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wordpress-banner-billboard-bigAny internet advertising company knows that banners are an integral part of advertising. Banners are effective and reliable solutions to companies, which are seeking to spread the word of their services and products. It does not matter whether it is affiliate marketing, selling ad space or general advertising of products and services. Users need banners to spread the word. WordPress has many free banners and the main aim is to make things easy for the user. The following is a list of the five best banner plugins that WordPress offers.

Useful Banner Manager

This free version banner provides users with basic banner functionalities. It is a simple and straightforward banner, which lets users enjoy great performance. Despite its simplicity, banner manager is probably one of the few plug-in that automatically rotates banners after a set period. The following are some of its major features:

  • Opening links in new windows. This enables users view multiple advertisements in one sitting
  • Ordering banners in rotation
  • Including no-follow on the links
  • Facilitates random display of banners in rotation
  • Rotating banners every so often

This plug-in is simple to use and does not require technical knowledge. In addition, it does not need JavaScript, third-part chat engines or any special software. It runs well on Windows and Mac operating systems, requiring a 64-bit operating system.

Ad Rotate

adrotate-200x200Ad Rotate is all about making work easier for ad uploading. This plug-in has several useful options, which work in the user’s convenience. It facilitates advertisers to upload their advertisements. It is a versatile, reliable and useful plug-in. The following are some of its key features.

  • It tracks clicks. This is especially useful for information on the ads popularity and the number of views
  • Showing ads with widgets, codes and short codes
  • Rotates ads
  • Users can set the click or impression limit according to their preferences i.e. day, month, week and hour
  • Setting specific times to display ads

Ad Rotate gives users the ability to put ads into groups. Furthermore, it allows putting the groups into blocks. When this is in place, it gives a sophisticated display strategy. This brings out professionalism, hence more exposure. Ad scheduling is a great feature, as users can set the specific times they would like the ad to be shown. This takes away the need to pay third-party providers who offer this service. It requires a 32 or 64-bit operating system in order to run effectively.

Ad Injection

Being able to control ads is important. There are users who want to fully control where, when and how their ads are being placed. This is where Ad Injection helps in letting users allocate ads based on various criteria. In addition, users can assign random ads, depending on their needs. These are some things this plug-in lets users do.

  • Places ads automatically in different positions without touching the code
  • Users can set the plug-in to ads within specific categories and by certain authors and tags
  • One can set Ad Injection to show ads after a specific number of paragraphs
  • Users can control the number of random ads to be displayed
  • Rotation of advertisements
  • Users can set the plug-in in a way that it does not show ads in certain categories, or by specific authors or tags

Ad injector indeed gives users full control of the way they want to display adverts and the frequency. This plug-in is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. It requires at least 1 GB RAM and effectively runs on 32 and 64-bit operating systems.

Easy Advertisement Insert

insert_linkThis plug-in allows users position the ads in a specific position. There are eight places, which users can insert ads. This takes place without having to touch the code. It takes away from the hassles of having to use a personal HTML code in order to insert the banners. This process is simple and automated. The following are the eight spots that the plug-in provides.

  • Spot 1: above the header
  • Spot 2: below the footer
  • Spot 3: below the comment section
  • Spot 4: below post content when a post is open
  • Spot 5: below title when the page is open
  • Spot 6: below page content on an open page
  • Spot 7: below posts title on the front page
  • Spot 8: below the title when the post is open

These options are available to simplify work for the user and give them more control of where they want to place ads.

WP Banners Lite

This plug-in is best for monitoring and viewing specific activities on the given advertisement. WP Banners Lite gives users five main functionalities and they include:

  • Letting users short codes
  • Allowing putting banners on rotation for new page loads
  • Allowing users to set the specific number of days a banner should run
  • Facilitating creation of different banner spaces
  • Displaying statistics of clicks and impressions

Another great feature is that it allows users to set up an email that is dispatched automatically to advertisers upon successful running of an advertisement. In addition, this email informs the advertiser that the advertisement is expired. There is also comprehensive statistics for the given ads.

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