources over time as they need it. Basically, customers can start with 30GB SAN storage, 2GB available RAM, 1 TB bandwidth, and 2 CPU cores. Free domain name and free dedicated IP address also come to customers.

Bluehost also uses KVM hypervisor to offer customers guaranteed resources. Therefore, with guaranteed and dynamically increased resources, as well as free domain name, they can easily start their eCommerce, and have on worry about site downtime because of lacking of resources.

In addition to that, Bluehost VPS uses OpenStack, combining with KVM, which can make sure that Bluehost VPS is both powerful and easy to use. Plus state-of-the-art components, Bluehost VPS can be truly faster than ever before. This is just what eCommerce website needs.

Moreover, Bluehost provides customers access control, so that they can keep the safety of their system. Root access and enhanced cPanel for customers can help to make the site offer the best online experience possibly.

Instant provisioning and 24 hour phone call support make customers happy with Bluehost. Well, the cheap pricing also attract more customers. Regularly, it starts at $29.99/mo, but now, via out promo link below, customers can save about 33% and pay $19.99/mo only to go with this eCommerce friendly VPS. Bluehost even offer then Anytime Money Back Guarantee to make them happy.

Bluehost VPS Deal Bluehost VPS Deal
33% Off

Best Flexible VPS for eCommerce – A2Hosting

A2Hosting (www.a2hosting.com) is a reputable, innovative web hosting company, which is famous for the SwiftServer platform and Guru Crew support. Well, its VPS comes with both great features. A2Hosting is also very special in offering unmanaged VPS, core managed VPS and managed VPS. Multiple management options are good to customers to choose from. For eCommerce, they can decide according to their power and purpose.

A2Hosting unmanaged VPS is very cheap, which can save a lot of costs for eCommerce website owners. For the entry-level package, it only starts at $5/mo. Customers can get 20GB SSD storage, 2TB bandwidth, 512MB RAM, 1 core, and root access.

A2Hosting VPS Deal A2Hosting VPS Deal

Actually, A2Hosting offers other options along with it. Customers can configure the server by adding additional resources, if their eCommerce website needs. Even better, they can add cPanel to control their site better. Fully customization and bare metal installation come with A2Hosting unmanaged VPS, but it can fit eCommerce website needs better.

Additionally, A2Hosting VPS has the chance to use its exclusive Turbo server option, offering them the fastest hosting experience and deliver it to their clients as well. There are the best versions of the most popular software available as well, so that customer can easily add more new functions to their eCommerce websites, improving the online experience.

A2Hosting VPS also has perpetual security and ultra-reliable server performance. The company has also ready make the best practices and processes to help them to keep their account safe! Its SwiftServer platform and SSD drive are to make the 99.9% uptime with each VPS solution.

Besides, if customers want to pay more attention to their eCommerce, they can choose A2Hosting core managed VPS and fully managed VPS. Both come with A2Hosting user-friendly Guru Crew support, making the VPS 100% worry-free.

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