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Best Wiki WordPress Plugins

A person visiting your website may be completely new to your niche. He may not know anything about it.The terms, concepts and records you are using in your website may appear new to him. Seemingly, many of your visitors will pose better knowledge on your niche than you. If they find anything to be not updated in terms of information or data, they might feel the urge to contribute in the content. The last perspective here is, you know your niche from very deep and you would like a knowledge base to develop up whenever you post content on your website. All these perspectives get facilitated with wiki. Wiki is easy to manage web information piece that lets everyone contribute. Such wiki adds authoritativeness to your site and having dedicated wiki plug-in can make the work easier for you.

In this article, we are reviewing a few wiki WordPress plugins for your reference.


wikiThe Wiki from wpmudev is also known as the Wiki Lite and Wiki Pro. It is a fully functional plug-in to create or add wiki pages to your blog featured the WP based wiki site. Anyone can edit the Wiki, and to do the edit, users do not need backend access. You can edit existing entries and fix them up without much effort. You can find more detail on Wiki here and installing it is no brainer.

Wiki Embed

The Wiki Embed is another plug-in to create the wiki site for your blog or website. As it includes ‘embed’ term in its name, you can easily understand that media wiki content is used here. It will let you pull any content from different Wiki media websites to become more presentable with reformatting. This is helpful when you have videos as your essential website elements. You can find more about Wiki Embed plug-in here.

Pencil Wiki

The Pencil Wiki is another cool plug-in to get your website with wiki features. It lets you add new roles without much effort and users can comfortably add, edit and remove their custom posts from the wiki page. The plug-in combines different widgets and templates, so you can pick one per your choice. It is also possible to reflect theme changes by alternating the widgets and templates. Only the site administrator gets access to the backend and for users, the editing and contribution panel appears on the front end. The Pencil Wiki is a preferred choice for many coders and developers; you can try it as well.


encyclopediaThe Encyclopedia is the very latest plug-in solution for your website that helps you with building an encyclopedia entry or lexicon, glossary and even a wiki. It serves multiple purposes and comes for free to download and installation. Encyclopedia would be our top recommendation for you when you are looking for creating and managing a knowledge base in more meaningful as well as presentable ways. It combines a lot of tiny publishing tools that will tickle you up for their smartness.

Few among Encyclopedia’s core features include easier management and organization of categories with auto indexing services. Automatic relevant URL generation for SEO aspects with tags, categories and filtering options, multiple language and alphabet supports are other dominant qualities of the Encyclopedia WordPress plug-in. The character support includes Arabian, Latin, Russian, Turkish, etc language.

The Encyclopedia also has common tag, cross-linking, image, feature, translation, comments and revisions etc functional capabilities. It is the best plug-in in Wiki category and should be your first selection.

There are some other wiki plugins that may help you, but do not fall in the category of the ones we mentioned in the top. They include the Wiki Menus and the Wikiful. The Wiki Menus helps you by allowing you to place a wikimenu shortcode on top of a page to generate wiki styled menu in that page. It will involve all the proper tagging for title and subtitles as you go on with publishing or generating your content. Contrary to the Wiki Menus, the Wikiful serves the similar purpose in different ways. It integrates the mediawikis. It will let you view any mediawiki page on your WordPress website. Thus it will also let anyone edit the content in it. The Wikiful is easy installed and also known as the Wikiful Mediawiki Bridge. All the plugins we described here are intended to help your website development. The more you feed your users, the better will be your website performance. Happy website-ing!

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