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Having couponsis a great way to advertise and give offers to users. Loyal subscribers and other clients can enjoy brilliant coupon offers from your WordPress site. However, creating these coupons can be quite easy and fast, especially if you have a reliable plug-in. With the development of Internet, now you have the opportunity to select from various versatile and brilliant toolsto create these coupons.

In below, we will recommend top 5 WordPress Coupon Plugins, with which you could create a coupon sharing WordPress site quickly.

Coupon Creator

coupon_creatorThe Coupon Creator plug-in enables you to create coupons easily and rapidlyby using a short code.  You have the choice of creating your own coupon, or uploading an image of a coupon on to your WordPress blog. Whichever way you choose, it is fast and efficient. You can create your own coupon by going to the custom post type and fill out the settings in the dialogue box. The next step is to insert the coupon into a post and you are in business. You also have the provision to set and change the expiration date of the coupon.

The Coupon Creator short code enables you to place manually the details in short code. It is also very easy and convenient to use. In addition, you can have categories in the coupons. Using the category classification, it will only display coupons from the specific category. This refines searches from users and gives you a better picture of what coupons are appealing to the various users. Options such as color selection and linking are also very crucial in making your coupon noticeable and attractive to users.

NIC Discount Coupon Management

Managing coupons can be quite a messy thing, especially if many users enjoy the product. Being able to manage these coupons is very important. This means you need a tool to help you sort and manage everything. With NIC Discount Coupon Management plug-in, you have the freedom to manage your discount coupons, as you can set expiry dates, coupon regeneration and specified coupon placement. You can also select the coupon image from your WordPress gallery.

test3Besides, you can select an image directly from the internet. An automatic generated short code enables you to place a coupon on any page. You have the capability to post custom coupons for discounts. This brings more traffic to your site, therefore more exposure in terms of search indexing. The random code generation system allows you to prevent the embarrassment of having users get the same coupon code. This plug-in is the best solution in managing your coupons.

Magic WP Coupons

Magic WP is a brilliant plug-in, which turns your WordPress theme into a coupons website. While it enable you to add as well as define the stores before adding coupons. This great tool also adds coupon snippet feature, allowing users to search, browse and use the coupon codes. One of the most noticeable features is the easy usability and versatility. The Magic Coupons plug-in, is very easy to install as it is simple and straightforward. The look is very neat and appealing.

logo_03This is one very important thing, because your users do not want something that will put them off, but rather something, that is attractive to the eye. The support system enables you to store thumbnails and logos. The likes and dislikes system is the best way to know what users think of your site. This is a great way to gauge which coupons appeal to your users most and what you can do to improve and make things better. It is compatible with a big percentage of available WordPress templates. This is great in terms of convenience.

Cash Off Coupons

The Cash Off coupons plug-in enables you to display the coupons you create. It works by simply creating an account at CashOff.com, followed by downloading and installing the WordPress coupon plug-in. The plug-in facilitates creating coupons and then displaying them on your WordPress site.

Cash Off Coupons is an excellent tool that allows you to design a coupon within a short period and modify the details with ease. It also gives you the provision to display the coupons in emails, social media networks and on any website of your choice. A very important point to note is that this plug-in gives you limitless opportunities to enjoy brilliant coupons and get the much-needed exposure.

Woo Commerce Coupon Shortcodes

Woo Commerce Coupon Shortcodes is a great plug-in that gives you the opportunity to submit coupon information and let you show content based on the coupon validity. The tool is very effective in helping you manage your coupons as well as prevent cases where users may use expired coupons. Since you can keep an eye on the validity of the coupons, clients are motivated to make their purchases, before the coupons become invalid.

This system also makes users to use the specific coupons for specific items. This keeps everything organized and tidy. The Woo Commerce Coupon Shortcodes also helps you to raise a lot more revenue, hence getting value for money. Using this plug-in is very easy and convenient. The short code allows you to view all or specific sets of coupons. This shows the code, description and the discount information. This enables you to know how to manage the coupons better.

Every plug-in you use must rhyme with your needs. These are some of the best plugins, as they are versatile and compatible with WordPress.

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