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Best Website Builder for Small Business

best website for small businessSmall businesses always feel it a hassle to build an online store or a website for their business. For one thing, they know a little or nothing on building sites. For another, they are short of budget to employ a team or an expert to do that for them.

Website builder could be a right choice for them. No coding required. No designing knowledge needed. However, free builders cannot fully meet their eCommerce needs while builders for business are costly.

Considering that embarrassing situation, we review a number of website builder and find out 3 best website builders for small business. They are Wix, Weebly and 1and1, all offering high price value website builder for eCommerce.

Wix – Best Website Builder for Small Business

Wix is one of the largest website builder platforms in the world and also is the most popular one. It has gotten over 80 million users for near 10 years since its inception. Its website builder has updated many times for better use as well.

For small businesses, Wix is definitely the best website builder choice.

Firstly, it offers easiest-of-use drag and drop editor along with HTML5 capabilities. The editor enables users with no knowledge on codes to construct powerful websites. Besides, Wix offers 100s of crafted templates, some of which are designed for online stores or eCommerce websites. So, going with Wix, customers do not need to worry whether they can setup beautiful powerful sites.

Secondly, Wix has a variety of features to ease and boost online business. For example, businesses can manage orders, shipping and sales from single dashboard. They can collect money from their customers via secure payment methods including PayPal, major credit cards, and even offline payments. Wix does not charge a commission.

What’s more, Google AdWords Voucher, Google Analytics and 200 apps are also helpful to booster online business. Especially Wix yearly Unlimited and eCommerce plans contain Site Booster and Form Builder apps at no cost, which are good for promoting business.

In respect of pricing, though Wix has free website builder service, we do not recommend businesses choose that, because they have to display Wix brand ads on their sites and they cannot connect their personalized domains to their sites. For paid plans, Wix sets 4 while the entry-level plan is not recommendable with Wix ads either.

Other 3 plans are Combo at $8.25/mo, Unlimited at $12.42/mo and eCommerce at $16.17/mo. All 3 prices are yearly pricing with discounts up to 45% off and free domain for 1 year. Customers can choose one according to their business sizes. Wix also supports easy upgrading or downgrading from one plan to another. Additionally, for all paid plans, Wix gives 14 day money back guarantee.

Wix Yearly Payment Deal Wix Yearly Payment Deal
45% Off

In a nutshell, Wix offers rich eCommerce features to build websites and boost business while customers can choose a plan with the highest price value for their sites. For more information, please visit

1and1 – Discounted eCommerce Website Builder

1and1 is a cheap web hosting provider in the global. It offers cheap web hosting as well as email solutions, SSL certificates, website builders, etc. The company even designs specific website builder packages for eCommerce users.

Take a look at the 4 packages: Starter, Basic, Plus and Unlimited. For promotion, both Starter and Basic packages are $9.99/mo with up to 60% off discounts while the 2 plans are our recommendations for small businesses.

1and1 eCommerce Website Builder 1and1 eCommerce Website Builder
60% Off

The Basic plan supports businesses to sell 1,000 products within 100 categories. Also, businesses could show its customers whether the products are in stock. Product reviews, 2 currencies, 15 delivery methods, customizable delivery costs, etc. are essential features to smoothly develop business. Besides, both plans offer 1 free domain name for each account so that businesses can save over $10 each year.

1and1 website builder for eCommerce is easy to use too. Even if people know nothing on building sites, they can fast and easy master how to create an online store with 1and1 builder and over 100 eCommerce templates. Better of all, built websites could be responsive and automatically adjusted to the screen when visitors load them via mobile devices, like a smartphone.

To dispel worry of customers, 1and1 offers 30 day money back guarantee. Within the period, if customers are not happy and want to get their money back, it is much possible at 1and1. The company also provides support on how to construct stores, but also support on how to reach customers.

To conclude, 1and1 eCommerce website builder consists of rich features for online business and is discounted now. So, if people like it, this is the best time to buy 1and1 eCommerce website builder. For more details, please visit

Weebly – Business Website Builder

Weebly is also a well-known website builder platform, based on which over 30 million websites have been set up. This company started with business owners in mind, so its website builder is pretty great for small businesses.

At Weebly, customers will also take advantage of drag and drop website builder and responsive templates to create an online store or other eCommerce websites. Furthermore, Weebly allows customers to create sites on any device and manage site wherever they go. It also provides custom domains, SEO tools and App center to help small businesses reach their customers.

There are 3 plans, Starter, Pro and Business, all of which get rid of Weebly brand ads. At the same time, they contain 1 free domain for the first year, unlimited storage, free hosting, search engine indexing, expanded stats, products sold permission, and much more. Business plan even allows site owners to sell unlimited products including digital products at no commission.

As to pricing, we check out that Business plan is $25/mo, Pro is $12/mo and Starter is $8/mo. The prices are at affordable rates that small businesses can bear. In addition to that, they will get 30 day full money back guarantee that is long enough to make sure whether Weebly is right for them. The company provides email, live chat and phone support as well while Starter plan does not contain phone support.

Weebly Builder for Business Weebly Builder for Business

In a word, keeping business owners in mind, Weebly designs its website builder at affordable rates. Plus long term refund guarantee and award-winning support, small businesses could trust this platform. To know more, please visit

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