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Website builder has become one of the most popular choices for home businesses or small businesses when coming to creating a website. A feature-rich website builder will save you a lot of time, and money, and in below we list out top 5 Best website builders after review over 20+ solutions in the industry, who are offering highly powerful service at a cheap affordable price.

Best WebSite Builder 2019

Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, GoDaddy and are awarded as best website builder in below since their price value, templates, apps supported, reliability, speed, and support are leading in the industry.

Wix Weebly Godaddy SquareSpace
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In-Depth Review Wix Review Weebly Review GoDaddy WebSite Builder SquareSpace Review WebSite Builder
Pricing Wix Weebly Godaddy SquareSpace
Regular Price $4.08/mo $8/mo $37.99/mo $12/mo $22.95/mo
Discount N/A N/A 82% Off 33% Off $1.95 first month
New Price $4.08/mo $8/mo $6.99/mo $8/mo $22.95/mo
Claim the Deal Link Activation Link Activation Link Activation Link Activation Link Activation
Features Wix Weebly Godaddy SquareSpace
Mobile Site Yes Yes No Yes No
Web Store Yes Yes No Yes No
Blogging Tool Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Site Portability No Yes No Yes No
My Review Wix Weebly Godaddy SquareSpace
Feature ★★★★★  ★★★★★  ★★★★¾  ★★★★¾  ★★★★¾ 
Templates ★★★★★  ★★★★¾  ★★★★½  ★★★★½  ★★★★½ 
Customer Support ★★★★★  ★★★★¾  ★★★★¾  ★★★★¾  ★★★★¾ 
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Best Website Builder – Wix

Wix fully deserves best website builder with over 73 million users throughout the world. And it gets even 45,000 new sign-ups each day.

Its easy-to-use website builder is just one core reason for the popularity. Just drop and drop content, and people will get a powerful website setup. By the builder, people will create a mobile site version as well.

wix features

The company has crafted templates in different styles. No matter which kind of website people are to build, a blog, a store, a hotel site, or else, Wix has templates to satisfy them. Moreover, people can install apps from Wix app market to enhance website functionality.

Based on cloud hosting platform, Wix ensures websites with high reliability and speed. In case that people encounter some problems, the company offers detailed guide, tutorials, articles, etc. as well.

Most importantly, Wix website builder service is as low as $4.08/mo. It even provides free plan that could meet basic demands of a personal website.

To create websites based on Wix platform via its easy-to-use website builder, please visit or read our full Wix Review.

Business Website Builder – Weebly

Keeping business owners in mind, Weebly has developed one of best website builders in the world. And it has helped more than 30 million small businesses and entrepreneurs create web presence.

Weebly website build integrates a range of tools. People will not only modify templates, but also embed videos, picture gallery, maps, etc. What’s more, people just need to create a website, which can be friendly to all devices, including both desktop and phones.

Weebly has an extensive template galley for people to get satisfactory website styles and layouts. It provides an app center as well, by which people could get any app installed for a powerful website.

Each month, over 250M visitors come to Weebly 30M websites. There is seldom downtime and people could visit the sites fast due to Weebly reliable cloud hosting platform. The company also supports its customers via live chat and email as well as online resources.

Weebly also has free website builder services for customers and its paid plans start at $8/mo with 30 days money back guarantee.

weebly pricing

For more information about Weebly, please click or read full Weebly Review.

Cheap Website Builder – GoDaddy

GoDaddy provides massive online services, including website builder. Due to high price value, GoDaddy becomes best cheap website builder in the industry.

GoDaddy website builder has 3 plans, in which the personal plan is at $1/mo after 83% off, consisting of free domain, unlimited pages, business email, 1 GB disk space, 150 GB bandwidth, etc. People will receive 50 to 300 themes. And GoDaddy website builder is easy to handle and does not require users to know codes.

GoDaddy Website Builder GoDaddy Website Builder
83% Off

Engaged in web hosting industry for near 2 decades, GoDaddy is able to offer relatively reliable and fast hosting performance as well. Via the phone and email, GoDaddy supports its customers around the clock.

To claim GoDaddy cheap website builder, please visit Or people can read our GoDaddy Website Builder Review to full learn the builder.


Squarespace has a mission to help anyone showcase their ideas online. So far, millions of users have already chosen to trust it.

This company offers 5 plans, from creating single page to complex ecommerce sites to sell unlimited products. And pricing is reasonable, starting at $5/mo including free custom domain. If people hesitate, they can have a try on Squarespace services within the first 14 days at no cost.

Squarespace Website Builder Squarespace Website Builder
Free Trial

It is easy to create a beautiful website at Squarespace since the company offers diverse templates and drag and drop builder. Besides, people will handle Style Editor, image loader, custom CSS, etc. to level up their websites.

As to reliability and speed, Squarespace utilizes cloud hosting, CDN and advanced techniques, so that websites based on Squarespace platform is always reliable and load fast. Live chat, email and online help center come together to help people out if they meet problems.

Please visit to gain more details, or people can just read our review on Squarespace. has 30-year experience on online services. Its website builder is one of the best and most popular builders.

For different customers, provides diverse options. People can choose “we build it for you” services. Or they can create websites by themselves via do-it-yourself builder. This company also offers special ecommerce packages and mobile website packages. Website Builder Website Builder

People will have many options on website styles and layouts since offers hundreds of templates. Their sites will perform reliably and load pages fast as well. They will be backed up by phone, email and forum support too.

For more information, please visit or read Website Builder Review.

Why website builder?

Website builder is a special content management system. Or we could understand it as tools for creating websites.

From above, we already know that Wix has over 73 million users, Weebly 30 million subscribers, Squarespace millions of customers, etc. Besides above 5 top website builders, there are many others in the marketplace. In other words, website builder actually is much popular for people to create websites. But why?

In below, we list out 3 main benefits people will get from website builder.

No coding– one distinctive feature of website builder is no code editing required. So, any person with no technical knowledge could create a website via website builder. Even programmer could save time writing codes. Just edit the current template codes and they could get a better site.

High quality templates – website builder generally offers a range of professional templates so that people do not need to design websites either. Therefore, building websites via website builder becomes the easiest way for anyone.

Smallest cost – website builder services in the marketplace generally include everything a website need, such as web hosting, template, domain, email, etc. Moreover, pricing is quite low. GoDaddy website builder is as low as $1/mo, let alone free website builder, like Wix and Weebly.

Website builder also has drawbacks, one of which is conventional websites it brings. But with efforts of website builder companies these years, users have more and more freedom and flexibility to customize their sites in easy ways.

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  1. Used Wix as my first blog site platform. I know very little about tech even now. But Wix let me know that building a website can be such easy and even non-tech savvy can learn it quickly. Though I have migrated my site to Bisend for better performance and more space, bandwidth, supports, I recommend Wix as my favorite website builder.

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