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best windows resellerFor the most of average persons, Microsoft Windows for them is just a very popular desktop system found in homes and offices. They rarely know that this operating system software also has server versions playing as the backbone of many web hosting services.

Usually, going with Windows-based reseller hosting solution could be a wise move, because resellers can enjoy tons of useful features. Other more, Windows reseller hosting is also compatible with a variety of open-source technologies besides numerous Microsoft applications that are specifically designed to run in the web server environment.

In this article, we are delighted to recommend three best Windows reseller hosting in hope of helping people start and expand web hosting business, which are Bisend, Host4ASP.NET, and SmarterASP.NET.

Best Windows Reseller Hosting— Host4ASP.NET

host4asp.netHost4ASP.NET ( is a well-known web hosting provider that focuses on offering reliable and good speed Windows hosting service to .NET developers, including ASP.NET, Windows reseller hosting and Windows VPS. The company provides reseller hosting service for web designers and entrepreneurs all around the world and rapidly gains a stronghold in the market.

With Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting, people can enjoy a full benefit from its award-winning Windows technologies and excellent performance, with keeping their own brand names at the same time.

Currently, Host4ASP.NET has offered three Windows reseller hosting plans, starting at $25.95/mo. With its latest promotional discount, a basic plan only needs $19.95 per month for a 3-year billing cycle, after saving 23% off the regular price. Moreover, Host4ASP.NET promises a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for all resellers.

Host4ASP.NET Windows Reseller Host4ASP.NET Windows Reseller
23% Off

No matter which package resellers want to sign up with, they can receive unlimited websites, unlimited email accounts, 50GB to 150GB disk space, 500GB to 1,500GB data transfer, as well as free instant setup. Development features like IIS8.5, full trust, IIS remote management, isolated application pool, MS Web Deploy, and WebMatrix are also contained in every Windows reseller plan.

It also offers Plesk control panel for resellers to manage their clients’ accounts. Though Host4ASP.NET does not give rich Windows reseller hosting features as Arvixe, it grants its resellers the ability to fully control over every aspect of their hosting business, from resource allocation to payment methods and more.

To ensure fast speed and high reliability, Host4ASP.NET particularly utilizes 100% DELL servers integrated with SSD, 300 Gbit/s connectivity, and high redundant capacity. With this good quality hosting service, resellers are able to start their own web hosting business smoothly. As complement to that, Host4ASP.NET makes use of multi-layer network service, allowing resellers and their clients to enjoy the same high quality service.

For more details of Host4ASP.NET Windows reseller hosting, please follow or read our Host4ASP.NET Reseller Hosting Review to find out.

Cheap Windows Reseller Hosting—Bisend

Bisend ( is different from Host4ASP.NET, offering both Linux and Windows hosting in the market. ASP.NET hosting, SSD hosting, Hong Kong hosting, reseller hosting and Windows hosting are all popular products at Bisend. Unlike other companies that set a high price on their Windows hosting solutions, Bisend makes its hosting service very affordable so that most customers can afford.

Currently, there are Silver, Golden and Platinum reseller hosting plans launched. Normally, Bisend Silver windows reseller hsoting starts at $43.25/mo, which is a little high, but In order to welcome new customers, Bisend now provides up to 54% off discount, which makes Bisend is as cheap as Host4ASP.NET, starting at $19.95/mo only. customers can take advantage of this high discount to get started their web hosting business with fewer costs. Other more, Bisend also has 30 day money back guarantee offer to secure customers’ money.

Bisend Windows Reseller Bisend Windows Reseller
54% Off

As for reseller hosting features, Bisend promises to offer customers feature-rich packages. In terms of scripts & databases, Bisend Windows reseller hosting comes with most popular PHP versions (5.4, 5.5, 5.6) and the latest PHP version, 7.x, MySQL 5.5 with phpMyAdmin, multiple SQL Server support including MSSQL 2012, 2014, 2016, rich Windows-friendly scripts support including various .NET versions and ASP Core, and more. With these features, customers can easily deploy their own Windows hosting packages to deliver to their clients.

For reseller hosting resources and email, Bisend Windows reseller hosting supports Outlook, Thunderbird, easy-to-use webmail, email anti-virus, email anti-spam, and up to unlimited email accounts, so that customers can offer their clients easy-to-use and secure email accounts. Up to unlimited websites, 180GB SSD disk space and 1.8TB bandwidth are offers to meet customers’ demands for rearranging different Windows hosting packages for their clients.

In terms of access and reseller management, Bisend provides unlimited free SSL certificates, remote databses management, website backup and restore, as well as Plesk reseller account management, .htaccess customization, and others in its Windows reseller hosting. So, customers has no trouble in managing their Windows reseller hosting business, even with little technical skill.

Bisend also has invested a lot in data centers and hardware to harden its Windows reseller hosting. Generally, Bisend can ensure customers to deliver their client at least 99.9% uptime. The company has special technology to ensure not to over sell its severs, which guarantees customers get guarantee resources to keep their site running smoothly without the impact from other users. Also, 2 SSAE 16/ SAS 70 Type II certified data centers with Dell servers, Cisco hardware, redundant power, and multiple network architecture are backbone of Bisend Window reseller hosting.

To learn more about Bisend Windows reseller hosting, please go to or read Bisend Review.

Premium Windows Reseller Hosting—SmarterASP.NET 220SmarterASP.NET ( is a professional Windows hosting provider and enjoys great popularity among Windows-based webmasters all over the world. The high performance service with very low costs is a highlight of SmarterASP.NET hosting solutions.

SmarterASP.NET has four Windows reseller hosting plans, which are all based on Windows Server 2012/2008 R2 and comes with rich advanced features. With SmarterASP.NET Windows reseller plan, people can fully customize their control panel for their clients with their own brand names and logos at the same time. With its web-based control panel, resellers can manage all of the hosting accounts and provide as quick as possible service for their clients. With the powerful API, resellers can easily control over all of their hosting accounts as needed.

Common features included in every SmarterASP.NET Windows reseller hosting package are unlimited sites, FTP accounts, and email boxes, plus up to 180GB web space and up to 1800GB bandwidth. Apart from that, SmarterASP.NET Windows reseller hosting also comes with MSSQL database, MySQL5, Classic ASP, ASP.NET2/3.5/4, MVC, Web Deploy, full trust and medium trust supported, URL rewrite module 2, isolated application pool, and so on so forth.

Just as we’ve mentioned, SmarterASP.NET Windows reseller hosting has very high price value. A prime Windows reseller plan here  would be as low as only $35/mo with annually terms, after 15% off regular price $30/mo. More importantly, all SmarterASP.NET Windows resellers are covered by its 60-day money back guarantee to remove any financial risk.

SmarterASP.NET Windows Reseller SmarterASP.NET Windows Reseller
15% Off

Considered its industry-leading 99.9% uptime guarantee, the price of SmarterASP.NET Windows reseller hosting would be more affordable. By operating three different data centers with strictest criteria, and utilizing top quality bandwidth providers including Level3, AT&T, UUNET, and Global Crossing, SmarterASP.NET manages to improve its reliability and speed in a large degree. And the company also spends a large amount of money on infrastructure construction and facility upgrading. With all of the factors, SmarterASP.NET makes it possible to deliver the best possible hosting services for its Windows resellers and help them succeed in web hosting reselling.

If you are looking for more information about SmarterASP.NET, please visit or check out SmartASP.NET Review.

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