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The ultimate objective of creating and spreading your online presence using a website is to create a community who loves everything about you. A well developed community is the essential sign of a performance focused business. However, building such community takes time and efforts and you need to start building the community by providing your traffic with a good platform to engage with you and others. A community plugin therefore plays vital role and thus it is of great importance that you pick the best community plugin. Our research lists following plugins as the best WordPress community plugins:

Livefyre Comments 3

livefyreCompatible with WP versions higher than 2.8, the Livefyre Comments 3 is an unique plugin that converts the comments into live conversation so that it becomes more engaging and interactive. Users can also track comments, locations and monitor activities of traffic to help build a community around the website. Livefyre Comments 3 puts the main focus on social conversations with moderation, network filter and realtime updates.

Vanilla Forums

The Vanilla Forums is a powerful community building and development plugin that combines functional capabilities like embedding comments, forums, single signing and widget support. Available for versions higher than WP3.0 the Vanilla forum will let you manage and maintain your forums easily, right from the blog. It is easy to install and speeds up your community development.

Users Ultra

user-ultraThe Users Ultra is another dynamic and powerful plugin solution for your website to build a community. It is stuffed with functional features that will not only help you to build a community but also will keep your community engaged with interacting others. It can work with WooCommerce and will work on any versions starting from WP3.0. You will get users to post photo, create gallery, post videos, share videos from YouTube & Vimeo, supports responsive website design, has the option for conditional fields, front end manager publisher, rating system, user panel, stat board and private messaging options. In short, the Users Ultra is among the bests in our list to recommend to you.

WP Mingle

1_Banner-Mingle-WP.__large_previewThe WP Mingle is another plugin to build your community and maintain it properly. It works with all WP standard themes and supports 3.3 or higher versions. It will connect with social networks, access users profile pages, supports custom avatar, friending, posting, emailing and private messaging. The WP Mingle is also multilingual.


The BuddyPress is the most known of all community plugins on WordPress. It is being used to over two million websites and is known for brining the entirety of social networking and social media altogether in a box. Though we are referring it as a single plugin, the application can be customized from its 330 services that it provides to website owners and users. BuddyPress undoubtedly tops our recommend list of the best WordPress community plugins.


The Feedweb is award winner plugin for community development based on readership. It transmits blog posts to the readers who clicks the link or headline of the post to reach the website. Users can also give feedback, ask questions and rate the posts. The Feedweb’s success measured with the tools and strategies it deploys to maximize the users engagement as an active community surrounding your website.

CM Answers

The CM Answers is another plugin that helps to build community and manage the same through deploying question and answer system. Its functional competencies include mobile responsiveness, anonymous posting, private answering, advertisement support, micropayment, attachment, spam guard and access control. It also features social media integration, BuddyPress integration, Ajax support and detail user dashboard. The CM Answer is available in different forms.

User Submitted Post

Users are the heart of your community and the best way to keep them motivated about your site is to allow them submit their post. The User Submitted Post is therefore a powerful and the most advantageous part of the plugin is it helps you with automating the community build up. A great detail of its features are listed here, that will surely help you in short term and in long term.

WP Activity

The WP Activity is more of a plugin to manage and maintain your community. As engagement of users are very important for sustaining the community, the WP Activity will let you as the administrator get notified and stay informed of all the activities your users perform centering your domain. Track user activities, manage login, site control and site access, prevent hacking attempts, post publishing and moderation etc combine in the plugin.

Custom Facebook Feed

custom-faccebook-feedThe Custom Facebook Feed from the Smashballon is another good example of the best WordPress community plugin that will help you to post any Facebook post on your website. It will let the users engage with their existing Facebook account and is completely customizable. It supports responsiveness, displays feed from different source pages, shows events, has automatic caching enabled and too simple in installation. The Custom Facebook Feed will match the demand of bringing a live community from social network to your website.

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