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No matter you are a newbie to web technology or an experienced web developer, if you plan to make a personal blog or corporate web site, WordPress is certainly the best and the easiest tool to start with.

However, to make an unique, beautiful and powerful WordPress site, people are required to have more professional skills to redesign, maintain and improve their websites after installation. In addition to searching solutions or study online, we listed out 6 best WordPress books here to help people gain real insight into WordPress.

Best WordPress Books for Beginners

If you new to WordPress and only want to know how to use WordPress better, then WordPress All-in-one for Dummies and WordPress 4 Complete are pretty much the best Books for you.

WordPress All-in-One For Dummies

wordpress-all-in-one-for-dummiesFully updated for the newest WordPress release, WordPress All-in-One For Dummies contains all the knowledge from installing software and plugins, publishing contents, using social media for SEO to managing several sites with WordPress. Besides, it also includes essential and easy tips, techniques and suggestions collected from WordPress authorities.

  • Displays easy-to-understand intermediate to advanced coverage of the WordPress
  • Eight mini books that cover knowledge and skills of setting up, publishing, customizing and managing WordPress website

WordPress 3 Complete

wordpress3completeBook WordPress 3 Complete is highly recommended to WordPress newbies, since it covers all the needed basic and more advanced knowledge of WordPress. It can help people create and expand their WordPress website easily and quickly, without requiring web and programming experience. The following are some of the highlights in this book:

  • Clear and practical explanations helping explore all aspects’ functional contents of WordPress
  • Everything need for building a successful WordPress site from scratch
  • Clear, easy-to-follow, concise; rich with examples and screenshots
  • In-depth coverage of installation, themes, plugins, and syndication

Best WordPress Books for Developers

WordPress Plugins and Themes give use the capability to customize and enhance a WordPress blog without changing WordPress core source codes. As a WordPress developers, you nee to learn the architecture of WordPress and master how to write WordPress plugins and themes. In below, we will recommend 3 books to those who want to be a professional WordPress developers.

Professional WordPress: Design Development

professionwordpressdesignanddevelopmentProfessional WordPress: Design Development provides methods for developing and designing in WordPress by covering HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, custom taxonomies, Multisite, and extensions of themes, etc. If you want to have only one book about WordPress development, then Professional WordPress: Design Development is the one.

The book replaced some of the basic material with more advanced contents, and makes it more suitable for professionals.

  • Combines a developer view of user experience and optimization with the deployment requirements for performance, security, and measurement
  • Offers an overview of the WordPress system and describes what happens when a WordPress-generated web page is displayed

Professional WordPress Plugin Development

professional-wordpress-plugin-developmentProfessional WordPress Plugins Development is more targeted that brings a practical way to write Plugins for WordPress, the book also include plenty of code examples.

This book shows readers how plugins work, reviews the tools and APIs available in WordPress, and demonstrates how to extend the functionality of WordPress with plugins, at the same time.

  • Learn the plugins at different complexity, you could see the case of a very simple plugin to an extremely complex social network module.
  • Explore some advanced features of WordPress, such as HTTP API, Java Script, the Rewrite API, and more
  • Get to know how to store data to database in WordPress, how to define user roles and permission, and how to increase the security of WordPress.

Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog

smashingwordpressAs one of the most popular resources for WordPress designers and developers, Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog gives all the newest and greatest information of WordPress to help people maximize the potential and powerful of their WordPress websites. From the book, people can understand:

  • How WordPress actually works behind the scenes
  • How custom post types and details work, can be used for, and how can make them appear in regular content flow
  • How to build a WordPress project for SEO, beautiful and unique WordPress themes and create amazing navigation

Best WordPress Book about SEO

SEO is very important for all WordPress blog, however there is very few good book talking about this, and WordPress 3 Search Engine Optimization is the best of them.

WordPress 3 Search Engine Optimization

wordpress3searchengineoptimizationFor this book, people are able to learn everything from keyword research and link building to customer conversions in this complete guide, as well as discover the SEO techniques to make their WordPress website range to the top of the search engine.

Here are what WordPress 2 Search Engine Optimization cover:

  • Understand the elements that search engines use to rank websites, and help people to optimize their site for high ranking and more visitors
  • Build high-quality, high-value links from other websites to raise websites’ rankings in search engines
  • Avoid common SEO mistakes that can get their sites penalized by search engines

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