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Best WordPress Booking Plugins

Are you looking for a tool that will make your guests to reservation to an event easier? Do you want to 100% confirm the participation of guests for an event you promoted online? Booking plugins can do the work for you. If you are running reservation based event campaign or an online service, then these booking plugins can help you greatly to do the work professionally. In this article we are to review few of the best WordPress booking plugins that already received huge popularity and offer high functional capabilities.


booki-pluginThe Booki is a premium WordPress plugin allowing users to create booking with set time. Its time management is adaptive as it will adjust the timing with the registrants time zone. Booki has built in form builders which will allow the user to customize the template\s functionalities based on his requirement. For instance, booking for an indoor concert and booking for stall in a fair will not be same. Therefore, the built in form builders of Booki will be helpful to users. The plugin also has the option to enable billing items. If the booking requires some fees and payment transaction, then such optional billing options can prove effective for the users. In fact, the plugin will also support preprogrammed changeable pricing for booking. As the events date approaches, the price will keep changing. The guests will also be able to see their activity history on Booki. Booki plugin supports all browsers, multilingual and compatible with bootstrap and starts to work perfect on WordPress3.5.

Booking Calendar

Appointment-Booking-Calendar-pluginThe Booking Calendar is a free WordPress plugin that enables online booking system being easy to use, install and manage. The developer terms the plugin to have intuitive interface pounded with lots of flexible functionalities. Users can select days, fill in blank fields on the form and confirm their booking submitting the form. The site owner will then instantly get a notification to either approve or decline the request. Apart from its working style, the Booking Calendar plugin will keep records of all reservation requests in the main database and the administrator will get couple of views of the requests. The easy to install and integrate plugin runs on WordPress 3.3 and is downloaded nearly half a million times already. Pagination, date format, booking sorting, table listing, timeline, calendar skin etc are few of Booking Calendar WordPress plugins key features.


The easyReservations is yet another important booking plugin for WordPress users. The plugin is available as both the free and premium versions. Subscribing for the free version will entitle the users to add, edit, delete their reservations. At the same time, they will also be able to check the status of their reservation and group them based on their nature. The plugin is designed and developed in flexible and highly compatible manner that customizing the features per user needs is not challenging at all. For users there are different views, pricing options and built in email notification system. The premium version of the easyReservations will offer additional features like payment gateway, invoice generation, search, multilinguality, coupons and others. A good approach towards using the easyReservations plugin will be to use the free version at first and then to gradually opt for its premium features.


One of the most recently released plugins, Bookings, is highly promising reservation scheduling and rescheduling plugin for wordPress websites. It starts working for WordPress versions from 3.0 to 4.0.The plugin in would ideal for any service that works with appointment setting, like spa, massage therapy etc.  The free plugin allows unlimited bookings besides rescheduled bookings, allows payment integration with PayPal service and can be linked with product or service pages for display. Customization of the plugin is also possible for any WordPress savvy users and the plugin supports mobile viewing, iOS enabled devices and Andriod. The administrator can benefit from multiple configuration settings, send email, get notification, converts currencies and export or import schedules. The developers also have a support desk dedicated for the Bookings plugin.

Tips to select the right booking plugin for your WordPress

A bookings plugin will ultimately become your best one when it will meet all your functional requirements. So, at first, list up all your requirements before installing and activating a plugin. Check the required WP version to run the plugin. See if you need multilingual support or not. Do you need a payment service enabled? Do you want to buy a plugin or try a free one? How the notification system is working? Is it instant? Should you link up your product or service page to ensure better conversion? Does the plugin’s skin complementing your overall site look and appearance? Can it support devices variation like for laptop, tab and ipad and mobile?

Answers to this question will prepare your blue print for selecting the right WordPress plugin. So, follow the tips mentioned here and check out from the above list.

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